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Addiction is something that affects millions of people across the UK, and can have devastating impacts on lives, relationships, communities, and society as a whole. There is no shame in having an addiction, but it is your responsibility to do take the first steps to get help. When you are ready to do so, there is no better option than rehab.

Rehab 4 Addiction is a service that is concerned with getting people who are struggling with addiction into a rehab facility that is the best possible fit for their needs.

We have links with hundreds of rehabs across the whole of the UK and in-depth knowledge of how each of these facilities operates. Once we find out a little more about your addiction and circumstances, we cross-reference this information to find the best place for you.

This is something that should be emphasised – recovery from addiction is a highly personalised experience. When it comes to the individual characteristics of addiction and substance abuse, no two people are the same – so why would their treatments be identical?

This is why one of the first things you will do at rehab is put together a plan of treatment that will be most beneficial to you.

When you’re ready to start the process, you can call us on 0800 140 4690 to speak to one of our Rehab 4 Addiction advisors, who can start the process of referring you to rehab in Potters Bar in Hertfordshire.

If you’d like to find out more about what the process involves, please read on as we answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

When is the right time for rehab?

With any addiction or behavioural problem, getting help sooner rather than later is preferable. However, this is only made possible once you have accepted that you have an addiction and commit to changing your life for the better.

When you do arrive at this frame of mind, you are ready for rehab, and we at Rehab 4 Addiction can make your referral as straightforward as possible.

The benefit of rehab is that it combines all aspects of the recovery journey under one roof, from your initial detox to aftercare once you leave the facility.

Rehab also places a big emphasis on structure, something which is often missing in lives that have been made chaotic by addiction issues. While at the centre, you will live by a detailed treatment plan.

What will my treatment plan involve?

Your treatments could include but are not limited to: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), individual counselling, art therapy, meditation, group therapy, exposure therapy, stress management, and other holistic exercises such as yoga and other forms of light exercise.

We understand that some of these therapies may be unfamiliar to you, but the staff at the rehab centre will explain each of these activities, what they involve, and how they could benefit you in your recovery.

The overall goal of rehab is to change your behaviour and retrain your brain to allow for a healthy new life free from substance abuse. This can be achieved by a combination of the therapies above, each of which will address different aspects of your addiction.

The idea is that you leave with a much better understanding of your condition, as well as the psychological and behavioural tools needed to maximise your chances of staying in recovery for the long term.

How does detox fit into rehab?

One of the concerns that a lot of our service users have is dealing with the prospect of withdrawal from their drug of choice. Although the effects of withdrawal can be unpleasant, it is still a necessary part of any recovery journey.

Being concerned about detox and withdrawal is perfectly understandable, but please be assured that you will be in the best possible place to go through it.

Every rehab centre which we could possibly refer you to will offer you the opportunity to go through detox under proper medical supervision.

It’s essential that detox is carried out this way – under no circumstances should you attempt to detox by yourself. Going cold turkey is actually extremely dangerous, and can even result in death in some cases.

If you’re suffering from alcohol addiction, it is likely that your alcohol detox will take place gradually – in other words, you will reduce your alcohol consumption gradually over a number of days.

As you consume less and less, it is likely that some of the more unpleasant aspects of withdrawal could crop up. This could include unpleasant physical sensations such as muscle aches, headaches, and profuse sweating, as well as changes to your mood, such as irritability and sleeplessness.

Although these can be very unpleasant experiences, please be assured that they are temporary, and will soon pass. You will also have access to trained and experienced medical staff, who will be able to help you through the pain in a way that does not damage your recovery.

What happens after rehab?

Leaving rehab on your last day isn’t the end of your recovery journey – it is only the beginning. Finishing rehab successfully is a magnificent achievement – however, staying in recovery will require active participation from you.

The staff at rehab will be able to help you with this – towards the end of your time there, you will sit down with a trained recovery professional, and put together a relapse prevention plan.

This plan will take into account the specific characteristics of your addiction, including old behaviours and any triggers that you might have. It will identify areas of your old life to stay away from, such as old friends or acquaintances who are likely to jeopardise your sobriety.

It will also recommend proactive steps that you can take to remain in recovery, such as attending ongoing group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

With this carefully designed plan, as well as your new skills, knowledge, and coping techniques, you will have a much higher chance of staying in recovery for good. This is the kind of extensive, comprehensive treatment that rehab can offer.

Addiction help in Potters Bar

If you’re ready to accept and acknowledge your drug or alcohol addiction, please call us on 0800 140 4690 to speak with one of our Rehab 4 Addiction advisors.

When you’re ready to proceed, they will conduct an initial telephone assessment in order to identify your needs around recovery. Once we have more information about you, we will be able to refer you to an appropriate facility in Potters Bar as soon as possible.

We understand that you may be apprehensive about speaking with a stranger about sensitive topics like an addiction. Please be assured that all your information is treated with the strictest of confidence and that we are bound by all applicable data protection laws of the United Kingdom.

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