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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Poynton

Recovery is a challenging process, but it is made more difficult by attempting it alone.

The most effective route to a full and long-lasting recovery is through a drug and alcohol rehab in Poynton, and Rehab 4 Addiction can help you get there.

With the help of our advisory and referral services, you can be placed in a suitable, local rehab, and receive bespoke treatment formulated with your needs in mind.

To learn more about what we can offer you, call us today on 0800 140 4690, or fill in our online form to receive a callback.

Can I recover at home?

Whilst you have searched for suitable addiction treatment, it is highly likely that you have considered attempting to recover at home.

Though this is a viable route for some, it is not a recommended treatment option for the majority of individuals battling addiction, as it can be very challenging.

Recovery and detoxing at home can also be highly dangerous – or even fatal – if processes aren’t followed safely.

Do not worry if an at-home recovery is not suggested for you, as what works for you and what does not is determined by many factors that are now out of your control.

These can include your personality and characteristics, your support network, your addiction and how severe it is, how long you have used substances for, which substances you have used, family history, and even your age and weight.

Only those with less serious addictions, who have used a lower class substance and are likely to succeed at home, will be offered this treatment option.

This is because when attempting to recover at home there are many obstacles that can arise.

One of these obstacles stems from the lack of support and medical experience at home.

If the affected individual does not have friends and family willing to help them through this difficult time, or they are unable to look after themselves for any reason, recovering at home can become isolated and even more challenging.

This can lead to an early, unwanted relapse.

Another hindrance to at-home recovery is the ease at which individuals can access further drugs or alcohol. Nowadays it is easier than ever before to order groceries straight to your front door, and this can include alcohol and other addictive substances.

This only invites struggling individuals to give in to temptation, which can be hard to resist when you are alone.

DIY recoveries also tend to be very one-dimensional. Though the affected person may succeed in ridding themselves of the substance physically through an at-home detox, this is not the end.

Addictions impact the brain and mind just as much, if not more than, the body, meaning that even if the body is ‘cured’, the various mental aspects of the addiction are likely to still remain.

If left untreated, the psychological factors of the individual’s addiction can trigger them to reach once again for drink or drugs.

How can rehab help me?

Rehab is the most effective option for addiction treatment for many reasons, one of the main beings that it negates all the downfalls of other options.

Unlike a risky at-home recovery, in rehab, you are surrounded by people ready and willing to guide and support you through this tough period.

If you are someone who does not have friends and family to rely on, you can still fall back on the team at your chosen rehab and can trust them to become your support network.

You can also meet others in similar situations to yours through group therapy and can begin to heal through their healing.

You can rest assured that in your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Poynton all processes and procedures such as detoxes are carried out safely and by highly trained medical professionals.

You are also closely monitored throughout your stay in rehab, so if you do have any adverse reactions to treatment or medication, the team will be on hand to help.

Thanks to strict guidelines and attentive staff, there is no way to access further substances whilst in rehab. This can be nerve-wracking at first, but over time it becomes almost normal, and can positively impact your recovery journey.

You do not have to worry about one-dimensional treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab in Poynton.

Through the bespoke treatment plan that will be created for you, you will experience a plethora of effective treatments for both the body and the brain, which will work together to guide you towards a successful recovery.

You will undergo a physical detox, and may be prescribed medication to ease withdrawal symptoms.

You will also take part in various therapy and counselling sessions, to learn more about yourself and your addiction, discover new coping techniques, identify your personal triggers, and overall prepare for a substance-free life back home.


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