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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Prudhoe

Wherever you are in the UK, there are rehab options to suit your requirements. Making the move towards admission to rehab might seem overwhelming.

The choice to quit drugs and alcohol is a massive one. It’s a moment that is life-changing.

With it comes the awareness of the challenge at hand. This is why efficient treatment is essential.

You need the best rehab programme that will enable you to heal. It’s important for you to understand how to create a life that makes staying off drugs and alcohol easier.

The right treatment will ensure you get off to the smoothest start possible. A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction will make this next step in the process even easier.

What stops people from accessing treatment services?

There are many barriers that stop people from entering treatment for drugs and alcohol. It could be internal or external factors that make this action difficult.

Unfortunately, society has attached a lot of stigma to an addiction. This makes many feel ashamed about admitting they have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

It could be difficult to admit this to themselves (i.e. why denial is a common feature of addiction) and to others.

Addiction is a health problem. Like all other illnesses, it deserves to be treated.

It involves both mental and physical aspects and as such can be more difficult to overcome than other illnesses.

Another reason it can be difficult for people to access treatment is that the size of the problem itself might feel too hard to change.

When a person has spent part of their life focused solely on taking a substance, the withdrawal will be incredibly uncomfortable to face.

It might also seem unimaginable to think of a life without the substance.

For many, a substance will feel like the only way they’re able to cope and feel OK.

Others still might not be able to access treatment through issues related to mental health issues. For example, anxiety might result in panic at the thought of leaving the house.

Where a person is homeless, there can be difficulties keeping appointments as life tends to be more “on the move” which can make a regular schedule hard to navigate.

Finally, for others, family and work responsibilities might take up a huge amount of energy and focus.

Why is entering treatment important?

Despite all the barriers that come with accessing drug and alcohol services, thousands of people do so every day.

Choosing to quit drugs and alcohol means putting yourself first and giving your health space for nurturing.

This is important in order to improve your future. A life without the substance means that your mind and body will have the opportunity to heal.

The quicker you enter treatment, the sooner you begin to reduce the risks associated with taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

Rehabilitation programmes and the treatments

There are many types of rehabilitation programmes in the UK. In order for recovery to take place, a total package of physical and psychological treatments are essential.

Addiction affects all systems in the body and as such treatment must address all angles.

In the Prudhoe area, there are both outpatient and inpatient options. Some people will prefer to receive treatment around living their usual life.

This can be very beneficial for many. One-to-one and group sessions form a timetable and people will attend according to their schedule.

Alternatively, others will require an immersive approach to treatment. This will include a stay at a rehab clinic.

A residential stay can last anywhere from seven to twenty-eight days. Residents will have support through one-to-ones, group works and various types of therapy.

Where a physical dependency exists, the first part of the treatment will begin with a medically supervised detox. A medical team, headed by a doctor, will ensure that the withdrawal process is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Medications will often be prescribed in order to manage the physical effects of the substance leaving the body.

A variety of therapies will make up the majority of treatments.

Both evidence-based therapies treat the psychological aspects of addiction (such as cognitive behavioural therapy) as well as alternative therapies (such as music therapy) which enable a person to explore the problem through a different process.

The majority of centres also provide sessions that focus on healing the philosophical self.

Yoga and mindfulness provide a comforting means for people to sit safely within themselves without the need for substance.

What does a referral through Rehab 4 Addiction involve?

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction ensures that the entire process of you entering rehab will be smooth. Our team manages all the arrangements and liaises with the centre on your behalf.

In the first instance, you call us to find out about treatment options. On this phone call, we’ll then lead you through a pre-assessment which is a series of questions.

This enables us to form a “picture” of your life and how the addiction is affecting you.

At this point, we’ll then explain what your rehab options are in Prudhoe. We’ll discuss which are the most appropriate to suit your individual needs.

When you give us consent, we’ll then make a referral for you to the clinic of your choice.

The clinic itself will determine which treatments are essential for you. You will be able to ask any questions you have about treatment with Rehab 4 Addiction as well as staff at the clinic.

Do I need to be treated in the Prudhoe area?

It’s completely up to you which area you choose to receive treatment. Many people prefer to stay in the Prudhoe region because it feels more comfortable being local to home.

However, others opt to receive treatment in an area far from Prudhoe. There are benefits either way and it really boils down to your preference.

Staying local offers the option to include family and couple therapy in your programme.

It also makes outpatient treatment much easier in the twelve months following treatment as you’ll more easily be able to get to the centre for support.

Contact the Rehab 4 Addiction team now to find out more.

Call us today on  0800 140 4690.


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