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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Purbeck

Now more than ever there has been a rise in those struggling with some form of substance abuse.

There has also been a rise in those seeking professional help to overcome their drug or alcohol dependency largely thanks to the de-stigmatisation of substance abuse.

While as a society we still have a long way to go when it comes to accepting those suffering from substance abuse need treatment, not persecution. It is no longer considered shameful to attend a rehab centre.

Are you worried that what once may have been casual use has now developed into a drug or alcohol dependency?

Are you not sure if you need treatment or not?

Well, the best indicator that you need help is simply wondering if you need help. At Rehab 4 Addiction our specialist team takes their time to get to know you.

Through our free assessment, we can not only confirm if you require special assistance but we can also begin the process of finding you the perfect rehab centre to begin your treatment.

Do I need rehab?

We understand that the decision to attend a rehab centre can be daunting. That TV and movies have painted a worrying picture for what to expect inside.

Part of what we do at Rehab 4 Addiction takes your fears and wants into consideration while we make our referrals.

From our years of experience, we know what you need and will do everything in our power to find you a rehab centre within the Purbeck area that has the right facilities and attitude to aid in your treatment.

If you are still hesitant we can assure you an assessment of needs is completely free so there is no harm in trying our services even if it’s just to put your mind at need.

However, you can also ask yourself if you are currently experiencing symptoms related to substance abuse.

Are you experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Do you feel the need to hide your drug or alcohol use from others?
  • Do you experience withdrawals ( anxiety, goosebumps, sweating, muscle pain, Vomiting and insomnia) when abruptly cutting off your drug or alcohol use?
  • Are you unable to lessen your drug or alcohol use on your own?
  • Do certain triggers lead you to craving drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you experienced past trauma or mental health problems that you have used drugs or alcohol to manage?
  • Have you experienced a deteriorating physical and mental health due to prolonged drug or alcohol use?

If you have experienced any of these then it may be time to consider the next step you want to take.

The best step you can take is on the journey towards long term recovery and it starts by calling 0800 140 4690 for your free assessment of needs.

What happens in rehab?

First and foremost a rehab centre is designed to treat your drug or alcohol dependency.

It does this by offering various treatments and workshops designed to help you improve your mental and physical health.

While every centre is unique and its exact treatment plans will vary from location to location. But the core value of helping you towards recovery will remain constant.

Depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol dependency it may be recommended you take residence at the rehab centre during the course of your treatment. This allows you to be monitored by fully trained staff who can keep your progress on track.

The treatments

There are a few standard treatments that will be recommended in almost every case of drug or alcohol dependency.

First of all, it is detox.

A detox will likely be the first treatment you experience upon your arrival at the rehab centre. It is the process of weaning your body off drugs or alcohol so that you can focus on treating the route of your substance abuse and not on your cravings.

The process involves being monitored 24 hours a day by fully trained medical staff who can ensure the detox is done as safely as possible.

Detox done alone can be dangerous as your withdrawal symptom can prove to be too much for your body to handle. Within a rehab centre, it is a perfectly safe process where staff can even provide medications to ease the effects the withdrawals have.

Following your detox, you will begin therapy.

Most rehab centres will offer group therapy where you are given the chance to interact with others staying at the centre and going through the same treatment as you.

These therapy sessions will help you see you are not alone in this process, that others struggle just as much as you do and together you can work towards long term recovery.

Therapy is an important part of the recovery process as substance abuse tends to be a symptom of an underlying mental health condition.

These conditions may be:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Childhood abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Past trauma

The rehab centre may recommend you take part in private one to one therapy sessions to best work through your problems and prevent future relapses.

A relapse prevention plan is one of the most important tools you will leave the rehab centre with.

It will contain all the information you will need to live a happier and healthier life. It includes things such as nutrition plans to begin to repair the damage done to your body from long term substance abuse.

It will also include aftercare services such as follow up therapy appointments that will strengthen your tools to help you avoid triggers for your cravings.

It will also provide you with a support group in the Purbeck area. A support group gives you accountability and has your progress monitored by trained therapists.

It gives you a support network of other people also working towards the goal of long term recovery. These people will be at every stage of the journey and will be able to offer you insight into how the recovery process will go.

You will also be given the opportunity to support others, to work towards the same goal together but maintaining different paces.

Now what?

Well, you made it this far so you must be at least considering rehab as an option.

If you want to take this a step further getting you ever so much closer to long term recovery then you simply have to call 0800 140 4690 and your free assessment can begin.

We know it’s scary but you are on the right track to a happier and healthier life.

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