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If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you or someone you love has a problem with drug or alcohol use. You aren’t alone. Addiction is much more common than people imagine.

It also comes in many forms.

There are addictions to substances, such as alcohol, drugs, and prescribed meds, which are known as pathological addictions and there are also behavioural addictions.

The latter is where people might be addicted to carrying out certain behaviours linked to shopping, gambling, porn, etc.

The latter group tend not to be as stigmatised as much as those who are addicted to substances.

It’s important to recognise that all addictions are health problems and all have a seriously negative impact on people’s lives.

Drug and alcohol addictions deserve to be treated by well-trained professionals who understand the level of care, compassion, and support that is required in order to treat addictions effectively.

Addiction is a complex illness that draws on every part of who the person is and as such optimum treatment is essential.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we work with people who have addictions and are connected to rehabilitation clinics throughout the country. We understand that each individual requires an individualised service.

Our aim is to support you in the most suitable rehabilitation programme in the Rainford area, or further away if you’d rather go to a clinic in a different area.

How do you know you are ready to quit alcohol and drugs?

For many, knowing when it’s time to quit drugs and alcohol isn’t always clear cut. The reason for this is due to how addiction works. Initially, it will be difficult for a person to admit they have a problem.

This is very common. However, as time goes on, there usually comes a point where a person knows they need to in order to look after themselves and their health.

The problem then is how challenging it can be to actually quit. This in itself can make it very difficult for a person to identify the “right time” to stop using drinks and drugs.

Problematic substance misuse also affects people from every part of society. There will be some people who keep working and looking after their families while the problem exists.

Whatever a person’s life looks like, if there is an addiction, it should be treated.

There are many graveside effects gained from drinking and taking drugs. These are toxins that cause huge amounts of damage to the brain, body, and mind.

This is why accessing treatment is essential no matter how well a person is able to function or not because the health implications are severe either way.

What can I expect from a stay at rehab?

It’s natural for people to feel nervous or averse to going to a place where they won’t have access to the substance they’ve been reliant on for a long time.

To imagine getting up and not having drugs or drink to hand usually feels impossible.

Rehab clinics are designed especially for people who have addictions.

This means that the staff understand the fears and the relaxed environment is one where people are welcomed no matter what it is they’re facing.

There are both private rooms and communal areas. Residents will take part in group sessions as well as one-on-one therapies.

The food is home-cooked and nourishing. There are regular yoga, mindfulness, and alternative therapies, like reiki.

It will feel more like a retreat, one for detoxing, than a place of restriction.

Although there will be difficult moments in the personal challenge you’ll face in moments of withdrawal, it’s an environment focused on healing, comfort, and reassurance.

Some people might come with the idea of taking back control of their habit, others might seek complete abstinence. Whatever your goal is, staff will support you and will also encourage you to achieve the most success you can.

Ultimately, a life of sobriety is the main goal as this has the most health benefits and offers more positive future outcomes.

How will I be supported to break the addictive habit?

There are many ways you’ll be supported at rehab. Therapeutic treatments provide a basis for psychological healing and this is essential in order to achieve long-term success towards staying sober.

Scientifically proven therapies are used to create an understanding of how the addiction developed and what makes it continue.

These treatments also provide techniques for people to use that help them change the way they think.

What this does is empower a person by helping them to see when a thought could lead to the feeling of wanting to take drink and drugs.

When a person can catch this thought, they then use a technique to take control of the thought and change the addictive behaviour.

People will be supported to detox physically. This is essential. Healing can’t take place with the substances in the body.

Rehabs provide 24/7 medical staff that can prescribe meds to support around uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms where necessary. The detox phase usually comes at the beginning of a person’s stay.

Along with detox and therapies, people are also invited to group 12 Step sessions in order to benefit from peer sharing and reflection, as well as holistic therapies.

Am I eligible for rehab?

If you use drugs and alcohol then you’re most likely eligible for rehab, especially if you use them regularly.

If you want to quit and are struggling to do so, then rehab is an excellent choice in supporting you towards living a healthier life.

People with mental health problems are also welcomed to rehab. It’s widely known that addiction and mental health issues usually come hand-in-hand. Doctors and therapists are trained to treat both.

How can I access a rehab clinic?

To find out more about going to rehab and to start the admission process, call the Rehab 4 Addiction team.

We’ll hold a pre-assessment with you where we have a discussion to gain more understanding of your situation. With your consent, we’ll then go on to manage the referral process for you.

Call us today on  0800 140 4690.

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