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Addiction can turn your life upside down. It can leave you feeling alone and like there is nowhere else to turn. What seems like a manageable use of substances can quickly and easily spiral into a life-changing addiction.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we fully recommend our patients enter into one of our local residential rehabilitation clinics. We believe this is the easiest and safest route into recovery as you are close by to peers and medics at all times.

We want to help you begin your journey and take back control of your choices and life. Rehab offers structured and organised programmes with minimised stress at all times.

Our staff offer around the clock supports to be there for you at all times in your recovery progress. Daily activities can vary ranging from group to one-on-one therapies as well as soothing activities such as art therapy, yoga, and meditation.

We want to help you achieve clarity during your stay at one of our Redhill clinics in Surrey and find the best way to stop your return to substance misuse. We focus significantly on your individual treatment needs and can help you speak out about the issues in your life whether in relation to your surroundings, family, or friends.

Why residential rehab?

Residential rehab offers many benefits when combatting addiction. You are placed in a supportive environment free from temptation and negative influences which is hugely beneficial.

You are also consistently encouraged to reach your goals and by staying on one of our inpatient treatment programmes you can be monitored closely by our friendly staff to ensure your healing.

Furthermore, you can also begin to develop routines, which are encouraged, as they make you less likely to revisit dangerous behaviour once you have completed treatment. The structure allows you to take control back and presents you with safe choices in your new life free from substance misuse.

Will rehab be beneficial for me?

We have a variety of programmes no matter your addiction or its severity and by speaking to our staff on 0800 140 4690 we can discuss which treatment program will work best for you.

We offer support and treatment for alcohol addiction, cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, and prescription treatments to name just a few. By staying with us residentially you can avoid a potential relapse as our clinical and medical staff are available to help at all times.

As well as offering a laundry and catering service we also encourage daily exercise as it can be extremely beneficial to a person combatting an addiction. It can allow you to take that vital time needed to help your mind and body, which can be left extremely vulnerable after a period of substance misuse.

When exercising, the brain releases dopamine and serotonin which allows us to feel good without the need for drugs or alcohol.

When you stay in one of our rehab clinics we often ask you to stay for 28 days which, studies have shown, is the right amount of time to form a long-lasting recovery and maintain abstinence from substance misuse in the future.

For your success and healing, we believe a detox programme should be assessed as well as psychological and therapeutic support to allow you to get the best from your rehab. Our clinics in the Redhill area can offer this for you and can see you admitted as soon as possible if you reach out today.

Should I attend rehab?

You may never feel like it’s the right time to enter rehab, many people feel the same. Once you’ve finished your treatment you can begin to get your life back on track and improve your confidence as well as your relationships with others.

Denial is one of the biggest parts of addiction but once you begin to accept you have a problem you can begin to access help. Many people are scared to enter rehab as they feel life will change for the worse. We are aware of the stereotypes those suffering from substance misuse are subject to as well as the worry about the financial aspect of rehab.

Others worry about the opinion of friends or family as well as anxiety surrounding losing a job or source of income. We don’t want this to stop you from seeking recovery and believe that there is always help available.

Our clinics are a place of non-judgment and if you are worried about the cost of rehab you can speak confidentially to one of our friendly team members who can discuss finance options and exemptions with you.

Worrying about what others will think if you attend rehab is not a healthy thought and can hinder you on your road to recovery. If you suffer from addiction, reach out and access the help you need today.

You are allowed to feel vulnerable whilst in our care and we encourage you to really open up about the way you feel in order to access the help you truly need.

Can I find a good rehab in Redhill?

By giving us a call or filling in an enquiry form you can begin to take steps, however big or small, into lifelong recovery. If you successfully allow us to pass your information along safely to providers, we can find you a clinic in the Redhill area that is best suited to your specific needs.

Trying to battle addiction alone can be scary and dangerous, allow us to help you transition into a happy and healthy life. You won’t regret making a change for the better. From today you can begin to change your relationship with yourself as well as those around you.

Choosing to locate and use a private clinic in Redhill means you can be admitted almost immediately, following your initial wellbeing assessment.

All of our programmes are medically approved meaning we can certify your safety and health as you enter recovery. Are you ready to get in touch? Call us on 0800 140 4690.

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