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Living with a drug or alcohol addiction can be extremely isolating. Although people might try to reach out to you, these moments can lead to frustration, arguments, and tears.

As much as it’s beneficial to have support from loved ones, having the right person to talk to can make all the difference.

The right person for you to talk to might not be someone who is close. For many, it’s easier to talk to someone who doesn’t have emotional ties and who can provide helpful suggestions.

Contacting a local GP can be useful as they’re good at signposting, however, a quick phone call to Rehab 4 Addiction offers you a wealth of expertise on what’s available to support drug and alcohol treatment in the Redruth area.

Our team can run through all your treatment options in terms of the national approach down to a personalised approach in your own local area.

We have been working with people and supporting them to become abstinent for many years and are ready to do the same for you.

Do you really need to go to rehab?

Perhaps you’re not entirely convinced that you need rehabilitation support for your drug or alcohol use. This is often how many people feel.

It’s very common to think it’s possible to stop at any time and that the way you drink or take drugs isn’t really a problem, that people around you are doing the same or worse and that you’re fine.

In many ways, you probably are fine, maybe you’re still going to work and able to sleep and eat the way you used to. You might manage your finances OK and still be paying bills and keeping your house clean.

Being able to get by effectively in some areas is great, however, all areas should be thought about in order to be truly honest with yourself and the situation you’re currently in.

The reality is that the majority of people who have an addiction will think they’re OK until a serious health concern arises. This can take some time.

\The body will, without you knowing, be undergoing the burden of seriously toxic substances on the inside.

You might think you look fine when you look in the mirror, but the vital organs are working overtime in order to rid the body of toxins.

Addiction brings regular and increasing use of substances and the body is unable to rid the toxins as it needs to. This means that the toxins build up and soon the organs become ravaged by illnesses and diseases.

Before you reach that point of addiction, however, there are other symptoms you can consider which will indicate whether you have a problem and whether you’d benefit from rehabilitation treatments.

These symptoms include:

  • Hiding drug and alcohol use from others.
  • Thinking about or worrying about when you’ll next use the substance.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Fluctuations in appetite.
  • Mood swings, including irritability, paranoia, sadness.
  • Long-term symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Hallucinatory symptoms.
  • Others expressed concern for you.

Using substances has to go hand-in-hand with being able to ask yourself honestly whether you need help. The truth is that addictions don’t have to be severe to be treated.

People use drugs and alcohol for various reasons and it’s usually these reasons or causes that need to be addressed through treatment as well.

Being honest includes acknowledging that the removal of any toxic substance from your life can only come with huge health benefits.

However, life outside of using drugs and alcohol has to be considered and changed in order to create new meaning and purpose.

Support from addiction specialists and peer groups can help you find this and will empower you to redirect life positively.

Will I feel safe and secure if I go to rehab?

When patients contemplate rehab, there might be huge feelings of doubt, worry, and stress. This is only natural.

What needs to be pointed out is that rehab clinics are created especially to make patients feel welcomed, safe, and relaxed.

Quitting a substance is often extremely uncomfortable physically and psychologically. The rehab environment is one that is designed to make this challenge as smooth as possible for you.

Staff are nurturing while professional. Treatments aim towards long-term healing.

For people living with physical dependencies, a stay at rehab actually provides the safest method of detoxing. There is a team of medical staff composed of doctors and clinical nurses who oversee the withdrawal process.

Their aim is solely on making this stage of treatment as comfortable as possible. Where necessary, they’ll prescribe medications to ease distressing symptoms.

Rehab clinics are secure and while patients remain there, health and safety procedures are followed to make sure residents are protected from potential external triggers as well.

Is it possible for me to find rehab clinics in Redruth?

There are rehab services in and around the Redruth area. It’s not, however, always advisable to go to the closest clinic to you.

There are various factors that need to be considered such as what treatments the staff specialise in and provide, what your treatment goals are, and whether you’d benefit more from a stay further afield.

All these topics can be discussed with the Rehab 4 Addiction team. Our team is highly experienced in assessing the needs of people who have addictions and matching them to the most suitable rehab options.

When you contact us, we’ll have a conversation that covers all areas and reveals to you what’s going to offer the most successful outcome.

With your permission, we can also manage a referral for you to rehab.

What does a Rehab 4 Addiction referral include?

Rehab 4 Addiction liaises with the top rehab clinics throughout the UK.

Following your assessment, we explain what your treatment options are and then secure you a placement either in the Redruth area or somewhere else in the UK.

When we handle your referral we communicate with the clinic on your behalf in order to take any related stress off you and to ensure nothing is missed.

Our team is also very happy to provide emotional support and make all the practical arrangements leading up to your admission date.

Call us today on  0800 140 4690.


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