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Getting help for alcohol rehab in Rhyl

Are you a Rhyl resident who is looking for effective and quick alcohol or drug addiction treatment options? Don’t you know where to seek help and support for these services in your area? Or probably you have been tired with so many available options out there? Then why don’t you call us!

With many years of experience in the market, our team of experts and staff can give you an in-depth and comprehensive telephone consultation. Based on the provided information, you will understand what is needed to participate in alcohol and drug rehab in Rhyl.

More importantly, you can go through a well-designed process that would help you detox and improve gradually without major health issues. At the end of the treatment, you can recover fully and come back to your normal life without any issues.

Available options for a home detox in Rhyl

A home detox might be the least advisable option for treating alcohol or drug addiction in Rhyl. During this process, you can do everything at your own home with the help of some prescription drugs that are specially made to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Having a family member or friend to help you overcome this tough time can be a good idea.

However, this is not a good option if you are suffering from opiate addiction or alcoholism. This is mainly because many withdrawal symptoms would increase the risks of death.

In fact, many people with this option often relapse during the first 1 or 2 days after a treatment session. For this reason, it is better to go for other services that require hospitalisation and inpatient rehab treatment. This will minimise the risks of complications and allow for a full recovery.

Outpatient treatment option for drug or alcohol rehab in Rhyl

Outpatient treatment is often combined with the above-mentioned home detox. In this process, you will detox at home and receive therapy sessions at our rehab centre during the other time of the day.

Keep in mind that early relapse might happen if you aren’t removed from the environments that would lead to substance misuse. In fact, many people often regard these programmes as revolving doors due to their poorer success rates compared to inpatient treatment.

Residential treatment option for drug or alcohol rehab in Rhyl

By far, residential treatment is the best option for drug or alcohol rehab in Rhyl. This means that you will stay in one of our centres during the process. By doing this, you will be removed from the daily environment that would trigger your addictive behaviours. In other words, we will provide you with a safe area to treat your conditions, both during detoxification and follow-up therapy sessions.

Residential treatment is a highly effective option. In most cases, up to 70 per cent of people choosing this option often recover in 12 months after the completion. However, you need to be fully committed to recovering from your conditions quickly.

How does a residential treatment for addiction work in Rhyl?

Those people who choose residential rehab treatment in Rhyl must leave their home for at least 10 days. However, the recommended duration for this option is around 4 weeks or 28 days, which is enough to recover fully and reduce the risks of relapse.

This is especially important when your problems are severe. Once you participate in our facility, one of our experts will conduct an initial assessment. All of the information from this process will be used to design a personal recovery plan.

Once you have completed the detox phase via a highly structured and thorough programme, therapy sessions will start. You will be advised by our counsellors or therapists in either group or individual settings.

The main goal is to encourage you to find out and deal with those emotions and thoughts which would lead to addictive behaviours. Also, there are many holistic approaches that can be applied to help you deal with other common problems.

An aftercare plan will be designed to help you come back to the normal life after finishing your rehab. Also, you can return to our centre for the next 12 months to get support from our experts.

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