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If you live in or near Rickmansworth and you’re struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, we urge you to get in touch with us today.

No matter the time of day or night, our team is here to help you talk through your issues and point you in the direction of sustainable help.

The second you ask us for help, we begin researching the best residential rehab centres or outpatient clinics in Rickmansworth in order to provide you with an ideal treatment option.

Making the Decision to Go to Residential Rehab

With so many treatment options available, it can be difficult to come to the final decision of attending a residential rehab in Rickmansworth.

Some people try to overcome addiction alone by quitting cold turkey. Not only is this exceptionally dangerous as severe withdrawal symptoms could arise, but it almost always fails.

Staying in the same environment with the same people, places and responsibilities often means you will continue to make the same decisions regarding drugs and alcohol. The majority of the time, this ends in relapse.

On the other hand, many people are on NHS waiting lists for rehab. While this is better than trying to help yourself, the NHS is severely underfunded and therefore waiting times are exceptionally long.

Unfortunately, addiction will not wait for you. In the time between your name being on the waiting list and you receiving help, anything could happen. Never underestimate how easy it is to spiral out of control with drugs or alcohol.

So, helping yourself and going through the NHS are flawed options, but why is residential rehab any better?

At residential rehab, there is a strong support network of professionals from psychologists and psychotherapists to addiction specialists. This means you are never recovering alone, and you are constantly encouraged to keep going.

There is never any need to wait for residential rehab. As soon as you contact us, we begin to search for the ideal centre for you. From there, we put you in touch with the chosen centre and you can arrange your start date with them.

Residential rehab centres provide excellent facilities that you would not have access to at home. Everything from food to therapy is organised for you, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery and nothing else.

You will also receive a personalised treatment plan. Depending on your individual circumstances and the addiction you struggle with, the rehab centre will work with you to decide which activities you will engage with in your month-long stay.

Finally, residential rehab offers an unrivalled sense of community, thanks to the live-in aspect. In group therapy sessions, you will share your struggles with others and listen to their struggles in return, which unites you and strengthens you in your journey.

The Recovery Process at Residential Rehab

When you first arrive at residential rehab, you will be introduced to the idea of a detox.

Detoxing breaks down the toxic substances in your body, leaving you drug and alcohol free. While this process is physical, in a figurative sense, it is symbolic of starting over.

Unfortunately, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms after undergoing the detox. These can be physical or mental, and they can be anything from fatigue to anxiety.

For this reason, professionals will work alongside you during the detox period to ensure you remain in good health.

Once your physical health has been treated, staff will move on to treating your mental health.

Owing to the person-centred nature of residential rehab, no one experience will be the same. This can also be said for the therapy sessions that you attend.

A range of therapies are on offer at rehab centres in Rickmansworth, such as psychotherapy, CBT, talking therapy, and group therapy.

Each form of therapy has different benefits, and you will be able to try out different types to see which one works best for you and your addiction.

For instance, CBT may help one person to work through their thoughts and feelings in the present moment, whereas another patient may find talking therapy useful to open up about their past.

The amazing thing about therapy is that you may not know how your past has affected you until you start talking about it with a trained professional. Opening up to loved ones can help, but sharing your feelings with someone who is trained to practise non-judgemental listening is another thing entirely.

Benefits of Recovery

Addiction does not discriminate; anyone can suffer from drug or alcohol dependency.

If you have found yourself in this position, it may feel like the easiest thing to do is let the addiction run its course and wait for it to leave.

However, this is the worst thing you could do. Addiction requires immediate action, otherwise it is guaranteed to worsen over time.

Recovery is a chance to stop consuming drugs or alcohol before it’s too late. It will protect you from:

1. Physical damage

When you consume drugs or alcohol, your body is pumped with toxic substances that wreak havoc on your organs, such as your liver. Choosing sobriety will contribute to a greater life expectancy as it reduces the possibility that you will suffer a heart attack or stroke.

2. Mental damage

Giving up drugs or alcohol is likely to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. What’s more, any mental health issues you have that are unrelated to substances will be targeted in therapy, meaning your overall mental health can improve tremendously as you recover.

3. Failed Relationships

Addiction does not just affect the addict; it can separate us from our loved ones. We may behave aggressively when under the influence, which alienates us from our friends and family. On the other hand, recovery allows us to always be ourselves which can strengthen relationships.

4. Death

Death is a tragic thought, but we cannot ignore that many people lose their lives to addiction. Recovery offers a fresh start. You can accept the invitation to embark on a journey of sobriety that is conducive to a long, healthy life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, please reach out to us today. We will place you with an excellent rehab centre in or near Rickmansworth, according to your needs. All of our team are all living their lived ‘in recovery’. You can contact us today on 0800 140 4690.


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