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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Runnymede

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem for thousands of people throughout the UK. Sadly, this is a condition that destroys many aspects of a person’s life. Often, people will decide that it’s time to stop. 

This is a courageous and brave decision. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to quit. The nature of addiction makes stopping drinking or taking drugs a real battle for many.

There are, however, various treatments available in the Runnymede area. These can equip you to begin your path of recovery in the most effective way possible.

What it takes from you to begin a life of sobriety

After a long time of using a substance every day, it can be very challenging to stop. In the case of addiction, there are many factors at play that cause a person to drink and take drugs.

The disruption caused to the bodily systems means that when the substance begins to leave the body, withdrawal can be an extremely uncomfortable time. This is one of the reasons why people get trapped in the cycle of using or drinking.

To go sober takes a huge amount of character. Some of the most important traits a person must utilise are determination, honesty, willingness, and courage. 

There are usually times the situation feels helpless. It’s these moments where people must really lean on their support system. 

It’s very likely that people who love the person with an addiction will want to support in useful ways. The person wanting to recover must be willing to open up and trust others to help them. This can be especially useful when people are experiencing cravings. 

What treatments are there in Runnymede?

Like the majority of towns in the UK, there are treatment options for addiction. There will be both government-funded and privately-funded options.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction we can explain these further. 

Also, it’s useful to bear in mind that for those who might feel they can’t afford a twenty-eight-day stay at a rehab clinic, there will be other options available. For instance, shorter stays, or accessing one or two of the treatments.

1. Physical treatments

When a person enters treatment, they first undergo an assessment. This determines how severe the addiction is and creates a picture of the person and their needs.

At this point, it will be made clear whether a physical detox is required.

For those with a dependency, a detox is essential. This is certainly the case when a person enters a rehab centre for a stay.

Detox is when a medical team leads a person through and monitors the removal of alcohol or drugs from the body. When a person is addicted to heroin or alcohol it can be dangerous to go “cold turkey”.

This is why a detox needs to be supervised. Doctors can also prescribe medications to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

2. Psychological treatments

The underlying psychological causes of addiction need to be treated. There are many therapies that support people through recovery. 

As many people living with addiction also suffer from mental health problems, therapists at private rehab clinics treat both. 

People are supported to understand what makes them want alcohol and drugs. The way thoughts are related to behaviour is considered. Staff provide those being treated with techniques to use when they are facing cravings.

These techniques can be used throughout the rest of the person’s life.

3. Holistic treatments

The team at a rehab clinic work together to provide a holistic approach to a patient’s healing. Part of this means recognising the benefits of alternative therapies.

The spiritual side of a person and what encourages them to connect with life in a natural way is a place where many people gain a sense of calm.

Rehab centres usually provide some access to alternative therapies. A private clinic provides a full package of holistic treatments for people who stay.

Therapies include the following:

  • Equine therapy (with horses).
  • Yoga.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Reiki.

4. Groups

Whatever rehabilitation programme you enter there are groups available to support your path to recovery. These are very helpful spaces where people can share with others who are navigating addiction and recovery.

There are usually Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups available. If there aren’t then centres usually host groups following the 12 Step framework.

As well as this there are more relaxed and artistic groups sometimes available for service users. During a rehab stay, people often take part in art groups, for instance.

The difference between a residential programme and an outpatient programme

Individuals planning to quit alcohol and drugs will require different services. The fact that people have different personalities and lifestyles will influence this as much as a person’s individual addiction problem.

There are both rehab clinics where people can choose to stay for a number of nights. The length of stay will be determined by how much work is needed and what a person’s available budget might be.

Rehab clinics offer a totally comprehensive package of treatment.

A team of staff work with individuals in relation to all aspects of the person’s health and wellbeing. A residential programme is especially effective for those who are facing severe addictions.

There are also outpatient services. These are usually funded by the government and so there is no cost to the person. A timetable of activities exists and when a person is linked to a caseworker they’re able to also access various groups.

This can be very helpful for people who require a lighter input in terms of treatment.

Can I get treatment suitable for my needs?

Whatever your treatment needs, there will be an option for you in Runnymede. Finding out your options can become overwhelming as there’s often a lot of information to find out about.

Choosing which is the most appropriate programme for you can also be a little confusing. This is why speaking to an expert can help.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, our team of advisors have years of experience supporting people into rehab programmes. They’re highly experienced in talking with people who have addictions and explaining what their local treatment options are. 

The Rehab 4 Addiction team also provides emotional support and encouragement to people up to the admission date if this is needed. 

To find out more and possibly begin a referral, call us today. Call us on 0800 140 4690, or send us a message on our online form.

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