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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Sawbridgeworth

Have you noticed a change in the behaviour of a loved one? Are you worried about their consumption of drugs or alcohol? If your answer is yes, you may benefit from the professional support offered by the team at Rehab 4 Addiction.

Addictions are chronic disorders that can affect every aspect from your physical health to psychological health.

If you believe that a friend or family member is currently battling an addiction, we urge you to reach out by calling our team today on 0800 140 4690.

You may currently feel that you have a very minimal understanding of rehab, this is completely normal. We have created this webpage so that you can effectively help your loved ones access the treatment they deserve.

We hope that by reading the information provided you can gain a further understanding of the rehabs available in Sawbridgeworth and beyond.

You may have already begun to research rehabs and treatment options, but this can be very overwhelming as there is now a wide variety available throughout the UK.

By working closely with us we can help to alleviate some of the stress you are under and effectively source the most suitable treatment programme for your friend or family member.

Is there treatment available through the NHS?

Yes. NHS rehabilitation services are free and are available to anyone struggling with an addiction.

These are usually conducted in an outpatient setting meaning you live at home for the duration of treatment, no matter how severe your addiction is.

You are then usually presented with a variety of therapies that can help you to address the root of your addiction and move on by creating healthy coping mechanisms that can help your future self.

Local support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are also usually recommended to offer further support during this time.

Although public treatment offered by the NHS can be very beneficial to some people, its main downside is the wait time for treatment.

Many towns and cities across the UK are finding their funding for addiction treatment programmes cut meaning the programmes that are left face overwhelming amounts of people attempting to access the same services.

This means that the NHS finds itself unable to cope and places patients on a long waiting list. If you are suffering from a severe addiction, there is no time to wait.

Unfortunately, with addiction, the longer it is left untreated, the worse it will become.

What about private treatment?

Private rehab offers a multitude of benefits and can see clients recover in a fraction of the time compared to public treatment if they are committed.

Unlike NHS treatment, it is most often conducted on an in-patient basis which means that clients are required to admit themselves to a local facility and remain there for up to 28 days or longer.

A lot of clients feel apprehensive of residential care due to the commitment required.

We understand that the thought of leaving your home environment can be very scary but rest assured that you will be looked after at all times and most private clinics offer clients the chance to recover in the most luxurious of settings.

Private treatment offers instant support and guidance which can make a real difference to those with severe addictions.

As previously mentioned, NHS treatment can be effective for some people but if you are looking to enter treatment with zero delays, we urge you to consider private residential treatment today by calling our team.

What are the benefits of private treatment?

You may be worried about the thought of a loved one entering a residential facility as it limits the time you can spend with them.

However, you must consider their best interests and take into account the multitude of benefits that residential rehab can offer.

Most residential programmes offer bespoke treatment options tailored exclusively to clients.

They also include up to twelve months of vital aftercare which can significantly reduce the chances of relapsing in the future.

Medical staff are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all clients meaning your loved one will be in the most professional hands at all times.

This is to make sure that they are responding well to treatment so that they can ultimately have the best chance of gaining sobriety.

By helping a loved one access rehab with our help, you can allow them to focus entirely on recovery.

Whilst the thought of removing oneself from the home environment may seem anxiety-inducing, you are also removing any negative distractions and triggers.

Whilst your friend or family member is in treatment, you can visit them many times. Many clinics stress the importance of support networks meaning there will be lots of designated visiting times.

If you are a family member, you may also seek the benefit of family therapy. Understandably this is also a tough time for you and many clinics understand that with family therapy sessions offered weekly.

Seek family support today

Knowing a loved one is undergoing an addiction can be heartbreaking to witness. You may feel isolated and panicked, not knowing where to turn to.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we urge you to accept our help. We don’t just support individuals with addictions but their family and friends too.

By calling our helpline today our team can help you discuss the signs and symptoms you may have spotted in a loved one and from here discuss referrals and admission to a local Sawbridgeworth facility.

We can offer advice at any time and promise to keep the conversation confidential.

We offer services under no obligation meaning that if you just want to call to ask for advice, you are more than welcome to.

When your loved one begins to accept that there is help available, you can begin to help them into residential treatment.

Not only will this be a relief to them but also you. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for compassionate and friendly support.


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