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The first step to recovery is recognising that you’re suffering from a problem, the next would be to seek help.

Many often do this by turning to their loved ones, admitting to them that they have been struggling and then moving forwards from that, attempting to seek help from professionals. This is when it can get complicated.

There is a large array of programmes and treatments that are offered to those seeking to recover from addiction.

It can be incredibly overwhelming, especially with the amount of information that is often just thrown around on the internet.

For someone who might be quite vulnerable whilst looking for the best direction, this can often cause them to just give up. That’s where we come in.

We understand how scary addiction is, we also understand that not handling it properly can lead to long-lasting consequences. This is why at Rehab 4 Addiction we ensure that we offer the right kind of care to all of our future patients.

We want everyone who comes to us for help to leave our care with better, more stable futures. In order to do this, we will need to assess your addiction.

This means that we’ll need to ask you some questions in order to gauge how severe it is, the side effects you’ve battled with, your mental health and how you feel about rehabilitation.

After we’ve had a phone call with you about all of this, we’ll then go on and do our own research, looking into the best areas in Selby that can offer you the most effective treatments. We’ll also discuss a bespoke programme just for you with the centres.

Why It’s Important to Seek Professional Help

The danger of addiction is underestimating how severe the effects can be on your life and future. Many assume that they can recover alone, and prefer to do that instead of seeking help or guidance outside of themselves for fear of judgement and shame.

However, when you try to take matters into your own hands, the addiction can end up spiralling out of control.

This is because when you’re trying to go through what we call a detox phase, you experience withdrawal symptoms. These can be horrible and incredibly difficult for anyone to go through.

They can cause for you to feel incredibly unwell both physically and mentally, and most times these symptoms need to be treated by a trained professional.

When you choose to go through this on your own, you may end up succumbing to your addiction and giving up on your cleanse. Some might even recognise their addiction worsening, and they might become too afraid to try giving it up again for fear of having to go through those symptoms once more.

Also, it’s incredibly important that the mental aspect of addiction is treated too. It’s easy enough to help our patients’ safely get through the detox process with medication for the symptoms, but treating your mental health will take more time and different methods.

This is because, while addiction can occur at any time to anyone in the world due to how vulnerable our brain chemicals are, certain people with much more complex backgrounds are more at risk of it. Not only that, but addiction can take up a lot of mental space for people too.

It can be a very traumatic time. In order to prevent relapses and ensure your recovery lasts for years to come, therapy is highly recommended. And not just talking therapy, but holistic therapy, physical therapy and many other tried and approved methods.

It’s important to understand why the addiction occurred, was it due to stress, trauma, association? And it’s also important to understand how you felt whilst you were going through it, and what caused you to feel that way too.

Why Private Rehabilitation?

There are so many other options out there that can seem very appealing and are sure to be effective for some people too. For example, many prefer to head straight to the NHS for help.

Whilst this makes sense, especially because the NHS is a wonderful organisation that has worked so hard to help so many when it comes to addiction a few have found that there was more to be desired. One of the main issues being the waiting list.

Addiction can be time-sensitive, and when someone asks for help, that often means they need it immediately. Waiting for months to be seen can be a huge deterrent.

With private rehab, we ensure you’re seen to just days after an assessment.

Our centres are also comfortable, clean, and secluded in a relaxing environment completely void of stressors and triggers. In one of our centres in Selby, you will receive the best care from health care professionals who want the healthiest future for you.

Our teams are constantly working to understand the new methods of healthcare that help those struggling with their mental health and with addiction.

Your treatment will also be completely tailored according to what you told us in your original assessment.

Some places often like to do the one shoe fits all method, however that has proven to cause more people to relapse as it doesn’t tend to all of their mental and physical needs.

We will offer things to you such as: a physical cleanse, CBT therapy, exposure therapy, relapse prevention planning, coping strategies, art therapy and so much more.

Call Us Today for More Information

Addiction is a horrible battle that so many in the UK have unfortunately been subjected to.

With our help, we hope to eliminate the number of those whose lives have been destroyed by this illness.

We want to get families, futures and lives back on track. It’s also important to note that if you find yourself having to come back for help more than once, it isn’t a sign of weakness.

Life can be incredibly overwhelming, and due to certain situations, it can be very hard to cut addiction out of your life completely, and that’s what we’re here for.

We will provide you with aftercare to give you that extra guidance and support as you continue your journey once you leave one of our centres, and we’ll still be here afterwards if you need further help.

For more information and guidance, contact our helpline today on 0800 140 4690, or fill out our online enquiry form.

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