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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Shaftesbury

Rehab 4 Addiction is a national addiction treatment advocacy service, who partners with some of the countries leading addiction treatment and rehab centres.

If you’re based in Shaftesbury and considering taking the first steps towards recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction, then we can help you to secure the professional support that you need.

It can be a daunting prospect to consider rehab. It’s a big step, and particularly if you have never attempted recovery before, you won’t be sure what to expect.

Perhaps you’re unsure whether treatment would work for you, or even if your issue is severe enough to warrant professional intervention.

The truth is, if you’re concerned that your drug and/or alcohol use has become an addiction, then it probably has. Whilst it can be a difficult thing to acknowledge, the initial concern shows that you have the capacity to recover.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can help you to identify the types of behaviour in yourself that would suggest an addiction.

We can provide advice about the whole process, with many of our advocates having the first-hand experience of rehab themselves, and refer you to our partners, to ensure you receive the most suitable rehabilitation for your needs.

Whether you wish to recover locally in Shaftesbury, or elsewhere in the UK, our team can help.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690 or use our contact page to request a callback.

Calls are free of charge, free from judgement and completely confidential.

How can I access reputable drug and alcohol rehab services in Shaftesbury?

There is a wide range of potential treatment options available across the UK for drug and alcohol addiction, making it difficult to know which one is best suited to aid your recovery.

Our addiction treatment partners offer both outpatient and residential treatment options in and around the Shaftesbury area, however, in order to determine which is the best route for you, we’ll need to carry out a short assessment.

Through the results of our phone assessment, we will be able to establish the severity of your addiction, which allows us to recommend the most beneficial type of treatment.

We will also look at your personal preferences with regards to location, as some people prefer to recover outside of their hometown.

Your budget and any pre-existing health conditions will also be considered, to ensure that we’re offering you the absolute best opportunity to make a successful and sustained recovery.

We will then use our partnership with local or national rehab facilities to begin your pre-admission process, sometimes achieving an admission date within days.

We will also want to ensure that you are fully committed to your recovery, as this can make all the difference to your success.

The important thing is that you reach out today before your addiction has the opportunity to take more of a hold of you or cause any further damage.

Why we favour residential rehab over outpatient treatment

Although outpatient treatment will be recommended in some cases, particularly where addiction issues are very new or minor, it’s likely that we will recommend residential rehab as the predominant choice for those with established addictions.

This is because it offers the best possible success rate for moderate to severe drug and alcohol addiction.

Residential rehab programmes also have the benefit of being a structured and holistic approach to addiction treatment, which is further tailored to your specific experience of addiction.

Aside from the experienced staff that is available at all times, there are a number of benefits to the residential nature of the programme.

Often clients benefit from the isolation from their usual routine and environment, as it allows them to focus entirely on their recovery, without the usual stresses and influences of life.

Having daily needs, such as your meals and schedule are taken care of also contributes to enhanced focus, as does the calming environment.

Access to leading modern addiction treatments

Doctors who specialise in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment will create your personalised treatment plan.

This will include both physical and psychological therapies, aimed at breaking down the connections your body and mind has forged with your chosen substances.

Medically assisted detox offers a safer and more comfortable detox option than the alternatives, with close monitoring throughout and the use of prescription medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, wherever possible.

This will serve two purposes, firstly, to show you that sobriety is a valid possibility for you and secondly, to help prepare you for the next stage of recovery.

Through a range of advanced modern psychotherapy treatments, the foundations of your illness will be uncovered, allowing you to understand and avoid your triggers in the future.

You will also develop a complex relapse prevention plan, which will help you to continue your newfound sobriety post-rehab. Whilst treatments are tailored to the individual, you can expect to have access to treatments such as:

No GP referral is required, access help today!

Our team at Rehab 4 Addiction can help you to access the services you need today, without the need for a medical referral from your GP.

There’s no long waiting list to attend and we can get your recovery journey started in no time.

Reach out now on 0800 140 4690, or ask for a callback via our web contact page and take the first steps to a sober future.


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