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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Shanklin

Getting help for drug and alcohol addiction isn’t easy – it can be hard to admit to yourself that you’re struggling, even outside of how hard addiction is to recover from it generally. But, with the right strategies to manage it, you can get your life back to the way it was before.

Knowing what you’re going into can also help to make the process a lot easier. Below, we have a more in-depth guide to the rehab process, as well as the help that we can provide specifically.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help me with drug and alcohol rehab in Shanklin?

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we have a wide range of resources to help you with your recovery. One of the biggest examples is our huge range of residential facilities, designed to support those with moderate to severe dependencies.

If you’re looking to go local for your treatment, which many people are for the sake of convenience, we also have a space for drug and alcohol rehab in Shanklin.

Residential rehab isn’t the best path for everyone – some people with less severe issues are more suited to outpatient, or at-home treatment. That’s something else that we can offer.

If you choose to be treated with us, we’ll help you sort through the large range of choices available, to find what’s best for you specifically. This can be done via a general discussion, or via a formal assessment.

We can also help you out if you’re looking for more general assistance. Just call us or leave a message on our website, we’ll be able to offer you instant advice and support.

Finally, if you’re researching this on behalf of a loved one, or even someone you don’t know all that well, our guidance (and intervention programmes) are available to you. We recognise that this doesn’t just affect the person with the addiction.

As it makes its way into every corner of their life, this includes relationships with those around them. You can reach out for help too.

How soon can I start treatment?

Overall, it’s best to get help as soon as possible. But the speed at which you access treatment will largely depend on your decisions.

If you choose to be treated via the NHS, you’ll have a fantastic range of support at your disposal. But you may also have to wait a while to gain access to it, due to the high demand on the system.

Choosing private drug and alcohol rehab might mean a shorter waiting list, which can be significant, especially if you have a more severe issue. Again, if you speak to us about your situation, we’ll be able to advise on what would work best for you specifically.

How significant is mental health?

Mental health is a hugely significant part of addiction recovery, as addiction affects both your mind and your body. It’s very important that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for what can be a very trying time.

This is especially true considering that addiction can so often lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Overall, you need to be fully ready to commit to treatment to experience its full benefit.

During your treatment, confronting any mental health issues that may be underpinning your addiction is also very important. A lot of people get a dual diagnosis of addiction and other mental health issues, which both feed into each other.

This may have worsened your addiction problem, to the point where more intensive treatment may be required. But the management of your addiction is still possible, with the right plan in place.

Various types of counselling and therapy will be available to you during drug and alcohol rehab in Shanklin.

Depending on your specific needs, you could go through:

1. Cognitive behavioural therapy

Where cognitive distortions (also known as negative thinking patterns) are broken down

2. Motivational interviewing

Where you’re encouraged to re-examine your behaviour through a series of non-judgmental questions

3. Music and art therapy

Where you can express yourself creatively through art and music

4. Talking therapy

Where you simply sit down and talk to a therapist

5. Group therapy

Where you’ll be able to recover alongside a network of people going through the same thing, much like the support groups that can also be very important to the process.

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