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Are you struggling with the consequences of addiction? Are you fed up with how it’s impacting your life? When people drink and take drugs over a period of time, the substances inevitably take a toll.

Being that they’re both serious toxins, the effects are both severe and far-reaching.

Thousands of families and friends are feeling the strain of addiction damaging relationships and life-long connections.

Due to the way addiction can be perceived in the UK, many find it difficult to admit there is a problem and seek help.

Addiction is an illness that affects the mind and body. As such it deserves to be treated with the same compassion and attention as other illnesses,

Shefford has numerous rehabilitation options for people currently facing drug and alcohol problems.

The Rehab 4 Addiction team refers people throughout the UK to enter the most suitable clinic to treat their individual needs.

What does a residential stay at rehab look like?

One of the most important things about a residential stay at rehab is that the residents are made to feel welcomed and comfortable.

The environment is designed especially to create a relaxed atmosphere, a type of “home away from home”.

A person will usually stay between seven and twenty-eight days. The longer stays are more effective, especially when first beginning a life of sobriety.

After a psychiatric assessment is carried out at the beginning of the stay, a timetable of treatments including detox, various psychological and alternative therapies, and group sessions will be outlined.

Residents will take part in activities throughout the day with time to relax. Many of the activities are relaxing in themselves (i.e. yoga and mindfulness).

The goal is to support people in eliminating the substances from their bodies (through detox) and beginning mental health healing.

A doctor, therapist, and drug and alcohol workers will be on hand 24/7 in order to support you through difficult moments where you might struggle with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

As time goes on, the physical cravings will reduce and the focus will be on how to manage the psychological cravings and triggers.

What do you get from rehab in Shefford?

The biggest initial gain is that you are kick-started with full support into a life of sobriety. The level and quality of care are optimum.

Private clinics follow best practices and use scientifically proven successful methods to treat you. These are treatments that have supported millions of people throughout the world to achieve a life of recovery.

A life of sobriety improves your physical health. With new activity levels and replacing alcohol and drugs with healthy sustenance, your body begins to heal.

You’ll also learn coping mechanisms and will build resilience. These aspects of recovery make your future outcomes more positive.

Along with the personal parts of recovery, you’ll begin to heal damaged relationships. This can be aided with couple and family therapy at the clinic.

When those close to you see the steps you’re taking, a space for connection and trust can be built.

What happens when you leave rehab?

It might be a worrying prospect, putting a month into rehabilitation with the thought of returning to regular life afterwards.

This is why it’s important that you communicate with the rehab team to come up with an aftercare plan that will work for you. The aftercare plans last for 12 months and can include various sessions at the clinic.

The majority of people who go to rehab and who maintain an abstinent lifestyle afterwards will regularly attend 12 Step groups.

Counselling usually continues for as long as deemed necessary and developing new interests and hobbies support many people to stay focused.

An aftercare plan will also include action points on what to do in the event of relapse. There are many people available to support you.

It goes without saying, however, that recovery has to come from you.

You have to want and be totally determined to quit drinking and stop taking drugs.

Is an abstinent lifestyle possible?

Yes, thousands of people live a tee-total lifestyle. What works for many is connecting to 12 Step groups in order to make friends who will support you in the long term.

This environment provides a consistent and regular place to go and see people who understand while everything else in life might keep changing around you.

Starting new interests and hobbies also provides an excellent way to fill your life with meaningful activities that give you fulfilment.

Ideas around this can be explored at rehab where you can both try activities and identify areas you might start once you return home.

Referrals to rehab in Shefford or further afield

Going to rehab doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go somewhere hundreds of miles away.

It can if that’s what you’d prefer, but many nowadays many also stay in the Shefford area.

There are pros and cons of doing it both ways.

A rehab in another area means you’ll be far enough away that you will have to be committed to focusing on recovery.

Attending rehab in Shefford means that you’ll be able to include family therapy sessions if that would help.

You can ask Rehab 4 Addiction for more advice around this.

How long does it take to get into rehab?

It really depends on how you approach going and where you decide to go. NHS funded placements have very long waiting lists and limited places and eligibility.

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction means we’ll be able to place you quickly.

Our joint-working with rehabs throughout the country means that we can ensure your admission is smooth, fast, and puts your mind at rest as you won’t have much to do apart from showing up!

What to do next

As you’re contemplating drug and alcohol rehab it can be really useful to get some guidance.

This will help you decide your most suitable option and can make the transition into your new way of living easier.

All you need to do is contact Rehab 4 Addiction and speak to our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us today on  0800 140 4690.

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