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Drugs and alcohol may have taken over your life for a very long time. When every thought is geared towards getting the next drink or fix then accessing support around drinking and using drugs could be the thing that changes your life. If you’ve had enough of being consumed by addiction then there are ways you can quit.

Bringing an end to addiction takes focus, commitment, and dedication. It takes the will to open up and be honest about things you might have wanted to avoid.

There is also the aspect of potentially having to face historic trauma. This is why it’s essential that when stopping alcohol or drug use there is a highly skilled team of specialists around to offer the best chances of facing the issues and difficulties that may arise.

Every person comes to a point in their lives where they need to reach out for support or guidance. It’s human and it’s necessary. Accepting support and choosing to change the direction of your future away from addiction brings many benefits.

Perhaps you’re unsure where to go to find the most suitable drug and alcohol service for you in Shipley and around the West Yorkshire area. For a long time, people have been known to go away for a stay at rehab, however, choosing to attend a rehab clinic close to where you live might suit you better.

By contacting Rehab 4 Addiction, we can talk you through all the options and advise you on the most suitable treatment option.

Which is more suitable, outpatient or inpatient rehab?

When considering rehab options there are two main aspects to be considered. Will the rehab programme take place as an outpatient or inpatient option?

This question is very much influenced by the severity of the addiction. When a person is experiencing a moderate addiction where they still have some control over how they are drinking or taking drugs then outpatient options can work really well. In this case, people are able to maintain their regular lives while attending sessions at a local centre.

For those who have severe addictions where the drugs and alcohol have taken over their lives then an inpatient stay at a clinic in Shipley is likely to have a much higher chance of success. This is due to the 24/7 support that people have access to. This can make all the difference, especially in the early stages of withdrawal.

Could rehab in Shipley suit you?

Many people choose to attend a rehab centre away from where they live. They might feel that giving up alcohol and drugs will be impossible in the place where they always do them.

A trigger is something that may consciously or subconsciously make a person feel like they want to drink or take drugs. A trigger can be linked to anything, a person, a place, a feeling. They can be internal or external.

Triggers as well as other psychological processes can cause an addiction. This along with physical cravings which occur can make an addiction feel impossible to overcome.

When a person lives somewhere, there might be a lot of things that they associate with addictive behaviours. This might be a reason people opt to go to rehab elsewhere. However, there are many reasons that attending a clinic close to home is actually very beneficial. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Being able to break habits where the habit usually occurs makes the process of quitting easier going forward because you’ve already stopped drinking or using in that place.
  • It can feel more comfortable staying local to the place you call home when facing a challenge.
  • Being able to access ongoing aftercare activities in the 12 months after your stay.
  • The opportunity to have family therapy if appropriate.

It’s worth knowing and considering all treatment options in the Shipley area. You can find out what they are by contacting Rehab 4 Addiction.

Detox at a rehab clinic

It’s essential when attending rehab that people detox from the substance that they’re addicted to. This can be an extremely difficult and uncomfortable time. When a physical dependency exists it’s especially critical to have a team of medical professionals on hand to enable people to detox in the safest way.

At a private clinic, doctors can prescribe necessary medications to make the detox period as comfortable as possible.

The detox for alcohol lasts 7 days and for heroin 10 days. After this time, the focus of a residential stay moves towards the psychological.

Psychological therapies at rehab

At rehab, people have a fully comprehensive programme to support the psychological aspects of quitting drugs and alcohol. This is essential in facing the long-term ability to remain abstinent.

Trained professionals with a wealth of experience working in addiction provide sessions that offer an understanding on how to face and change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours around the addiction.

This is where the real life-long work begins. It’s vital that when you decide to undertake treatment you are truly ready to quit. With your commitment and the best support, you can change the rest of your life to make it alcohol and drug-free.

Rehab 4 Addiction can refer you

The decision to stop drinking or taking drugs can be a highly challenging time. When a person is facing this, there are things that can be taken care of to make life transitions easier. The first is by using an expert referral service such as Rehab 4 Addiction.

When you contact us, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable and compassionate advisor who understands addictions and treatments. The advisor will ask a series of questions which will provide them with an overall picture of the history of and the habits around how you use to drink and drugs.

The advisor will consider your requirements and preferences when considering treatment options and they will take into account your budget.

The advisors have a thorough understanding of all the treatment clinics available in your area (as well as other areas in the UK). With these factors in mind, the advisor will then give advice on what is the most suitable rehab option for you in Shipley.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690, and take the first steps into your new life.

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