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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Sidmouth

Are you currently living in Sidmouth and are wanting to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you considering local recovery but believe this could stop you from entering sobriety?

Firstly, we would just like to acknowledge the honesty and bravery involved in wanting to seek professional help.

We also want you to know that having worries and concerns about rehab is completely normal.

Rehab is a new idea to many people, so we understand why you may be worried about visiting a rehab clinic based in Sidmouth.

Localised recovery is often recommended for many people as it can provide benefits that see a huge increase in your ability to recover.

For localised recovery to be truly effective we must first ensure you choose the correct treatment centre. Rehab 4 Addiction can help do this on your behalf and present a range of rehab clinics that we believe best suit your requirements.

By committing to rehab and all it has to offer you can make localised recovery a reality. This brings many benefits such as familiarity with your local area as well as convenience and home comforts.

Call our team today on 0800 140 4690 to find out more.

Why should I seek help from Rehab 4 Addiction?

By selecting a rehab clinic in Sidmouth, you can experience the great benefits that come with attending a residential clinic.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we value the importance of suitability and without this, you may struggle to take advantage of the benefits rehab can provide.

To help you find the most suitable clinic we provide an initial assessment during your telephone call with us. Though this may seem personal we do this so that we can see the relationship between you and your addiction.

During your assessment, you will also be asked questions regarding your budget for treatment as well as your physical and mental health.

Once we have a more realistic concept of your addiction and your goals for recovery, we can begin to work with local treatment providers who can offer programmes best suited to your criteria.

If you are happy with our list of clinics and can choose the most suitable one for yourself, we will then begin to arrange a referral, meaning you can be admitted to rehab as soon as possible.

Why should I select a rehab clinic in Sidmouth?

When considering treatment, you may not have given localised recovery a thought. Many clients don’t like to believe that they can withdraw from drugs and alcohol so close to home.

This is understandable when related to outpatient treatment but for those with severe addictions, residential rehab will be advised.

Residential rehab can work great alongside localised recovery as it means you can remove yourself from any triggers and distractions related to the home environment.

It also means that your family can take advantage of the care on offer and attend family therapy sessions with you.

There is also no need to familiarise yourself with the local area which can ease a lot of stress and anxiety related to attending rehab.

Overall, this makes your transition to and from rehab a lot easier which can allow you to embrace the first steps of rehab.

The first few days at your chosen clinic are very important as they can set the pace for your success and show your reaction to treatment.

What are the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment?

The way rehab is delivered is very important and can feel like a huge decision for you to make. With our support, we aim to help you decide on the best clinic for your needs.

Before you make any decisions, however, it is important to understand the difference between the various forms of treatment available.

Outpatient care is a far more flexible treatment option and involves more independence.

For those with mild to moderate addictions outpatient treatment can offer a great path to recovery.

During your time in treatment, you will live at home and only visit your rehab clinic for sessions such as detoxing and therapy.

For those with severe addictions and who have suffered both the physical and psychological effects of addiction inpatient treatment, also known as residential rehab, will be advised.

This means that you will be admitted to a treatment centre for around 28 days so that you can begin to heal both your body and mind.

During this time, you will be expected to take part in a detox programme as well as a variety of therapy sessions.

Residential rehab can provide you with high-quality care delivered by medical experts meaning you will always be in safe hands.

This service is often considered the most effective of addiction treatments and has helped many people combat their addictions successfully.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today

If you are committed to rehab and want to see change no matter how long it takes, we urge you to pick up your phone and call our team today on 0800 140 4690.

We promise to remain confidential and judgement-free at all times, offering the support you need.

Accept the professional care you deserve and make that first step towards sobriety today.


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