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As every person is unique, so are their experiences with substance abuse.

While it is easy to generalise about people that struggle with a drug or alcohol dependency. In reality, no two people can be treated the same, as overcoming a dependency is a delicate process.

One that requires the person in question to be treated as an individual and not just another patient.

Unfortunately, should you decide to use the NHS ran rehabilitation services, it is very likely this is exactly what they will see you as.

First things first, we don’t want to discourage anyone from seeking help. However, if you believe the NHS offers the best treatment available to you, then go with what’s available to you.

However, the NHS doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you have the option to receive private treatment, then it is important to understand what the differences are.

When it comes to any treatment provided by the NHS, it will be free, which makes it accessible to everyone in the country.

However, in recent years more and more people have been seeking help for their mental health. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t value the mental health sector as much as it should.

They cut the budgets every year, leaving the underpaid and overworked nurses spread thinly. With so many people needing help, they cant treat you as an individual.

They simply don’t have the time or resources.

Also, thanks to the high volume of people seeking help, the NHS has been forced to prioritise the most severe cases.

This forces you to prove to them that you are struggling enough with substance abuse to need their help.

This entire process can be incredibly mentally draining. It can cause some to become disillusioned with the system and even give up on seeking help.

Because even if you are accepted and offered the help you need, it will be at the end of a very long waitlist of people also desperate for treatment.

Despite it being proven that when it comes to rehabilitation, speed is an incredibly important factor in someone managing to achieve long term recovery.

There simply aren’t the resources to not leave people waiting weeks or even months for their treatments just to begin.

It has also been proven that the best way to receive your treatments is in successions so that each new one can build upon the last.

The detox, for example, is the process of your body naturally ridding itself of all drugs and alcohol in its system over the course of about ten days.

During this time, you will be monitored 24 hours a day by fully trained medical staff that are capable of administering medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms you will be experiencing.

Following this, you will move on to group therapy as you should be without the distraction of your cravings.

The therapy acts to address the mental health problems that tend to lead to substance abuse. It builds upon the fresh start you will gain from the detox and is the natural progression of your treatment.

In comparison to the NHS ran services. You would attend outpatient treatments that will stretch over months.

Your treatments would be broken up and have less of a progression as you would experience should you decide upon the private option.

The NHS is an excellent option that will still help you achieve long term recovery. Still, due to the nature of its services, it will just take longer and prove to be harder to work through.

If you have the option to not have to wait and hope for their treatments, then why not take it?

Finding the right rehab

In the Silsden area alone, there are a wide variety of rehab centres to choose from.

They each have different facilities that are designed to help those with different needs. For example, some may be better suited for those suffering from serious mental health problems such as PTSD.

While others may have a detox program designed for class A drugs that may require specialised care.

With so many different options available, it may seem a little overwhelming trying to find the right place for you.

After all, you may not be entirely sure what you need from your rehab experience at this point in your journey.

First of all, you need to take a deep breath. Hold it. Now slowly let it out.

It’s important to stay calm and think rationally about this. It’s a big decision, one that can massively impact your journey to long term recovery.

There are a lot of elements to consider when comparing rehab centres. But the best place to start is by asking yourself some simple questions.

  • What do you want to get out of your time at rehab?
  • What is your history with substance abuse?
  • How many years has it been a part of your life?
  • Has anyone else in your family experience a drug or alcohol dependency?
  • Have you used rehabilitation services in the past?
  • What is the current state of your mental health?

All these questions and more can be used to find you the right rehab centre.

But even with this, you may still feel unsure about how to find yourself the rehab that can help you.

In that case, it may be time to give us a call at 0800 140 4690.

How we can help

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we take over the stress of finding you the right rehab centre. We do this by taking the time to get to know you during our free initial assessment.

We then are able to build a profile about you and your drug or alcohol dependency.

This can be used to match you to a rehab centre within the Silsden area that can best provide for your needs.

We carefully vet every rehab centre we could refer someone to, so you can rest easy knowing that no matter where you end up, it will be clean, safe and will offer you the best possible care.

This is a delicate time in your life. The less stress you have to take on, the better, so please let us worry about finding you the perfect rehab centre so you can focus on your recovery.

We believe in you; best of luck.


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