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Is the need for alcohol and drugs ruining your life? From the first moment you wake in the morning to the last moment at night cravings, alcohol and drugs can take over everything. It’s likely that your relationships have been affected too.

Maybe you’ve told yourself and others that you’re going to quit. That you’ve had enough. The very next day, before you’ve had time to think you’ve drunk or got high again. Addiction is something that takes over.  Even when you’re determined to stop it can be impossible to do alone.

There’s no shame in wanting to quit drugs and alcohol by yourself. However, the reality is that all people need support when faced with a serious health crisis in their lives.

When faced with a physical disease, like cancer, for instance, people accept support and various treatments. Addiction is another type of illness of the mind and body which requires treatments to heal both.

What influences your behaviour and what you need to consider

The causes of addiction are many and varied. Addiction can run in families, it can be caused by horrific events that have left emotional scars, it might have occurred as a way to handle stress, depression, or intrusive thoughts.

Differences in personality will influence whether one person becomes reliant on substance whereas another doesn’t. There’s also a link between substance misuse and mental health problems. As well as there being differences in the way and how people use to drink and alcohol.

These are all things that are addressed at a private rehab clinic. This is why it’s essential to be ready and committed to giving up drink and drugs before deciding to go to rehab.

Receiving treatment in Smethwick

There are many treatment options on offer. To find the rehab programme for you in Smethwick an individualised treatment package needs to be provided. Each person who goes through alcohol and drug services will experience it differently. This is because their lives and needs are different despite how similar the symptoms and impact of addiction can be.

In the majority of communities, there are drug and alcohol services to support people while living at home. This can be helpful, especially if a person has a life that requires them to return home at the end of a day. Local services are also useful for people who are more in control of cravings.

If a person is able to avoid situations and has strategies in place to stop them drinking or using drugs, then community support is great.

For people who drink and do drugs as a way to function and to get up each day, this requires an in-depth and immersive approach to recovery. A longer or deeper addiction requires an extensive and integrative treatment programme.

This can be gained from attending a private rehab clinic. This type of treatment provides people with new approaches to where and how to start healing.

You and addictive behaviours

At the start of alcohol or drug experimentation, the experience can feel fun, and it can take away the pain. There are many reasons people try drinking and drugs. However, for some, the experience can quickly change from experimental to recreational and then from recreational to problematic.

Beyond problematic, a problem can reach the stage of abstinence. This, for anyone with an addiction problem, is often the goal. The issue with this is that when an addiction has formed there is a whole person around the addiction that is being controlled.

When a person has an addiction their health, mental health, and wellbeing are affected. Outside personal problems, an addiction often creates family problems due to the stress and worry that comes from a person whose health is deteriorating and who isn’t able to “just stop”.

Then there are friends and jobs that might have been lost and the repercussions of debt and the financial impact of alcohol and drugs.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we know that a person and the addiction are separate. Although the addiction might control a person for many years, the person can regain control of the habit and turn their life around with the appropriate support and lifestyle changes.

The physical and psychological treatments at rehab

Initially, when you enter a Rehab 4 Addiction clinic detox is the goal. This is a period that lasts around a week when the focus is to remove toxins from the body. It’s essential this takes place in the safest way achievable. That’s why trained professionals and doctors lead people through this part of the stay.

Doctors prescribe medication to enable residents to have the easiest withdrawal possible in the safest way. There’s no denying that it can be hard. It’s doable, though. A private clinic is the safest place to detox.

After the physical detox, the attention is turned to the mind. With therapists and addiction specialists, as well as other people who are detoxing around you, you’re in the best environment to begin a mindful journey of recovery and healing.

This is when CBT, 12-step work, motivational interviewing and mindfulness practice starts. These therapies provide you with ways to handle addictive thoughts and struggles around mental health.

It’s also this time when positive goals are discussed, and you can start thinking about the future. This is a time for your positive change.

Towards the end of a stay at a clinic, you’ll work with professionals to come up with the most suitable aftercare plan to support you to keep making healthy changes into the future. A 12-month service is also provided to help you stay focused on recovery.

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