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In navigating the field of addiction recovery, or even looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Soham, being knowledgeable could save you or a loved one. If you know the signs and symptoms, you can then access any needed help and support.

Knowing the process also makes the entire thing less of an unknown, which can ease a lot of people’s anxiety.

While you’re suffering from addiction, it can also be difficult to see things from an outside perspective, to understand how bad things actually are. This is where the support of those around you and assistance from expert professionals can help.

Unfortunately, addiction is too complex and runs too deep to be fully cured. But learning to manage it through rehab could be the key to a better life moving forward.

The benefits of rehab

You might see residential or even outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Soham as a drastic step. But it’s that dramatic life change that could make all the difference.

Getting out of your current, potentially toxic, routines and patterns of behaviour is very important to recovery. As a form of therapy, it doesn’t work for everyone, but cognitive behavioural therapy aims to root out these patterns, called cognitive distortions.

In conversations with a therapist across regular sessions, you’ll discuss your current circumstances to see where these distortions might be occurring. You might also go through various scenarios, to learn

Said coping mechanisms are also a key part of recovery overall. The aim of rehab isn’t just to help you detox and then leave it there. We’ll try to build up your skills and your confidence, so you’re ready to take on the wider world without relapsing.

Another way this is done is via workshops, which go over various life skills in the areas of addiction, health and nutrition.

Finally, the other major benefit of rehab is the network of support it gives you, via support groups and group therapy. Shame and/or fear of judgement is a big reason why a lot of people are reluctant to get help.

But once they’re in a space where they know for certain that they’ll be fully supported, it makes things a lot easier.

Signs and symptoms of addiction

Experiences can of course vary widely from person to person and from addiction to addiction, meaning you can’t really compile a definitive list of symptoms that will cover everything. Having said that, there are a few key signs you should always look out for.

One is increased tolerance, which could be a sign of dependence. This is something that occurs at the worse levels of addiction. In the majority of cases, this leads to withdrawal symptoms if and when you attempt to stop.

Some of these, like nausea, diarrhoea, tremors and sweating, are just highly unpleasant to the point where they’ll likely stop any recovery attempts in their tracks.

There are also a few physical signs, which you might not notice at first but which could be significant. These include bloodshot eyes, insomnia/a disrupted sleep patterns and/or a new lack of concern for personal hygiene.

Finally, as it’s a psychological condition as well as a physical one, many symptoms are also behavioural and psychological.

If you find yourself acting more secretive, losing interest in hobbies, activities and commitments you previously enjoyed or were dedicated to, withdrawing from responsibilities, becoming paranoid, defensive, agitated and/or tired, it could be time to get help.

The services of Rehab 4 Addiction

Now let’s look into the specific ways drug and alcohol rehab in Soham via Rehab 4 Addiction can help you.

A big benefit of private rehab is the ease of access to services. Fast action is often important in drug recovery and going private often means dodging a potentially long waiting list.

In line with this, as soon as you call or send a message to Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ll be able to give you advice. Even if you’re looking at this page on behalf of someone else, feel free to get in touch, as we could still advise you.

If you need it, we could even help you to arrange an intervention.

Once we’ve had an initial conversation with you and have started to lay down exactly what you need, we’ll then complete a formal assessment. To make a start deciding what treatment might work best for you, there are a few key facts we need to establish first.

These are:

1. What you’re addicted to.

This is probably the most important thing to know, especially as different substances can be addictive at different levels and can affect you differently

2. How long you’ve been addicted.

Addiction generally gets worse the longer it goes on – a more established and deep-set addiction might require more intensive treatment

3. How much support you have.

It’s also important that we know the main drivers of your addiction. Some of the most common ones are mental health issues, trauma and/or a toxic home environment. Your answer in this category could also let us know the level of emotional support you might need from us. In addition, residential rehab could work better for you if you need to get away to heal.

Your previous experience with addiction treatment, especially whether or not you’ve tried to get help before – Knowing what has and hasn’t worked for you is also important.

Furthermore, if you’ve already attempted treatment multiple times and have relapsed, that also tells us that your addiction is more severe.

At this point, we’ll create a plan tailored to suit your exact situation. This could involve a wide variety of treatments, depending on what we’ve previously discussed.

Before you get started with this plan, you’ll also likely need another full mental and physical assessment.

Generally, these treatment plans also finish with some kind of aftercare programme. As you re-adjust to your new drug and/or alcohol-free life, you’ll also be accessing treatments from home.

Even after this is done, Rehab 4 Addiction will always be there for anything you need.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690,

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