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Recovery from drugs and alcohol has to come from you. No matter what friends or family want, or however they may try to help you, if your mindset isn’t focused on healing, it won’t work and it won’t matter.

One way to change the way you view recovery and to make yourself more eager to do it is to research rehabilitation and understand how it works for yourself.

We believe that it will make you more motivated to rehabilitate and move forwards, owing to the fact that you will gain some form of faith in the system.

Another reason we recommend that you do research is that many who struggle with addiction seem to be disillusioned about recovery. Countless people often think that recovery is incredibly simple, and can be accomplished whenever without the guidance of a professional.

However, it’s far more complicated than that. Addiction takes a serious toll on the very mechanisms of your brain chemicals and in order for recovery to be possible, professional guidance is a must.

What Does the Beginning of Your Journey Look Like?

Going into rehab, our team expects that your main goal will be long term recovery as it will be our goal for you as well. This marks rehab as the very beginning of your journey.

We refer to recovery as a ‘journey’ because there is no method that can simply just ‘cure’ addiction. Addiction alters your brain chemicals, which makes it an illness.

Much like depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders, unfortunately, recovery will never have an ending, but remaining sober will get easier the longer you stay on the right track.

In order to keep you on this track, we will need to educate you about the effects addiction has had on you, and how/why it begins as well as how to overcome your triggers.

We’ll also offer you a multitude of treatments to help you mentally and physically, this will increase your chances of healing and preventing relapses.

You will also be expected to make certain lifestyle changes to make recovery easier on yourself and long-term recovery a feasible goal once you’ve left the care of your rehab centre.

One that many people struggle with is cutting certain people out of their lives.

You’ll need to make very serious choices in regards to behaviours and actions that you relate back to your addiction, this includes people and places that don’t encourage your healing, but do the opposite.

Anything that you associate your addiction with must not be included in your new lifestyle post-rehab.

Of course, there are some things that can’t be avoided such as work stress etc… But we’ll work to help you cope with these triggers.

Your life will have to do a complete transformation for recuperation to be possible and to make this easier on you, you will have to see value in a sober lifestyle.

This will give you the passion and drive to make all of these changes and to completely disassociate from drugs and alcohol. We will also help you to do this by changing your outlook on addiction and previous unhealthy habits and behaviours.

The rehab centre we will recommend for you will work to help you detox, withdraw in a safe and healthy way as well to help you heal, learn, and inspire you.

This may all feel very intense. It looks like a huge step for anyone to take, but it’s a step you will never regret and will only lead to a bright future.

What Will Your Treatment Look Like?

As we’ve mentioned before, addiction takes a very serious toll on your physical and mental health, due to this multiple treatments will need to be applied in order to help you rebuild.

Of course, almost, all patients will still have to follow our foundational programme in which we follow the 3 main big steps: Detox, Rehab, Aftercare.

Within the ‘rehab’ part of rehabilitation, we will create a bespoke treatment plan especially for you and your experiences with addiction.

Rehab 4 Addiction will complete assessments that will help us to better understand you so we can understand which methods of therapy, both physical and mental, will benefit you the most.

The doctors within these clinics are experienced professionals who are constantly researching different ways to help those suffering from addiction.

As a result, there is a multitude of different types of therapy and different approaches within each form. For example, with talking therapy your therapist can either work with you through CBT or DBT.

You can also do a range of holistic therapy methods as well, and of course, group therapy, which we will always recommend.

What Happens After Rehab?

We encourage you to take rehab incredibly seriously, but what happens after rehab is just as important. Once you leave you’ll be open to everything you have previously been protected from in rehab.

The world might seem a bit overwhelming and intense due to this, this is why we’ll provide you with support and care as soon as you leave continuing on from your stay.

Aftercare is there to help you maintain the work you put it in whilst in rehab as well as provide you with a shoulder to lean on when the world seems to be all-consuming.

We will provide you with support groups, accountability sessions and we will give you access to immediate guidance.

Depending on which clinic you go to and how severe your symptoms are this can look like either a number you can call at all hours of the night or a team that will check in on you from now and then to ensure you’re coping okay.

Rehab marks the beginning of your exciting and wonderful journey, but it isn’t the end. There is still a lot of progress that will need to happen throughout your life, and with our help, this work that needs to happen will not seem to be so tremendous or scary.

For more information and guidance, contact our helpline today on 0800 140 4690.

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