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Battling a drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. It is not a problem that lies with discipline or lifestyle, in fact, it is recognised as a brain disease. Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Its effects are rife throughout the global community. No matter your wealth, ethnicity, gender, age, no one is invulnerable to the effects of addiction.

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If you or a loved one are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, contact us today. With our help, we can provide you with the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge.

Our providers are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and Wales, meaning your time spent at rehab will be of a high standard.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, your recovery is at the forefront of our priorities. Our team are experienced within the industry and we understand how overwhelming it can be to initiate recovery.

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What Are the Effects of Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction is a very complex disease, and its effects are manifested in many ways. Individuals will suffer from a range of physical and mental effects.

Physical symptoms of addiction include but are not limited to nausea, lethargy, and fatigue. Mental symptoms include anxiety, depression, and impaired control which is the predominant symptom.

Impaired control makes it incredibly difficult for individuals to function without craving for their substance. While the addiction festers and individuals keep using, their tolerance levels will build.

This means they will need to consume higher levels to match their tolerance, and this can be extremely dangerous. If the addiction is left unaddressed, it can lead to death.

These are the primary effects of drug and alcohol addiction. While they can be severe, there are also secondary effects we need to be aware of.

These are the effects that are detrimental to friends, families, public services, and the community in general. Secondary effects can come in the form of emotional trauma, relationship breakdown, financial issues, stressing public services, and more.

Drug and Alcohol Statistics in West Yorkshire

According to the ONS statistics, deaths related to drugs in Leeds have been increasing each year since 2012. In addition, Yorkshire saw a 25% increase in drug poisoning deaths in as little as five years.

In Bradford, only 10 miles from Sowerby Bridge, it was found that drug crime increased 44% from 2017 to 2018. While this has been increasing, £8 million has been deducted from public service funding which is implemented to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

West Yorkshire Police also explain that drug criminals are linked to child criminal exploitation, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and more.

It is not only important to recover for the sake of your physical and mental wellbeing but to distance yourself from those facilitating organised crime.

Why Choose A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sowerby Bridge?

By opting for a drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge, you are seeking the assistance of experienced professionals. Without professional support, you cannot expect to be successful in your recovery.

At your drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge, you will be supervised by a team of medical professionals who have the resources, knowledge and experience to facilitate your recovery.

Individuals who attempt to recovery independently are far more likely to fail than inpatients. This is because they often fail to design a long-term and sustainable recovery plan. They are also without the necessary tools or knowledge to recovery.

Additionally, you are likely to undergo a personalised programme at an established drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge. Addiction is an incredibly complex disease.

Individuals may be vulnerable to addiction due to their social, environmental, physical, or mental factors. Furthermore, the severity of each addiction is different, as is their substance. Because of the variables, we need to treat each addiction as uniquely as possible.

How Is Rehab Structured?

When the patient arrives at their drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge, they will undergo a medicated detox. This is the physical detoxification stage, as the patient will allow harmful substances to withdraw from their body.

This will be done in a safe and comfortable environment under the supervision of medical professionals. To ease withdrawal symptoms, patients will receive prescribed medicine from an addiction physicist.

After the patient completes their physical detoxification, they will undergo psychological detoxification. This is facilitated by a range of therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, support sessions and motivational interviewing.

These are communication-based therapies implemented to help the patient change their behavioural and thought patterns, manage their emotions, and consolidate their goals of recovery.

Holistic therapy is another form of therapy that will be implemented to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Holistic therapy can come in a wide range of ways.

Examples include but aren’t limited to reflexology, body massages, aromatherapy, mindfulness, and yoga.

What Happens After Rehab?

After the patient completes their time at the drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge, they will lead their recovery with independence.

Their time spent at the rehab facility will prove invaluable, not only in the month or so spent but for the long term. Recovery is a long term plan, not an isolated event.

The drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge will have taught the patient invaluable information, coping mechanisms and techniques to ward off relapses. This is incredibly important for those who were exposed to addiction due to their environment.

The patient will also undergo an aftercare programme, and they’ll also have the ability to attend support and therapy sessions at their drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge.

While they might have more independence and responsibility, their local drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge will always be there to support them.

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Our intentions are to help you resume a sober and healthy life. Addiction destroys the lives of many, not only in the UK but globally. To get in touch, dial the number 0800 140 4690.

Our referral service will help simplify the process for you as you transition into recovery. Utilising your personal details and requirements, a consultant psychiatrist will identify a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Sowerby Bridge for you.


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