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Knowing where to turn when you’ve decided enough is enough can be hard. An addiction to alcohol and drugs makes this even more difficult.

After building a lifestyle that totally supports using a substance unhealthily, figuring out how to turn this on its head can feel impossible.

It isn’t though. Anyone with addiction is able to quit the substance with the right support and a determined mindset.

There are various ways to be treated for addiction in Spelthorne. The type of programme suitable for an individual can be tailored towards an individual’s needs depending on the rehab option chosen.

Government-funded options are available in most locations throughout the UK. These can be very helpful for people who are seeking light input. Those with mild substance issues are able to access support as and when it’s available.

On the other hand, there are private clinics. This is an excellent option for those in Spelthorne who are living with deep-rooted addictions.

What does a private rehab clinic offer you?

A private rehab provides people who stay with a full package of treatment. This means that every factor that has developed and maintained the addiction will be addressed. 

Residents undergo a psychiatric assessment at the start of their stay. This is necessary in order for staff to provide a tailored treatment package, especially for you. Recovery has a higher chance of taking place when the needs of a person are identified. 

There is a full team of staff who specialise in the different aspects of addiction. Physical and mental health is prioritised and staff work collaboratively to provide the ultimate care and treatment package.

Choosing to invest in a private clinic reveals the choice of putting the health and a positive future above alcohol and drugs. With your determination and willingness to undergo the treatments you have access to the best treatment available.

This has the effect of improving your future prospects. A life where you heal your physical and mental health. Once you have worked on your health, you’re in the prime position to work on your relationships with your loved ones, as well as building new connections. 

Groups such as AA and NA support you to meet new people as does pursue healthy interests and activities. When you build a new social circle with people who have similar health goals as you, you also build a more solid lifestyle to structure your recovery.

What types of treatment do you receive?

Due to all the factors and influences that contribute to creating an addiction, there is a wide range of treatments. Rehabilitation services in Spelthorne provide varying degrees of support. A private rehab clinic offers the total package.

When you have a team working together to support your detox needs and the beginning stage of recovery, you get the most beneficial type of treatment.

A stay at rehab begins with a detox. This is to tackle the physical side of addiction. Its goal is to remove the substance from your body. Many people find this distressing, especially if it’s the first time they have faced detox.

At a clinic, there are staff on-hand especially to ensure that detox occurs in the safest way possible. Your health and safety is the top priority. 

After detox, which lasts up to ten days depending on the substance that is being removed, therapies take priority. This is where therapists lead people through a variety of evidence-based therapy.

This is designed to support you to overcome cravings and triggering events. These types of therapies have helped thousands of people become sober throughout the country.

Holistic practitioners also provide alternative methods of healing. This is to support a person to connect in a more spiritual way to life. Yoga, reiki, and equine therapy are just some of the activities that take place. This provides a very relaxed and soothing environment for many residents.

What happens when you leave a rehab clinic

Many people feel anxious at the prospect of leaving rehab and returning to their regular environment. This is usually due to contemplating the triggers in a person’s life – the reasons that made drinking and taking drugs so easy before going to rehab.

This is why during a stay, people work with staff to develop an aftercare plan. This is a way for people to consider all aspects of their life where changes need to happen.

This is essential to support and maintain abstinence and recovery. Upon leaving, people must implement these changes. There will, of course, be aftercare support available for twelve months after to help with this.

Attending a clinic in Spelthorne near where you usually live means that you’ll be able to access streamlined treatment going forward. It also provides a brilliant way to facilitate family therapy sessions as people can access the centre if it’s closer to home.

How to find a recovery programme in Spelthorne that will work for you

When a person wants to enter treatment, it’s advisable to access the best treatment there is. Trying to find out about all the programmes in Spelthorne can be a daunting task. Rehab 4 Addiction are experts on treatment options throughout the UK.

By contacting our team, you’ll have access to advise and guidance. This will reveal to you the best options for your requirements.

One of our staff will run you through a pre-assessment. This provides them with an understanding of who you are. To match you to a programme, Rehab 4 Addiction considers different factors. 

Your budget will be taken into account – you will only be recommended treatments that are accessible to you. The level of your addiction will be factored in as this will influence which treatments will work most effectively.

Your lifestyle is also incredibly important. Where some might want to remain at home, others will want a complete break and to stay for as long as possible with access to full recovery support.

What should you do next?

Call our team today to find out about your local options in Spelthorne. The Rehab 4 Addiction team looks forward to supporting you towards admission into a rehab programme.

Call us on 0800 140 4690, or send us a message on our online form.

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