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Overcoming addiction is often not just a concern for the individual but also their family and friends. It is often said that addiction is a family disease, and this is because it can cause such destruction within this whole unit.

The family has to learn how to cope with a member who is causing havoc and maybe even violent at times.

It is often children who suffer the most, and they can grow up traumatised by their experiences with an addicted parent. It is therefore usually necessary that there is drug and alcohol use disorder support for families. This type of resource is available for people living in St Andrews.

When those affected by substance use disorder decide to break away from their addiction it is a reason to celebrate. It does not mean that all the problems are over for them or their family though.

In order to cope with the addiction, family may have used negative coping strategies that caused this unit to become dysfunctional – there may be co-dependency issues.

Members of the family can continue to rely on these maladaptive coping mechanisms even after their loved one has become sober. In fact, they may even find it harder to cope because the rules are no longer certain.

This is why it is important that support and advice is readily available to help the family make it through this period of adjustment.

Counselling and support groups can help loved ones’ cope when the individual returns from rehab. This will give them an idea about what to expect, and they can begin to learn new coping strategies.

Just because the person has become sober does not usually mean that their behaviour will automatically be immaculate – it is important that people have realistic expectations.

If people dealing with this situation in St Andrews make use of the available resources they should find that their family adapts, and things will be much better than they ever were.

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