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Treatment for alcohol and drugs isn’t an easy process to go through. There are so many different aspects of treatment conducted within drug & alcohol rehab centres in St Anne’s, and it can all become quite confusing.

But knowledge is power and through understanding what rehab clinics offer patients, those who are suffering from addiction are much more likely to welcome the idea of finding help for themselves.

Aspects of alcohol rehab centre treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in St Anne’s do tailor their programmes to suit every specific resident because every addiction is different. The aspects of treatment within rehab centres remain largely the same, however.

Here are the rehab centre treatment options which patients will have access to:

  • Private counselling is the staple of all rehabilitation. Rehab clinics will utilise this in abundance as the root of the addiction needs to be uncovered before anything can be done about it. This is often the most emotional part of living in a residential rehabilitation centre for patients
  • Detoxification will be a constant theme throughout rehabilitation clinics. If the individual hasn’t yet developed the ability to clean themselves up any sessions dedicated to rehabilitation are limited in how much they can truly help
  • Group counselling sessions are much more informal than private counselling as they are led largely by the residents. Staff members are on hand to keep the discussion orderly, but it’s up to each individual as to how much they reveal and how much detail they decide to go into
  • Additional classes are another part of the treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. These are incredibly important as they are about building people up for the future. By offering a multitude of courses which people can take advantage of they are gaining the advantage of learning new skills to put on their job applications. Getting a job is often the first step to building a new life

Drug rehab long term options

If the person reaches a point where every support mechanism melts away it’s a major problem. Residential rehab programmes are about giving people a second chance, they lay the foundations for a better future. Only through many months and years of abstinence can somebody truly say they have left their old selves behind.

St Anne’s clinics aim to catalyse this through aftercare programmes. These programmes direct people to places where they can receive the same addiction treatment options as above.

They can still gain their normal counselling sessions and help with finding a job. When the client feels ready they can step away from each support mechanism in their own time. This is the major benefit of choosing a private rehab clinic for beating an addiction.

The friendships and bonds formed within rehab from group sessions can come into play in hugely positive respect once people leave rehab.

Having people there that understand what the person is going through can help them to be stronger when they are tempted to go back to drugs or alcohol. This temptation will inevitably come because substances are found everywhere.

Most substance abusers start using again when they come into contact with people that they used to drink or use drugs with. Although staying away from these people is the smart option, it may not always be easy and even if it is, it’s still not a sure-fire way to stay on the right path. Calling in for as much support as possible is a must for people who don’t want to relapse.

Relapsing after Drug & Alcohol Rehab

There’s nothing stopping somebody from coming back to a rehab facility to undergo treatment again. Typically, the first few months of leaving rehab are the worst. The stable environment and constant guidance of rehab are removed.

When a person steps back into the real world, all manner of temptations surrounds them again including bars, old friends, familiar places that remind them of “good times” that were had when they were using.

Being around the familiar sights and sounds of their former life can be enough to bring back the urge to use. However, there are methods that might help people abstain for longer:

  • Take up a hobby – A great place to start with ideas for hobbies are the things that a person found interesting in rehab. There are many classes and workshops held in a detox centre. If a person finds that they excel at something or have a keen interest in it, they should remember it for when they go home again. A hobby might even turn into a money-making project but at the very least, it serves to keep the mind off drugs and alcohol
  • Find a job – Many people who enter rehab may have lost their job before they went as a result of their substance abuse. Others may have had to leave employment in order to spend time at rehab. If a person is found without a job when they leave rehab then the first thing they should do is start applying. Working provides a means for living. People who can provide for themselves have a sense of pride because they have achieved something in life. This is just the kind of motivation and inspiration that a person needs
  • Go to groups – Group meetings that are held around the area are a great way to go over the lessons learnt in rehab. Quite often there will be people there who were in rehab with a person and they can begin to forge a friendship outside the clinic walls. This often happens and recovering persons have said that they still stay in touch with former substance user that they met in rehab years down the line

Not everybody has the ability to be successful on the first attempt. There’s nothing wrong with this as facilities happily welcome back former patients with open arms. Simply applying using the same process as before is enough to re-enter these facilities.

Sometimes, just having a place to go where people can be free from their constant need to get drugs and alcohol can be so refreshing to them that even if they relapse, the few days or weeks of being clean are a gift to them.

Getting help now

Rehab 4 Addiction is an organisation offering counselling and referral services to clients and their families in St Anne’s. We work with private clinics offering drug and alcohol treatment programmes on a residential basis. We also advise clients regarding outpatient rehab services.

Contact us today for more advice on 0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction facilitates a variety of addiction treatments in Manchester and across Lancashire in Bolton, Salford, Blackpool, Stockport, Blackburn, Rochdale, Wigan, Preston, Oldham, Bury, Lancaster, Chorley, Burnley and St Annes.

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