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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Staines Upon Thames

Wanting to live a drug and alcohol-free life is the first step to achieving your goal.

Having a desire to work towards will do more for your recovery process than any amount of encouragement from those around you.

At the end of the day, the journey towards recovery is long and hard, it needs dedication and commitment from you.

You are the one that has to put in the work because you are the one who will benefit in the long run.

The best place you can be to begin your journey is a rehab centre.

What kind of rehab do you need?

We understand that you may not know exactly what you need. After all, not all rehab centres are the same. They each have different facilities that cater for different needs a person may have.

To find your best option first you need to simplify your questions and take them one step at a time.

First things first. Do you want to use the NHS provided rehab services or use a private option?

While both have their benefits it’s important to understand that one option may be better for you than the others.

To start with we have the NHS provided services. We are very lucky to live in a country where healthcare is provided by the government.

We are able to receive treatment for nothing making this option the most widely accepted as anyone can access it.

But there lies the unfortunate problem with the NHS.

In recent years there has been a steady rise in those seeking help for a drug or alcohol dependency.

With substance abuse being destigmatised and help is made available, people are taking full advantage of the ability to check in for treatment with the NHS.

Unfortunately with a steady rise in use, there is also a steady decline in funding for mental health services.

Rehabilitation is not prioritised by the government and so funding is going into other areas of the NHS that they deem more important.

This has left the nurses and doctors doing their best but with resources stretched so thin they are massively overworked and understaffed.

In order to even receive any treatment from them, you have to prove you are struggling enough. As anyone that has dealt with the NHS mental health services will tell you they can be frustrating.

It can feel like no one believes you and that you have to jump through pointless hoops just for the chance of getting treatment.

Even when you are approved, that much-needed help would be at the bottom of a very long waitlist. You could spend weeks, possibly even months waiting to be called for your treatments.

Even when you do get to your actual treatments more often than not you will be expected to travel out of the Staines Upon Thames area for each outpatient session.

We don’t want to discourage you from using the NHS services. If you don’t have another option they are wonderful.

They provide the best possible service they can and even if they can’t give you as much attention as you would receive in a private facility the nurses will still care for you.

We just want you to be aware that there are better options available if you want them.

For example, within a private rehab facility, you will begin your treatments as soon as convenient for you.

These residential treatments will take place in one of the many amazing rehab centres within the Staines Upon Thames area so you don’t have to travel in for every session.

You will be given the personalised support and care you deserve. You are not just a number to them, you are a person they want to help.

What rehab should you go to?

Now that you have decided what kind of rehab you want to go to, it’s time to actually find the centre you will get your treatment from.

There is a wide range available within the Staines Upon Thames area each with its own facilities and way of doing things.

While all rehab centres are different they will contain the same core treatments of detox and therapy.

To begin with, when you arrive at the rehab centre you will be expected to work through the detox process.

This process is designed to rid your body of all drugs and alcohol so that you are able to focus on the rest of your treatments without the distraction of your cravings.

During your detox, you will safely work through your withdrawal symptoms.

You will be monitored by fully trained medical professionals 24 hours a day. They are able to keep you as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Most importantly, should your withdrawal symptoms prove too much to handle they can administer medication to relieve the symptoms.

It is very important to remember that when done alone the detox can be very dangerous. You should never attempt it outside of a medical facility.

Following your detox, you will move on to therapy.

This is because substance abuse and its following dependency act as symptoms for a deeper mental health problem that needs to be addressed.

Substance abuse tends to start as self-medication. A way to numb the pain you’re experiencing.

But all your doing is putting a plaster on a big open wound that will never really heal until your work through the pain and let a doctor help you.

In rehab, you will attend group therapy sessions along with others at the centre where you can work together to improve your mental health.

You may now be wondering, how do you know what centre is right for you?

It may seem overwhelming to even think about the work you have to do. Well, that is where we come in.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we take the time to get to know you and refer you to the perfect rehab centre in your area.

All you have to do is give us a call and your free initial assessment can begin. Following that, we will do all the work to set you up in the best possible rehab centre for you.

We know you can do it.

Just call us at:

0800 140 4690


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