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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Stalham

If you live in Stalham and are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be sick of the effects this is having on your life.

Whether it’s your individual side effects, or the disruption to your relationships, lifestyle or career, addiction left untreated can be extremely detrimental.

If you’ve reached the point where you’re considering recovery and would like to find professional addiction recovery services that operate in Stalham or the surrounding areas, then we’re here to help.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we provide advice, support and referral services for those looking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Whether you are looking to recover close to home, or anywhere in the UK, we have a network of reputable affiliated addiction treatment centres, all of whom work under the regulations of the Care Quality Commission, and offer high standards of care.

Most of our addiction recovery advocates have been through the rehabilitation process themselves, so are willing to answer any questions about the process and how you can benefit from attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Stalham.

We’ve already answered some frequently asked questions on the subject of addiction recovery below, to get you started.

Get in touch with us today on 0800 140 4690, or request a callback through our contact form.

All calls to Rehab 4 Addiction are free and completely confidential.

How do people become addicted to drugs and alcohol?

First of all, it’s important to realise that addiction is a disease that does not discriminate, so regardless of your gender, age or status in society, you can be affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol addictions develop over time, the more frequently that you use substances and the higher the amounts.

Chemicals (or toxins) from the drugs or alcohol consumed enter the brain via the bloodstream, and eventually, over time, are able to make minor changes to the functionality of your brain.

In time, your brain will come to expect these chemicals in order for you to feel what you consider to be ‘normal, which is how addictions form.

They worsen as the longer you have an active addiction, the more your brain will need in order to replicate this feeling. This increases consumption and a vicious circle are formed.

Am I really struggling with addiction, or is it just excessive use?

As denial is a strong part of addiction, it can be difficult to admit, or even see that your substance use has become problematic.

We can help you determine whether or not addiction is present and, if so, how severe it currently is, however, the following key signs that you may be struggling with an addiction may help you to determine this for yourself:

  • You feel mentally or physically unwell when you don’t use drugs or alcohol
  • Your use has increased over time, either in quantity, frequency or both
  • People close to you have mentioned your substance use in a negative way
  • You spend considerable time trying to source either substances or the money to pay for them
  • You notice changes in personality, particularly depression and anxiety forming

What sort of recovery treatments can I expect?

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, one of our main services is helping you to determine the severity of your addiction and therefore, which treatment is most suited to your needs.

For some, outpatient treatment will be beneficial, however, this does rely on significant self-control, which is not always easy when an addiction is present.

If you have an established drug or alcohol addiction, we’re most likely to recommend residential addiction treatment, which involves staying at a rehab clinic for a more intensive recovery programme.

Either way, a short assessment will help us to advise you about this.

Both of these treatment types are available in Stalham, so if you do decide that you would like to stay close to home, it will be a possibility, whether you intend to attend outpatient or inpatient rehab.

Most forms of addiction recovery will consist of detox, however, residential services offer extended psychological support alongside this, as well as aftercare treatments, as a more holistic programme.

Unfortunately, detox in isolation will not usually result in a sustained recovery, as the actual root cause of your addiction is left untreated.

How long will I need to stay in residential rehab?

If you take the decision to attend residential rehab, either in Stalham or elsewhere, you’re giving yourself the best possible opportunity to recover, as this offers the greatest success rates for those with drug or alcohol addictions.

In terms of the length of stay, this will be fairly varied, depending on your individual needs. You will need to be flexible with regards to your discharge date, however, around 28 days is the average length of stay.

This can be influenced by the type of substances used, how long your addiction has been present, any pre-existing conditions that you may have had and your own motivation.

What if I have concerns about rehab?

It’s completely natural to have concerns about rehab, especially if it’s the first time you’re experiencing professional intervention for your addiction.

However, we are here to answer any of your concerns about the process, and you will have a personally assigned contact throughout your stay, to help you with any concerns that arise.

It’s important to address your addiction as soon as possible, as it will progress over time, and whilst a rehab is an option no matter how severe your addiction, it will be far easier to deal with before the severity increases.

If you’re concerned about whether you will be able to maintain your sobriety in the long term, you can take comfort in the fact that all of our partners offering residential rehab programmes, provide substantial aftercare services for up to a year beyond your discharge date.

Taking steps to recover from an addiction is an incredibly brave feat and one that you will be glad of, once you have regained control of your life.

Whether you need advice, have concerns or would like to find a suitable rehab facility in Stalham, get in touch with our friendly team, here at Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690, or request a callback through our contact form.

All calls are free of charge and completely confidential, and you will be under no pressure.


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