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As addiction is secretive by nature, some people manage to hide it from their friends and family for a long time.

As a result, it can be difficult to spot the signs of addiction in a loved one. However, if you recognise several of these symptoms in someone close to you, it may be time to address the issue:

  • Physical illness e.g. nausea and headaches
  • Changes in mood e.g. irritability and mood swings
  • Changes in behaviour e.g. staying at home more often, lacking motivation, overspending

When Your Loved One Has An Addiction Problem

When you are certain that your loved one is dealing with drug or alcohol dependency, it’s time to act.

Address the issue in a compassionate way by stating that you love them no matter what, yet you believe they need help to free themselves from addiction. Listen to their concerns and make it clear that you are prepared to work with them to get them the help they deserve.

Unfortunately, this initial conversation is often met with much resistance; denial and defensiveness are common responses. If this is the case for you, continue to be there for your loved one as it is possible that they will admit to needing help later down the line thanks to your show of concern.

Though it is incredibly troubling to watch someone struggle and refuse help, no one’s recovery is in your control. This means that if someone close to you refuses help, you cannot force them to attend a rehab centre.

However, we will still support you. If you contact Rehab 4 Addiction in Stanmore as the concerned relative of someone who is struggling, we will advise you on how to help your loved one who doesn’t want to be helped.

When Your Loved One Goes to Rehab

The thought of sending your loved one off to rehab, a place you may know nothing about, can be intimidating.

It’s important to remember that rehab is a positive place that represents the beginning of one’s recovery journey.

No one client experiences rehab the same way, as there are many factors that contribute to an individual’s routine at residential rehab, such as their type of addiction and their medical history. A personal treatment programme is made to ensure each and every client has the best chances of staying sober.

However, if you want to know what to expect of the rehab centres we select, rest assured that we only choose centres with excellent track records and wonderful reviews.

In all of our centres in Stanmore, your loved one is likely to experience a detox upon arrival. This is a way of ridding the body of dangerous substances, which can sometimes lead to withdrawal symptoms. The entire process will only last a couple of days, and during this time, staff will closely monitor your loved one to ensure they remain in good health.

After the detoxification, clients begin their therapy sessions. Ranging from talking therapy to psychotherapy, each session promotes recovery by allowing the client to explore possible root causes of their addiction, which helps them to handle it in a healthy way.

Throughout the 28 days in rehab, there is a clear focus on rehabilitation. Excellent facilities such as healthy cafeterias and educational workshops will help your loved one to learn how to live a sober lifestyle.

Finally, the rehab centre will provide an aftercare plan for the year following rehab. If you didn’t know, relapse rates soar in the 12 months after rehab. This is a scary fact for family and friends of rehab clients, which is why we do everything we can to ensure your loved one stays on track in that time.

We provide a specific recovery plan for each client, as well as generally promoting local support groups such as AA meetings.

The Recovery Process

When you find out a relative or friend has a substance abuse problem, your mind is filled with endless questions.

One common question is: how long will it take my loved one to recover?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to answer. It depends on many factors including the length of time they have been addicted and the general state of their mental health.

In terms of residential rehab, we can say that this generally lasts 28 days, with the possibility to increase with severe addictions.

However, recovery in general is a life-long process. It is something each client has to choose to pursue every day, and therefore there is no time limit.

Contacting Rehab 4 Addiction in Stanmore

All of our team are all living their lived ‘in recovery’. You can contact us today on 0800 140 4690. Together, we will discuss your loved one’s addiction, suggest ways in which you can support them, and, with their consent, refer them to a premium rehab centre in Stanmore.


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