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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Stonehouse

If you’re based in Stonehouse and are struggling with the effects of a drug or alcohol addiction, you are not alone.

Both drug and alcohol addiction are widespread problems across the UK, and there is no shame in admitting that you are suffering or that you need some help.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we offer a referral service to professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes nationwide, so whether you are looking for local Stonehouse-based services, or would prefer to deal with your issues further from home, we can help you source the help you need.

Many people will attempt to recover independently from their addiction, usually by going cold turkey. Whilst the intention is admirable, this method of addiction recovery is dangerous and largely unsustainable.

We encourage you to reach out for help from one of our friendly team members, and we can secure you a place with one of our reputable local addiction treatment partners.

Many of our team members are in recovery themselves, so if you’re unsure whether your usage has become an addiction, or you are demonstrating addictive behaviours, they will be able to provide first-hand advice to put your mind at rest.

Contact us for a judgment-free chat at Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or request a callback through our contact form.

All calls are free and completely confidential.

How to locate a reputable drug and alcohol rehab centre in Stonehouse

As everyone experiences addiction differently, it’s important to ensure that your recovery treatment is suited to your needs.

We can carry out a quick assessment to determine the severity of your current problem, which will allow us to make recommendations about the most fitting treatment.

Those with minor side effects and newer addiction problems may benefit from outpatient treatments, although we will need to be confident that you have the self-control to maintain attendance at this, less intensive treatment option.

If you have a moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction, however, we will most likely recommend residential rehab.

Both options are available to you in the Stonehouse area, so you won’t need to travel too far to receive a high-quality treatment unless you would prefer to do so.

All of our partner centres across the UK operate to high standards of care and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

The safest detoxification option for drug and alcohol rehab

Given the risks involved with independent detox, professionally medically assisted detox at a rehab clinic is recommended.

The vast majority of residential rehab centres will have their own detox clinic, and this treatment will make up the physical aspect of a residential rehab stay.

As substances are reduced very gradually, withdrawal symptoms are minimised. You will also be offered prescription medication where possible to help with the remaining symptoms.

You will also be monitored throughout by medical professionals who are experienced in the field of addiction detox, to ensure your safety.

Once the toxins are removed from the system, you will be prepared to take on the next phase of residential rehab, which tackles the psychological aspect of your illness.

Modern psychotherapy and mental health support

It’s very common for those with addiction problems to have comorbid mental health issues, either as a result of the substance abuse, or a pre-existing issue, which is likely to have contributed to the addictive behaviour.

Even when there are no other mental health issues present, addiction is a mind and body issue, so your brain will have developed a connection with drugs or alcohol, which is one of the reasons addiction is so difficult to overcome.

In order to diminish the physiological connection that you’ve formed to the substances, it’s important to address both the underlying cause of your addiction and the emotions, environments and social influences that trigger your ongoing use.

Residential rehab will work on breaking down these triggers, helping you to develop new healthier behaviours to replace the addictive ones. You will also learn coping mechanisms to help you face these triggers once you’ve left rehab.

A range of widely acclaimed modern psychological addiction treatment options will be available to you, with those types of therapy that are most relevant to your needs making up your personal recovery plan.

Alongside one therapy with a specialist addiction recovery counsellor, you may attend any or all of the following types of therapy sessions:

When you are discharged from your residential rehab stay, you will also have ongoing access to similar treatments through aftercare services, as well as encouragement to attend local sobriety maintenance groups.

Simple pre-admission with Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction can provide you with easy access to this high level of professional care, with excellent success rates, through our partnerships with a network of reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics.

We don’t require a referral or endorsement from your GP, so long as you are committed to your own recovery, we can help you arrange admission to treatment.

Start your new, sober life today, call us on 0800 140 4690, or ask for a callback via our web contact page.

Calls are confidential, free of charge and you are under no obligation.


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