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Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, our friendly team are specialists in rehab referral. We provide support to those struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, but wish to recover. Taking the decision to rehabilitate is the first step, so if you’re determined to overcome your addiction, contact our referral team today.

Addiction can affect people in a variety of different ways, both physically and psychologically. As time goes on, it can become increasingly difficult to steep away from your addictive behaviours.

Regardless of how ingrained your addiction is, however, there is a rehab treatment to help you. It can be a complex task to find the right level of care for you, but treatment programmes are out there that will fit every individual’s needs.

We can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab facility that’s local to you in the Streatham area, to avoid uprooting your entire life and travelling further afield. Our goal is to set you on the path towards a successful start to your addiction recovery, eventually contributing to long-term rehabilitation and a life free from addiction.

How do I find the right rehab facility in Streatham?

Finding the right type of treatment programme is a critical part of your rehab journey, so we understand that this would be a concern. Often, it’s also difficult for those struggling with addiction to adequately gauge the level of treatment that will be most beneficial, as the severity of your own addiction is not always immediately apparent.

This can, understandably, be a bit overwhelming, and therefore lead to reluctance to take what is already a difficult first step towards your recovery.

This is where we can help you. Our referral and rehab support team can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham. We begin with an initial assessment to establish exactly what types of personalised treatment programmes you need and then match you with the local treatment centre that is offering this type of programme.

The assessment is nothing to feel anxious about, it’s just our chance to get to know you as a person and find out what your addiction recovery goals are. We’ll also ask about how your addiction impacts your life in order to provide you with suitable recommendations for rehab programmes.

Will I be able to secure a place at rehab?

If you’re keen to progress quickly into a rehabilitation programme, our pre-admission process can help to advance your referral, providing you with a place within your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham, in a shorter timescale.

To start the process today, call us. Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, for a free and confidential chat. Through your positive choice and determination to recover, and our referral services, you can achieve effective recovery results, sooner, rather than later.

How will a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham be able to help me?

Rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction is a difficult task and one that rarely succeeds for those who attempt it alone. Drug and alcohol addiction have both a physical and mental toll on your body, causing a wide range of side effects, many of which intensify addictive behaviour. Attending a rehabilitation centre will provide you with the support that you need to succeed in your journey towards sobriety.

Part of the rehab programme will undoubtedly be detoxification. This is a highly necessary part of treating an addiction problem, as it reduces your body’s physical reliance on substances. Whilst there are home detox kits available, these are not advisable as they can be harmful to your health and your efforts to recover.

A drug and alcohol rehab facility in Streatham will have trained medical professionals on hand to help support and monitor that this process is able to take place safely.

Visiting a rehab centre will also mean that you have access to a wide range of different treatment options. You will receive an entirely personalised treatment programme, which significantly advances recovery rates, as it focuses on your own personal relationship with drugs and alcohol, your triggers and any mental health issues that may have contributed to your current circumstances.

Overall the rehab experience is the beginning of your lifelong journey towards recovery. It will provide you with addiction education and the mental health support that you need in order to change your outlook on substance misuse. Aftercare services will be provided to ensure that you maintain your motivation towards recovery and avoid relapse further down the road.

What kind of treatments can I expect at rehab?

As the drug and alcohol rehab services in Streatham offer personalised treatment programmes, the exact content will differ for all individuals. All of our partner facilities offer a wide range of leading treatment options, advocated by the sector’s key rehab clinics to ensure a standardised approach to rehabilitation treatment is followed, throughout the UK. The programme is likely to be made up of some or all of the following treatments:

Drug and alcohol detox

A medically administered and supported detoxification will be needed in order to reduce physical dependency on drugs and alcohol and cleanse your body in preparation for the next stage of rehab. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to be challenging, however, properly administered treatment will allow symptoms to be minimised and safely managed. It will also improve the success rates of your remaining treatment.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Psychological support is an important part of addiction treatment. CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy is used to effectively change your outlooks on substance use. It helps you to begin to let go of the negative triggers and develop health coping mechanisms for potentially triggering situations in the future.

Mental health support

Mental health conditions and a dual diagnosis is commonplace within those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and you will receive adequate support to manage any highlighted conditions and remove the connections between your mental health and addictive behaviours. This will be tackled through a range of therapy sessions, which could include:

  • Support groups – which can help take accountability for your behaviours
  • Exposure therapy – which helps to address and manage your emotional and social triggers
  • Family therapy – Which can provide a strong post-rehab support system
  • One to One therapy – Direct discussions and diagnosis by trained counsellors

Relapse prevention planning

Rehab offers the most effective option for addiction recovery, however, maintaining your newfound sobriety will take personal maintenance in the long term. Relapse prevention planning will help prepare you for your transition back into a drug and alcohol-free life, providing access to free aftercare services which will help you in your post-rehab recovery journey.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form. We offer help and support across London.

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