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Capable of destroying lives, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a prevalent illness in communities across the UK.

One recent study found that from 2019 to 2020, 132,124 people started treatment for drug and alcohol problems, with many yet to seek professional help.

If you’re concerned that yourself or a loved one might be battling an addiction- there’s no better time to act than now. Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ve made the process of finding treatment for addiction easier than ever.

With our bespoke referral system, we’ll work tirelessly to find you a suitable drug & alcohol rehab in Swanage, or the wider Dorset area.

How to recognise addiction

The CoA compares addiction to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer because “it’s caused by a combination of behavioural, environmental, and biological factors.”

Hence when it comes to recognizing SUD, signs and symptoms can be present in all areas of an individual’s life. While each case is different, there are common behavioural and physical symptoms to look out for.

Declining health

With regular substance overuse comes a host of physical and mental changes. A decline in health is perhaps the most apparent symptom of SUD, and can range from mild to severe. Usually, individuals will undergo a change in weight, as eating patterns become inconsistent.

As they consume more of a substance regularly, sleeping schedules will also suffer: leading to insomnia, or periods of over-sleeping. If those suffering stop taking care of themselves, this will often lead to bad teeth, hair, and poor hygiene.

Particularly severe are the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal, which range from nausea and sweating to loss of consciousness.

Declining health due to SUD also manifests psychologically. As a disorder affecting the brain, it follows that those affected may experience personality changes and worsening mental health. Cravings can lead to increased anxiety, agitation, or even aggression.

Additionally, someone who’s hiding an addiction may exhibit secrecy, and start pulling away from those that love them. Alongside these symptoms, it’s common for those experiencing addiction to battle a mental health disorder simultaneously.

This manifests in depressive episodes, psychosis, anxiety, or obsessive behaviour.

Impaired control

Even if an individual recognises their addiction, maintaining sobriety may be beyond their control. This is because our neurological pathways are wired to respond to cravings: making the urge to use a substance even stronger.

Once a substance has been used, this impaired control manifests in the form of increased tolerance. Over time, our bodies acclimatise to the high produced by alcohol or drugs, so more is needed to achieve the same effect.

In their chase for the original euphoria, many sufferers lose control over the amount they use- increasing the risk of overdosing.

Social issues

Extensive substance use will eventually impact a person’s relationships and how they interact with others. As the yearning to use a substance becomes all-consuming, the desire to socialise will dwindle.

A variety of relationships may suffer as a result of this, from colleagues in the workplace to closest family members. Heartbreakingly, this decline in social activity will lead to isolation and hopelessness- making it increasingly difficult to seek help.

Why should I seek professional help?

With such a range of distressing symptoms, it’s vital to seek professional help for addiction. Efforts to achieve sobriety without medical supervision often end in failure, due to a lack of facilities and guidance.

By choosing a drug & alcohol rehab in Swanage, you’ll have the 24/7 support of medical professionals that are dedicated to your recovery. This is particularly crucial in the initial detox stage, where unmanaged withdrawal symptoms can hinder progress.

With our treatment providers, you’ll receive a supervised detox that lasts between 7-10 days. During this time, your safety and comfort are ensured through round the clock supervision, and medication to ease any symptoms.

As opposed to a “cold-turkey” approach, a substance is slowly reduced in the body: giving you the best starting point for future inpatient treatment.

Throughout your stay at a leading rehab, you’ll be guaranteed personalised treatment. An addiction specialist will create your bespoke plan- designed to optimise recovery through targeted treatment.

These programmes include tailored medication, talking therapy, and holistic workshops to cultivate a healthy life after rehab.

Crucially, personalised care allows the treatment of addiction in its entirety: by tackling the initial cause. In many cases, psychiatrists will form a dual diagnosis after discovering that addiction is underpinned by underlying mental health issues.

Oftentimes, those experiencing anxiety, depression, or PTSD, will use a substance to escape the negative feelings of said disorder.

Substance addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and receiving professional care is vital in treating SUD and its accompanying cause

Finding a drug & alcohol rehab in Swanage

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand the pressure that comes with choosing a suitable rehab centre for yourself or a loved one.

As such, we’ve made it our mission to provide a simplified referral service: selecting the best treatment providers so you don’t have to.

We work with over 300 rehab centres in the UK- each recognised by The Care Quality Commision for providing excellent treatment.

To select an optimal drug & alcohol rehab in Swanage, we’ll first perform a free phone consultation. You’ll speak to one of our trained specialists, who will ask some questions to build a personalised referral.

These will comprise a short health assessment, and an exploration of any preferences you may have. While this may sound like a lengthy process, we recognise the urgency required for those in need and will work to organise a bed swiftly.

Reach out today for expert guidance

Contact our expert team by dialling the number 0800 140 4690. Together, we can select a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Swanage, and begin your journey towards lifelong recovery.


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