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Rehab4Addiction can refer you to a drug and alcohol rehab in Swinton to help you start the recovery process to live a happy, healthier life free from addiction.

From alcoholism to cannabis or cocaine addictions, there are many ways in which people abuse substances across the United Kingdom. However, many people may not know that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol, so here are some of the most common signs below:

  • Increased temper
  • Defensiveness
  • Dishonest behaviour
  • Agitation
  • Unable to concentrate on tasks
  • Blackouts
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Poor performance and/or attendance at work
  • No interest in socialising
  • Previous failed attempts at quitting
  • You don’t care about how you look or your personal hygiene

If you are showing any of these signs, then you are suffering from an addiction. Addictions can have adverse consequences on your health, leading to cancers, heart attacks, and lung disease. Therefore, it’s important that you seek help and begin the recovery process.

What Will Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Swinton Do for You?

Going to rehab may sound scary, but its benefits are incredibly rewarding. Rehab will cut out your substance intake, whether this is alcohol, drugs, or both. This is done in the initial detox stage, which you will do first at rehab.

Typically, lasting ten days, detoxification will get the substances out of your system so that you can move forward with a clear head. However, detox can also come with withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be dangerous to your health, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Delirium

The severity of your withdrawal symptoms will depend on the severity of your addiction, and you may need to be assisted by a medical professional.

They will make sure that your detox is as safe and successful as possible and, if needed, can provide medication to help ease any pain. Detox can be a difficult step, but you will feel healthier once the substance is removed from your system.

After your detox is complete, your treatment will then be centred on the mental aspects of your addiction. This is because addiction does not just come out of nowhere.

Whether it was grief, bipolar disorder, depression, a physical injury, or emotional trauma, you will begin to understand why you became dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Once you understand more about yourself and your addiction, you will then learn how to integrate positive behaviours into your lifestyle. This will be achieved by several types of therapy, including:

Your therapy will be done in a confidential, friendly environment with a therapist who will be respectful and compassionate. Through talking about your addiction, you’ll become confident and gain a positive outlook on life, so you won’t need to return to drugs or alcohol.

What Happens When You Have Completed Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Swinton?

When you finish your time at rehab, you will return home. This can bring mixed feelings; the sense of accomplishment at sticking with your recovery, but also trepidation and worry at the possibility of relapsing. But you won’t go through this alone.

You’ll be given the best chance at keeping sober and avoiding returning to substance abuse with aftercare sessions.

Aftercare will continue the therapeutic treatments you did while in rehab. You’ll also be helped with your search for a job (if needed), cooking skills, and managing your finances.

With these aftercare sessions, you’ll develop and maintain the skills that will give you the confidence to live a happy, healthy life free from drugs or alcohol.

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If you are suffering from substance abuse, Rehab4Addiction can guide you to a drug and alcohol rehab in Swinton to begin your recovery process.

Our team is understanding and compassionate, and your conversation will be confidential. We’ll find the right treatment for you and arrange a date and budget that suits you.

To begin your recovery process, call us on  0800 140 4690, or fill out our online contact form for help in Manchester.

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