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If you’re suffering the ill effects of substance addiction, it’s crucial to note that you’re not alone. Recently, the Department of Health estimated that 280,000 Londoners are addicted to alcohol, while more than 500,000 doses of cocaine are being consumed in the city each day.

Such a rising problem has given way to rising concern for those affected by this debilitating disease: Substance Use Disorder. Thankfully, treatment options are becoming increasingly available to those in need of professional help.

For those seeking a drug & alcohol rehab in Teddington, our team at Rehab 4 Addiction can help you find the most suitable treatment provider.

We’ve poured our years of experience into the creation of a bespoke referral service- designed to meet individual needs.

What are the signs of Substance Use Disorder?

It’s frequently noted by medical professionals that addiction is a spectrum, rather than a fixed diagnosis of “addicted” or “recovered”. Consequently, the symptoms of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can vary greatly depending on the individual.

Some sufferers may be high functioning, while others evidently struggle in their day to day lives. Luckily, there are a few classic signs to look out for in yourself or others, that point to a need for professional help.

Perhaps the most recognizable symptom of SUD is diminished control surrounding a substance. This often manifests as cravings or the strong urge to use a substance, in spite of negative effects.

Cravings can start mere hours after an individual’s last drink or the dose of a drug and can present in both physical or psychological symptoms. The most common is anxiety or increased agitation, which can be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms such as nausea or shaking.

If addiction is severe, any attempts to cut down quit or abstain from a substance usually fail when not met with appropriate medical assistance.

Moreover, an individual’s tolerance to a substance will continue to rise along with the severity of a dependency. As the body acclimatizes to the effects of alcohol or drugs, more is needed to achieve the same high as before.

In an individual’s mission to achieve this same feeling, substances may be used in risky settings- such as work, or public spaces. This can include inappropriate times of day or night, which can lead to other issues such as insomnia, or extreme appetite changes.

How we can help

With increased knowledge in the field of addiction treatment, this chronic illness is more treatable than ever. While The UK has a number of impressive outpatient and NHS schemes, we posit private rehab care as the number one form of treatment.

According to a recent study, leading rehab clinics in the UK boast success rates between 60-80%, and within these statistics are lives that have changed for the better.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we provide a personalised referral service to some of the most successful, and affordable clinics in your area.

When it comes to finding a drug & alcohol rehab in Teddington or West London, we’ve selected the best centres- so you don’t have to.

Our treatment providers have been approved by the UK’s Care Quality Commission, and are known for their outstanding level of care, owing to research-led treatment.

The initial step in finding you a drug & alcohol rehab in Teddington is to arrange a phone consultation. This call is free of charge, completely confidential, and will kickstart the curation of your bespoke treatment plan.

In the first phase of this virtual consultation, a friendly member of the team will complete a short health assessment. One of our resident consultant psychiatrists will ask you about your current state of wellbeing, both physical and psychological, as well as any medical predispositions.

We’ll use this information to determine which treatments are necessary for your unique circumstances.

For the remainder of the consultation, we’ll ask you about any preferences you may have in order to select the optimal drug & alcohol rehab in Teddington. Often, the first thing we’ll ask for is your preferred budget.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we recognize the cost of private rehab care and how it can lead to financial pressures on a family or an individual. As such, we’ve taken every possible step to ensure the accessibility of rehab care, and have chosen centres to suit each price range.

Other preferences usually include location or setting, substance speciality, or the size of the clinic. Some clients may opt for a clinic just outside of London in a more rural locale, whereas others prefer to be in the centre of Teddington.

If being close to family and loved ones is a priority, we’ll do our best to find a centre that meets this need, along with any other preferences.

The long-term benefits of rehab care

Unlike the prison-like rehab facilities of sensational fiction, the clinics of reality are places of long-term recuperation.

While outpatient programmes suit less severe addictions, they rarely offer the comprehensive, on-site treatment plans needed for a full recovery.

As previously noted, rehabilitation centres offer personalised treatment programmes which result in many long-term benefits. Having got to know you as an individual, an addiction psychiatrist can perform targeted therapy over the course of around one month.

Crucially, this in-depth approach allows for a dual diagnosis and an exploration of any underlying mental health conditions. According to a recent GOV UK survey, a huge 59% of adults starting treatment for addiction in 2020 had a mental health need.

While in rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to treat SUD from its root cause. Substance dependency is often a coping mechanism for conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, or personality disorders.

While personalised therapy is a huge part of rehab, the holistic treatment also engenders long-term benefits. While treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treats the psyche, holistic therapy aims to improve the individual as a collective whole.

As ever, this is tailored towards individual goals, specifically the lifestyle changes they’d like to make post-rehab. Holistic workshops include exercises such as yoga, re-igniting hobbies, and classes on nutrition.

When this style of treatment is combined with more traditional psychotherapy, long-term recovery and wellness are far more achievable.

How you can reach out

If you seek treatment in the form of a drug & alcohol rehab in Teddington, our friendly team is here whenever you’re ready.

Phone us at any time on 0800 140 4690.


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