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Addiction is officially recognised as a chronic brain illness that has profound physical and mental effects. When suffering from substance addiction, subjects will experience a severe level of impaired control, as well as compulsive desires for a drug or alcohol.

Day to day life will become increasingly difficult, and the longer the addiction is left untreated the more severe it will become.

Symptoms of addiction can come in the form of depression, social isolation, fatigue, and it can lead to death if left unattended. A subject’s tolerance levels will build up the more they use drug or alcoholic substances.

This will then lead to higher levels of consumption to reach the same feeling of satisfaction, and in turn, will lead to dangerous levels of consumption.

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It is best to deal with addiction as soon as you possibly can. An addiction’s severity will increase with each passing day, so it’s important to take immediate action. The best time to reach out was yesterday, and the second-best time is now.

If you are seeking support through a drug or alcohol rehab in Tendring, whether for yourself or a loved one, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, your recovery is of the utmost priority. We understand the struggles of battling an addiction, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the right recovery option.

We will simplify your transition into recovery, and we will identify the most optimal drug and alcohol rehab in Tendring for you.

Contact us via the number 0800 140 4690. We will have you complete a free over-the-phone health assessment where you can discuss your personal requirements.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

When it comes to addiction, no one is safe. No matter your ethnicity, wealth, or social class, addiction can affect anyone. This is even the case for those who do not suffer directly from addiction.

Many suffer indirectly, as addiction can create intense emotional trauma by witnessing a loved one’s health deteriorate. Additionally, Babies with addiction problems

While addiction does not discriminate, there are common patterns found among those who suffer from substance abuse. Many who are battling addiction are suffering from poor mental health, financial insecurity, or are exposed to toxic social environments.

The pandemic has worsened mental health problems in the community, whether in the form of economic impacts or social isolation.

Why You Need Personalised Treatment

One subject’s addiction will vary drastically from another’s. Their used substance might be different, along with the scale of the severity, and the cause of addiction can vary according to many factors.

Whether someone was coerced by social or mental health issues or is abusing alcohol or drugs, no addiction is the same.

Because of this, we cannot afford to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach towards recovery. Instead, we need to treat each addiction as a special case.

With a range of symptoms to treat and a variety of issues to address, personalised treatment is paramount. By contacting Rehab 4 Addiction, you’ll receive personalised treatment at a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Tendring.

Through our health assessment, a consultant psychiatrist will evaluate your personal requirements and find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Tendring for you.

As an inpatient at a drug and alcohol rehab in Tendring, your chances of recovery will be far higher than an outpatient or independent recoverer.

While many outpatients also find success with their recovery, being removed from your potentially toxic environment will maximise your responsiveness to recovery. This is especially the case for those who suffer from addiction because of their social environment.

The success rate for independent recovers is far lower than both inpatients and outpatients at a rehab centre.

This is because they lack the resources or facilities that professional rehab centres can offer. Without these, they won’t have access to medical supervision, support groups, or therapy sessions.

The Rehab Process: Step by Step

When you arrive at your drug and alcohol rehab in Tendring, you’ll undergo a medicated detox. Here, you’ll spend around 7 days allowing harmful substances to withdraw from your body.

While you’re physically and psychologically detoxifying, you’ll be under medical supervision and have 24/7 care.

After your successful detox, you’ll undergo a range of therapy designed to treat your unique addiction.

Therapy will vary from one personalised recovery programme to another, however, there are effective therapy activities that are prevalent. Patients will typically undergo Cognitive Behavioural, Dialectical Behvioural, as well as Holisitc therapy.

Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectical Behavioural therapy are communication-based therapy. They are effective in reconfiguring the thought patterns of patients, in an effort to make their outlook more composed and objective.

Additionally, they help the patient manage intense emotions, especially if they have a history of abuse or addiction.

Holistic Therapy can come in the form of many things. It is an all-encompassing form of therapy, treating the body as a whole, rather than individual symptoms.

Whether the patient takes part in yoga, reflexology, mindfulness, cooking, art, or other activities, they will provide the patient an opportunity to learn new skills.

The patient will also have access to support groups where they’ll have the chance to meet peers in similar circumstances. With many people coming from a range of experiences, it’s an opportunity to resonate with others in similar circumstances and gain insight into addiction.

After Rehab

After rehab, you will continue your recovery in a more independent manner. However, you’ll have access to therapy, support sessions, and an aftercare programme at your local drug and alcohol rehab.

While the time spent in rehab may only be around 28 days, the experience is invaluable and lasting. You will be equipped to prevent future relapses and sustain your life of sobriety.

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Your recovery is at the forefront of our priority. Battling addiction should never be done alone, and we will assist you along your road to recovery.

Call today, and we can find the best option for your unique requirements, and identify a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Tendring.

Contact us via 0800 140 4690. With swift action, we can combat addiction before it impacts your life any further.

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