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When you start to take those all-important first steps towards recovery, there are a number of important decisions to make. Addiction can vary so much, from person to person, from substance to substance and overall from situation to situation.

Specific treatments can also work differently for different people. If you choose to heal with Rehab 4 Addiction, after an initial conversation followed by a formal assessment, we’ll create a treatment plan tailored to your exact needs.

A major benefit of private rehab is that it’s often very specialised.

You should also take some time to consider all of your options. Look up everything you’re considering, research based on your specific situation, think about what might work best for you.

You don’t have to make all of these decisions alone and you shouldn’t make any of them in a hurry.

Having said that, it is important that you reach out to get help as soon as possible, as addiction can worsen with time, becoming much trickier to treat as it becomes more entrenched.

Taking the first steps towards recovery

When it comes to recovery, different people will also have different goals in mind. Complete recovery from addiction isn’t really possible, as it’s too complex to fully cure.

Instead, the primary goal of drug and alcohol rehab in Tidworth is to teach you strategies and life skills to help you move forward.

One way this is done is via various workshops, on subjects like health, nutrition and addiction. But before all of that, the first stage will be a simple message or phone call.

For a lot of people, even admitting to themselves and to others that they have a problem can be a hard step. They might be scared of judgment, or they might see the whole process as a big, intimidating unknown.

But first of all, if you get to know the process more and can understand what goes into it, that fear of the unknown is likely to fade.

Second of all, addiction is a lot more common than you think. Studies show that in 2018/19 show that, at the time of research, 9.4% of adults between the ages of 16 to 59 surveyed had taken some kind of illicit drug.

In that same time period, there were 18,053 hospital admissions for drug misuse. 4,359 people in the U.K died from drug poisoning in 2018.

Regardless, we want to reassure you that Rehab 4 Addiction is an entirely judgement-free space. Here, you’ll only ever encounter all the help and support you need.

Finding a plan for drug and alcohol rehab in Tidworth that suits you

If it’s something you need, we can create a personalised plan to aid in your recovery. We’ll start to develop this plan in two stages: the first is a simple conversation with you when you first contact us and the second is a formal assessment.

For us to personalise your plan, we first need to know your story.

A number of options will be available – one of the biggest decisions to be made is whether inpatient (residential) or outpatient (at home, with visits to a centre) treatment will suit you more.

Inpatient treatment is more intensive by nature, as you’re in an environment of constant treatment. As such, it’s generally recommended for those with moderate to severe dependencies. Residential rehab can also be highly beneficial for anyone who’s currently in a toxic environment, where their recovery won’t be aided.

Getting out of the routine you’re in at the moment. Unlearning toxic patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking through both cognitive behavioural therapy and a change to your environment.

Living amongst a network of other people suffering from the same issues. All of these could be the key to recovery.

In these early stages, we’ll also discuss which kinds of treatment might suit you and your situation the most. In the mental health treatments especially, there are many kinds of therapy and counselling that would suit some more than others.

Two major examples of this are art and music therapy. Some people can really heal when they express themselves creatively. But it might have no effect on others.

On the other hand, some people may also need a bigger focus on trauma than others, if that’s a core reason behind their addiction. Either way, it’s very likely that you’ll need to take part in some form of mental health treatment

The benefits of accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Tidworth via Rehab 4 Addiction

As we said previously, life skills, management strategies and finally being able to confront traumas are the three biggest benefits of rehab.

Now we’re going to talk about the two further benefits: professionally supported detoxes and a network of professional and personal support.

Addiction works on a physical and psychological level. In a majority of treatment plans, we deal with the physical side first via a detox. This is done in both inpatient and outpatient rehab.

It involves your intake of drugs and/or alcohol being slowly reduced, usually over a period of about three weeks. It’s then replaced with medication, which should stop withdrawal symptoms from occurring.

It’s very important that you don’t attempt to detox alone, as these withdrawal symptoms can become incredibly dangerous with certain substances. Even outside of the worst, like hallucinations and seizures, a lot of the lower-level ones are still highly unpleasant.

This is probably the biggest physical barrier to recovery, which is why getting past it is what we start with.

The importance of timing

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab in Tidworth, it’s important that intervention happens as soon as possible.

Addiction is a disorder that worsens with time, meaning it then becomes more difficult to recover from the longer you leave it without getting treatment.

That doesn’t mean that recovery is impossible. Just that the treatment you go through might be more intensive and it might be a harder journey if you’ve been struggling with addiction for a longer time.

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