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Addiction is a chronic brain disease that compromises an individual’s quality of life significantly. When suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, individuals will experience severe control impairment and an insatiable desire for the addictive substances.

In addition to the lack of control that one has when fighting addiction, they might suffer symptoms like depression, fatigue, anxiety, and much more.

If addiction is left untreated for too long, it can often lead to serious harm or even death.

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If you are in or near Tilbury and you are seeking the support of a drug and alcohol rehab, contact us today. The sooner you seek professional help, the sooner you can recover without long term health effects.

With the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Tilbury, you can return to a sober and healthy life as quickly as possible. At Rehab 4 Addiction, your recovery is paramount.

Contact us via the number 0800 140 4690 to receive optimal support today.

With a swift phone call or email, you can complete a free and remote health assessment, and a consultant psychiatrist will determine the optimal treatment for you.

Why You Need to Seek Professional Help

When someone is battling addiction, it is crucial that they seek professional treatment. Those who take it upon themselves to recover independently have a low success rate.

This is because they lack the knowledge, resources, and external support to maximise recovery. The threat of a relapse is always there, and it is paramount that you use all the support you can get to prevent it.

With a drug and alcohol rehab in Tilbury, you will receive the high-quality support that an addiction battle demands.

Rehab 4 Addiction’s providers are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and Wales and will ensure that your response to recovery is maximised.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Tilbury

While and alcohol statistics in Tilbury is scarce, its neighbouring cities suffer significantly due to the effects of addiction. Brentwood has seen a dramatic rise of 400% of drug-related deaths in as little as 6 years, as of 2020.

Additionally, in the last 6 years, East England saw a rise of 22% in deaths due to drug poisoning.

The capital, London, experiences more than half a million doses of cocaine consumed each day. Similarly, it is estimated by that over a quarter of a million in London are alcohol-dependent.

It is evident that drug and alcohol problems are rife throughout communities in the UK. While the individual battling addiction will suffer significantly, the community will also suffer indirectly.

This can come in the form of emotional trauma, relationship breakdown, financial issues, and more.

Detoxification and Therapy

When you initially contact Rehab 4 Addiction, you will be asked to complete a health or preadmission assessment. Here, you’ll provide the details of your physical and mental wellbeing, along with details of your addiction.

This is crucial, as our referral service will find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Tilbury for you.

With these details, your drug and alcohol rehab in Tilbury will implement a personalised programme, especially for you. This is because each addiction is unique. Substances will vary from case to case, as will addictions causes and their severity.

Because of this, we need to take into account each unique detail to optimise your responsiveness to recovery techniques.

While personalised recovery programmes will differ in some way, you can expect your programme to follow a similar structure to others. You will arrive at your drug and alcohol rehab in Tilbury and undergo a medicated detoxification.

Here, you’ll allow the harmful substances to withdraw from your body. This will be done under the guidance and supervision of medical professionals, ensuring your process is safe and comfortable.

Following your physical detox, you’ll undergo psychological detox through the form of a range of therapies. This can mean Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Holistic Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a communication-based therapy, implemented to help the patient think more positively and constructively. Similarly, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is communication-heavy and effective in assisting patients with the management of intense emotions.

Holistic therapy, on the other hand, comes in a variety of forms. It can come in the form of mindfulness, fitness, reflexology, and more.

It assists the patient in learning and refining skills, creating a productive and engaging environment.


After your time spent at the drug and alcohol rehab in Tilbury, which is usually 28 days, you’ll continue your recovery with more independence. You will have made tremendous progress, however, your recovery is an ongoing process.

Post-rehab, you will have the knowledge and techniques to cope with a drug and alcohol addiction with independence. Additionally, you can continue to undergo therapy with an aftercare programme.

Here, you’ll be able to utilise the same rehab facilities to attend support groups and therapy sessions.

Contact Rehab 4 Addiction Today

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we have vast experience in assisting patience in reaching full recovery. We understand that the information and process may be overwhelming.

However, we will ensure that your transition into recovery is swift and seamless. There is no better time to contact Rehab 4 Addiction than today to initiate your recovery.

Call us today via the number 0800 140 4690. With our support, your recovery will be at the forefront of our priority.


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