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Accepting the fact that your drug or alcohol use may actually be abuse is not an easy one.

When you think of it as just casual use, you can almost justify it as something normal and unharmful. But soon as it’s referred to as substance abuse, it suddenly becomes real.

Substance abuse is very common in the UK, with more and more people coming forward to seek help with their drug or alcohol dependency each year.

Prolonged substance abuse has a seriously negative effect on your body, causing a decline in both mental and physical health over time.

The most dangerous being a compromised immune system.

It is easy to see why this is a danger even in the modern world and how those experiencing a drug or alcohol dependency would want to do something about said dependency before this happens.

So, where do you start?

How to identify a drug or alcohol dependency

Many drug or alcohol dependencies go untreated as those suffering from them don’t realise their substance abuse has progressed outside of their control.

There is no universal point in which everyone’s drug or alcohol use has become more than a bad habit.

Some people are genetically more likely to develop a dependency and may find themselves struggling with one after only a short period of substance abuse.

But it doesn’t matter if your dependency made itself known on day 1 or day 100. What matters is that you need to be able to recognise the drug or alcohol dependency and seek treatment for it.

The warning signs are:

  • Thinking about your substance of choice when you first wake up and is the last thing you think about at night.
  • Regular drug or alcohol use to the point where it has become part of your normal routine.
  • Close friends or family have expressed concerns about the amount or frequency of your drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Drugs or alcohol is your go-to in stressful situations and is used as a form of escapism.
  • You have trouble regulating your moods, experiencing fits of anger or sadness, as well as other mood swings.
  • There has been a decline in your overall mental health.

Substance abuse changes your brain chemistry. It tricks your brain into thinking it needs to continue to use drugs or alcohol in order to produce dopamine.

As dopamine is the chemical responsible for causing you to feel pleasure, your brain reacts violently when it believes it’s being deprived of what creates it.

This violent reaction is known as withdrawal symptoms. They are definitive proof you are struggling with a drug or alcohol dependency.

Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, and so if you experience any of these symptoms, please call a medical professional as soon as possible.

The symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Hot flashes
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

These withdrawal symptoms are undeniable proof that you are experiencing a drug or alcohol dependency.

The only way to ensure your safety is to find yourself a rehab centre in the Torrington area and begin the treatments.

The road to long term recovery is a long one. Still, it is the best option available to you and one that will lead to you living a much happier and healthier life.

What will happen in rehab?

To put it simply, rehab is a medical facility that keeps you away from drugs and alcohol.

At the same time, you work through a number of treatments designed to tackle the physical and mental effects of a dependency.

The first treatment you are likely to experience is detox.

The detox is a process that usually takes around ten days to complete. It allows you to work through the withdrawal symptoms in a safe and controlled environment.

During the detox, you will be monitored day and night until it is completed. Fully trained medical professionals will be on hand to make sure you are ok and to administer medication should the symptoms prove too much for your body to handle.

The detox acts as a starting point and a fresh start for your body. When you are weaned off drugs and alcohol, you will be able to focus on the rest of your treatments without the distraction of cravings impeding your progress.

The next treat you will receive will likely be some form of therapy.

This is a very important step in your journey to long term recovery as substance abuse, and mental health problems go hand in hand.

The leading cause of substance abuse and its eventual dependency is trauma.

Trauma can lead to a wide range of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and hypervigilance. Many who experience this will often turn to substance abuse as a way to self medicate and to numb the pain they are in.

Trauma also messes with your brains stress response. It causes even small stresses to be treated as a threat that needs escaping from.

The main goal of therapy is to help you learn how to regulate your stress responses and replace your substance abuse with healthier coping mechanisms.

By working with a therapist, hopefully, you will be able to get to the core reason behind your substance abuse and to be able to improve your mental health in general.

Aftercare services

Your recovery journey doesn’t begin and end with rehab.

It requires commitment even after you have left the rehab centre.

However, this doesn’t mean you are now alone. Most rehab centres offer aftercare services so that you can continue to be supported on the outside.

These services tend to include follow up therapy sessions so that you can have your mental health monitored by a professional.

It also will include a referral to a local support group in the Torrington area. This will give you accountability, allowing you to be supported while also offering you the freedom to make your own choices.

You will also be given a relapse prevention plan by the rehab centre.

This plan is made specifically for you and contains tools you learnt during your stay at the centre to use to avoid triggers for your cravings.

What to do now

Well, the best thing you can do now gives us a call.

0800 140 4690

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect rehab centre to house the start of your recovery journey.

We do this by using our free initial assessment to get to know you. Your wants, your needs and your history of substance abuse.

We then use this information to refer you to a rehab centre in the Torrington area that has the best possible facilities to help you.

A member of our team is standing by to take your call. We hope to hear from you soon.

We know you can do this; you are so much stronger than you know.

Good luck.


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