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If you’re considering drug and alcohol rehab, it’s likely that you might be living with an addiction. Throughout the Hampshire area, there are many people in the same position who are accessing addiction treatment programmes that make a huge difference to their lives.

Whether a person has had an issue around drugs and alcohol for months or years, the effects stretch out. The whole of a person’s life can be taken over by the mindset that addiction forces onto a person.

By choosing to attend a rehabilitation programme, you can change your life. Through learning techniques that retrain your mind, you can start the healing journey towards recovery.

In Totton there are many options for you to consider in terms of what physical and psychological treatments are available.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we have a wide and varied knowledge of services and rehab centres available in Totton as well as further afield. By contacting us, you make the first step towards finding the most suitable treatment options to treat your drug and alcohol use.

Is it time to go to rehab?

There are many reasons people with addictions get fed up and exhausted with alcohol and drugs. Substances can destroy the body by affecting the functioning of organs, muscles, and sometimes, blood. Your skin can become inflamed, and you might suffer from sores.

There’s the effect toxic substances have on the brain upsetting the balance of chemicals. This in turn affects your thoughts, emotions, and how you physically feel. Drugs and alcohol skew the way you process things and also how you live your life.

If you’ve admitted that you have an addiction, you’ve made the first step. The next is to be ready to quit the substance and that involves doing everything it takes to stop.

If you have the determination to start a sober life and all the benefits this brings, then you’re ready to go to rehab. By contacting Rehab 4 Addiction, we can support you through the initial stage of finding the most appropriate treatment option for you.

How easy is a stay at rehab?

There’s no point in denying the fact that quitting drugs and alcohol can be the most difficult thing a person may do in their lives. The beginning of the process can be especially hard. However, thinking about the alternative, a life living with an addiction, brings a huge array of other difficulties.

After all, as hard as it might be to choose sobriety, living with all the negative repercussions of addiction is also incredibly challenging. When you choose sobriety you also choose a healthier mind and body. There are the healing effects giving up drugs and drinking has on your relationships, finances, and lifetime goals.

Staying at a private clinic offers more facilities than outpatient services. This has a huge impact on the early days of rehabilitation. By staying at rehab, you get support from a highly-trained staffing team whose goal is to ensure detox and support around facing internal triggers and cravings. Rehab ensures this happens in the most comfortable way possible.

Does treatment work?

The truth is that people who live with an addiction will always live with it. Even if a person has reached abstinence and has been sober for many years, the addiction still exists. The abstinent person has implemented strategies that have enabled them to control the addiction. You can do this too.

When deciding you want to overcome an addiction, you’re making the decision to choose every day not to succumb to drink or drugs. At the start of this journey it can be very hard, but with time and practise it gets much easier to maintain a life of sobriety.

Treatment and rehab works for people who want a life of sobriety and who are committed to achieving that.

Sobriety might feel impossible to imagine especially if you’ve spent years drinking or taking drugs. This is why accessing support can make all the difference. With the psychological treatments on offer at a private clinic, you learn how to see yourself, your thoughts, and life in a new way.

Working with a team of professionals enables you to become motivated towards goals that are more easily visible when you have control over addictive habits.

So long as you want a better life for yourself and are dedicated to participating in all the treatments available through rehab programmes then you really can create a new and positive lifestyle.

What’s the point in a private clinic?

Ultimately, the main goal of staying at a rehab centre is to achieve sobriety quickly. It aims to fully immerse the person in all the tried and tested therapies and activities that work in treating addictions.

A residential stay aims to support a person through a safe detox and to access tools that enable a person to manage their addiction effectively for the rest of their lives.

Rehab clinics provide a comfortable and calm environment within the familiarity of a person’s local area. The clinic is free of triggers and doctors, psychiatrists, and experienced addiction workers support people through facing cravings as well as broaching the causes behind addiction.

This can often include mental health issues. Specialist input can help to overcome the addiction that may be linked to a mental health problem.

In private rehab clinics, there are options to suit each person’s individual needs. This is critical to providing the optimum treatment programme for you. Rehab 4 Addiction ensures that people are matched to the programme that will suit them most.

What Rehab 4 Addiction will do for you

When you contact one of our consultants at Rehab 4 Addiction, we will hold a pre-assessment with you. This enables us to understand the nature of your addiction and to find out what your hopes and expectations of treatment are.

With our wealth of knowledge on rehab and services in the Totton area, we can then match you and your needs to the most suitable method of treatment.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690, and take the first steps into your new life.

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