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Are you battling an addiction? Have you tried before to beat it but failed? We are in your corner, and we can help.

We are Rehab 4 Addiction, an advisory and referral service for those dealing with substance or behavioural addictions.

We work closely with rehabilitation and outpatient clinics all across the United Kingdom, so we can match our clients’ needs with the most appropriate and most local treatment centres to ensure full and long-lasting recoveries – without them having to travel across the country.

If you have attempted to defeat a drug or alcohol addiction before to no avail, or are only just now noticing signs of addiction in your life, we are here for you.

We do not discriminate between clients, and we always prioritise your needs above all else when selecting treatment.

If you wish to know more about what we can do for you, call us today on 0800 140 4690.

What happens in rehab?

We understand that rehab can be a daunting place. Many of our team have been in your situation themselves, and have been on the receiving end of this feeling.

This dread often stems from the fear of the unknown, so we hope that by laying out the general processes of rehab, you can feel less nervous about what lies ahead on your recovery journey.

When you arrive at your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Uckfield, you will be greeted by the team and shown around the facility. This will be your home for the next few weeks, so the staff will be eager to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Let them know if you have any personal requirements that may need to be attended to before you settle in.

You will also meet with a doctor at this time, who will perform a quick assessment of your physical and psychological health.

This evaluation, paired with an initial assessment of your addiction that will take place over the phone during your admissions process, will help us to further determine what your needs are, and what treatments you will benefit from the most.

If you have not experienced one already before this point, you are likely to undergo a drug and alcohol detox. This can be a nerve-wracking and long process, but detox is a necessary and important step on your journey towards recovery.

A detox works to flush all the toxins left behind by substances from your system, and will allow your body to start healing on a ‘clean slate’.

During the detox phase of your journey, you may experience several withdrawal symptoms, which can include nausea, dizziness, mood swings, muscle pain, fatigue and headaches.

Rest assured that these symptoms are normal and expected, and a doctor can prescribe appropriate medication to ease them if needed.

When you are ready and able, it will be time to partake in the treatments that will have been set out for you.

We do not know at this time exactly which treatments you will encounter, but some of the most popular methods include:

Through these multiple therapy and counselling sessions, you will have a chance to further your understanding of yourself and what led you to rehab.

You’ll also meet similar people to you and create a network of support through them, identify your personal emotional triggers and learn how to avoid them, discover new techniques to cope with these triggers that replace old and unhealthy ones, and overall prepare for your life after rehab.

When it is finally time to leave rehab, you won’t be abandoned. We will continue to check in on your progress and improvement and will be there if you need us at any time.

Additional appointments can be made for you at your chosen outpatient clinic if necessary, and your detailed aftercare plan will help guide you through your new substance-free life.

It will be mostly up to you at this point to continue your journey to recovery, so be on the lookout for any warning signs of a relapse. Prioritise your recovery, and surround yourself with people that will do the same.

If you do require further support after rehab, our 24/7 helpline is always available.

If you have any further questions surrounding the processes of rehab or our admissions process, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today via our helpline: 0800 140 4690.

Alternatively, you can fill in our online form to receive a call back at a better time.

You could be putting yourself and your loved ones in danger by waiting to reach out for professional help, so call Rehab 4 Addiction today.


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