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Addiction is a disease that many people suffer from, either behind closed doors or out in the open. But let’s take addiction out of the equation for a minute, and just focus on the ‘disease’ part. Think about it, if you were suffering from a disease, any disease, nobody would expect you to be able to fight or take control of it without medical intervention, right?

However, when it comes to something like addiction, the mindset for some people would probably differ. In regard to addiction, people may believe that it is self-inflicted and that you should just be able to ‘get over it’ all by yourself, without any outside help whatsoever. Which just seems pretty crazy, doesn’t it?

If statistics are anything to go by (and they are), your chances of reaching a point of sustainable recovery and getting a handle on your addiction decrease if you attempt to do it alone. This is why we recommend seeking help and support from a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Urmston.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, our goal is to help you find the addiction treatment programme best suited to your own individual needs in order to ensure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of achieving your recovery goals.

Getting help as soon as possible

Once you’re able to acknowledge that you do have an addiction, that you do need help with your addiction and that you’re prepared to commit to a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Urmston, it’s vital that you do so as soon as possible. Any sport of delay, whether it be for a short or lengthy period, could be detrimental to you.

There is always a looming possibility of overdosing or fuelling your addiction even further, allowing it to progress more. It could also lead to further health problems, both mentally and physically. This is exactly why Rehab 4 Addiction exists, in order to help you avoid doing any further damage to yourself.

Instead of being placed on long waiting lists with unknown ending dates, we can promise to get you into a rehab facility in Urmston, or the location of your choice, quickly and efficiently so that your recovery journey may begin as soon as you are ready.

You can also be sure that any rehab clinic we recommend to you will be of a high standard and will offer the most exceptional treatments available. In addition to this, because we handpick our partnering clinics ourselves, you won’t have to wait for a GP referral.

Remember, your success is our success, and we always work hard to ensure that you are able to give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your desired recovery goals.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help?

Over the years we have learnt that when it comes to people who are struggling with addiction, one of the biggest obstacles they face when it comes to recovery is finding a clinic that is the perfect fit for them.

Although you can read through a clinics individual website in-depth, it’s still difficult to figure out whether their drug and alcohol rehab programme is the right fit for you and your own circumstances. Not to mention that these treatment programmes do not come cheaply, so of course, you’d want to ensure that you’re signing yourself up for the perfect one.

Rehab 4 Addiction can help you with that. We strive to match you up with the best possible drug and alcohol rehab programmes in your area and in some cases, beyond. We are partnered up with many centres across the UK, and will never recommend somewhere we feel is anything less than exceptional.

Often, we will even recommend a handful of programmes that would suit your specific needs, so that you know you have options and can decide for yourself which one may suit you best.

Thanks to all our years of experience, our team knows exactly what to look for when it comes to addiction treatment programmes, which allows us to help you find the rehab clinic that is right for you, thus enabling you to give yourself the best possible chance of recovery success.

Understanding your addiction

One of the most vital pieces of the healing from addiction puzzle is understanding what drove you to your addiction in the first place. If you truly wish to recover, you’ll need to attend therapy sessions in order to understand the real causes of your addiction.

When you commit to entering a rehab centre, you’ll be given the opportunity to experience many types of therapy treatments. All intensive therapies aim to give you a greater understanding of what your triggers may be, why they may be triggers for you and if you have relapsed in the past, what may have caused that to happen.

This is the main reason why we often recommend residential care to anyone who is hoping to overcome their addiction. Residential care means you should be able to progress through a treatment programme during a shorter period of time while you are being carefully monitored and surrounded by support.

This means that you’ll be allowing yourself to get all the help you need when you need it, and should give you the chance to start living your life again as soon as is possible.

By attending a rehab clinic in Urmston, you’ll be taught how to manage your cravings and triggers for drugs and alcohol. You’ll discover ways to distract yourself from such cravings, learn how to recognise the often subtle signs of a relapse, and generally equipping yourself with all the necessary tools you’ll need to achieve your recovery.

Rehab 4 Addiction always work with rehab facilities that offer a combination of both traditional and holistic therapies in order to ensure that you get all the help you need to reach your recovery goals.


When someone is attempting, or at least thinking about attempting, to overcome their alcohol or drug addiction, they may feel as though they are able to become what is known as a ‘recreational user’, by simply cutting down on their drug and alcohol consumption and trying to maintain it on a ‘normal’ level.

However, most addiction treatment programmes we work with strongly advise against this idea, and instead implement abstinence-based treatments instead. This means that you would have to eliminate alcohol and drugs from your life entirely, no matter what. Maybe not forever, but for a very lengthy period of time, at least.

Of course, relapses can occur, and they do happen. But when you are enrolled in a rehab clinic, you learn how to deal with any relapses that may happen, giving you the tools to continue to move forward with your recovery no matter what.

The biggest reason you should consider abstinence is that being able to develop an addiction in the first place is probably a good sign that you have what is known as an ‘addictive personality’. This means that you are more likely to struggle to only consume substances in moderation more than someone who does not have an addictive personality.

Over a period of time, you may feel as though you’ve got complete control of your consumption and that you have what it takes to only ingest a couple of drinks on a special occasion. However, this could still lead to further issues and relapses in the future.

Our confidentiality promise

Often when people get in touch with us here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we find that one of their main concerns is confidentiality. We can assure you that our service is 100% confidential at every stage of the process.

Due to our years of experience, we understand the stigma that exists in regards to addiction and other related issues such as mental health problems. This is exactly why we are incredibly careful with your personal details, and only share your information when needed and after you have given us consent to do so.

We don’t just strive to help those who have an addiction themselves, we also work with concerned loved ones about the possible substance abuse within their family and circle of friends.

We offer a wide range of services that are often helpful to the families and friends of people who suffer from addiction, such as finding certain therapies to work through and working with clinics who are happy to help stage an intervention.

Many time people have called us because they are concerned about the mental and physical wellbeing of a loved one, and they feel as though they are completely alone. We offer them a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on and most importantly, a chance for them to get help for their loved one in need.

Whatever situation you may be in currently, Rehab 4 Addiction is here to help you. If you need help finding the perfect drug and alcohol rehab facility in Urmston, get in touch with our team today.

You can do this by calling us on 0800 140 4690, or by contacting us through our website using this link. We offer help and support for addiction across Manchester.

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