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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Uttoxeter

In the UK, substance abuse is a rising issue. It can affect anyone from any walk of life despite stereotypes associated with drug use. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today.

We can provide quality support and professional help at all times referring you to local facilities that we believe can deliver the best forms of treatment.

Whether you want to seek treatment in Uttoxeter or another part of the UK, our team can help.

The NHS offers services to help combat addiction, but these are often very underfunded with many cities losing their community services due to government cuts in recent years.

This can be very tough on individuals struggling with addiction and make them stop seeking help for treatment. This is where we can help.

We offer professional advice and support meaning we can signpost and refer you to rehab clinics close to home or further afield.

Admitting you have a problem can be one of the hardest parts of recovery, but it is very important so that you can access the correct forms of treatment suited to your personal needs.

By giving us a call today on 0800 140 4690 you can speak to a friendly member of our team who can discuss your treatment options with you.

What is residential rehab?

Residential rehab is recommended to almost all clients as it gives you time and space away from the home environment which is often very triggering and distracting for most people.

By combatting your substance abuse head-on, you can learn healthy coping mechanisms and new skills that can help you thrive in the next chapter of your life.

Learning how to manage your physical and mental health with the support of trained therapists and doctors can allow you to heal in a safe space and prepare yourself for when you complete treatment.

Addiction is a chronic disorder meaning it needs professional help for you to overcome it.

Addiction often means you have no control over your thoughts and behaviour which can have dangerous repercussions on your health and relationships with others being either in a personal or professional capacity.

If this is left untreated it can result in negative consequences such as:

  • Deteriorated relationships with friends and family
  • Financial trouble
  • Dismissal from work or loss of job
  • Negative effects on your physical and mental health

It is never too late to seek treatment, but it is important to act before irreversible damage is triggered. By calling our team today we can begin a pre-admission assessment to determine the correct course of action.

By telling us a bit more about yourself and your addiction we can narrow down your choice of treatments and present you with clinics in which we believe you would succeed.

If you cannot commit to residential rehab at this current moment, we can also help you source outpatient programmes which mean you continue to live at home but visit a local clinic on a daily basis for detoxing and therapy sessions.

Addiction can be very isolating, so we encourage you to reach out for help today. You don’t have to go through any of this alone.

What happens at rehab?

At a rehab facility, every decision is made by you. This allows you to take ownership of your addiction and allows you to take responsibility.

During your time at the rehab, you will be expected to complete a detox programme that allows your body to heal. Detoxification involves the removal of toxic substances left behind by drug or alcohol abuse.

This programme is always closely overseen by a medical professional at all times meaning they can prescribe medication if it is needed.

We understand that this part of treatment can be difficult, but it is a necessary first step in your journey to recovery.

After you have completed your detox programme you can begin to heal your mind through therapy. There are a variety of therapy options during your time at treatment as not all options work for everyone.

Through one-to-one sessions and group therapy, you can begin to explore the root of your addiction and form healthy coping mechanisms that will see you thrive upon your return home.

Contact us today

Throughout your rehab journey, you will be supported by medical professionals and your specific treatment plan will be explained to you in a lot more detail once you complete your pre-admission assessment.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we can help support you through every step of your rehab journey and even after completion of treatment.

The first twelve months after treatment is completed are crucial in ensuring you maintain sobriety.

Our helpline is available day or night so if you need support any time, we encourage you to call us on 0800 140 4690.

Reach out today and kickstart your journey to sobriety.

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