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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Vale Royal

Have you been looking into the rehabilitation options provided by the NHS for those struggling with substance abuse?

Have you been disappointed with the long wait times and lack of control you have over where and how you get treatment?

Have you considered finding a private alternative?

It is sad but true that the UK’s mental health services are drastically overworked and as a result, it can be difficult to get effective treatment from them.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we represent private rehab centres that are able to give you the individual care tailor-made for your specific needs.

We do this by having a conversation with you. We take the time to learn about your struggles and what you want to achieve through rehabilitation. With this information, we are able to make an initial assessment that we use to refer you to the best possible rehab centre in the Vale Royal area.

With us, you are able to avoid those long waiting lists that make the entire process much harder than it needs to be. You won’t need to prove you are deserving of help we know you are just by asking for it.

By already considering professional help to overcome your drug or alcohol dependency, you are already on the right track. This is the first step towards living a healthier and happier life drug and alcohol-free.

While some find benefits from the small sporadic sessions that are freely provided. Those with more severe symptoms find residential centres provide the best possible treatment that will eventually lead to long term recovery.

How we can help

Relying on free rehabilitation services is not advisable.

When the decision to get help is made, actually getting that help in a speedy manner is what can make the difference between recovering and not.

We are able to take into account why you are dependent on drugs or alcohol in the first place. It is widely accepted that the cause of developing a drug or alcohol dependency is linked to multiple triggers.

They happen over time and result in underlying issues for a person who turns to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope.

These underlying issues can be caused by mental disorders such as depression or anxiety. It can also be linked with past trauma such as abuse by a relative of someone in a position of power in their childhood.

It can also be inherited. If a parent or guardian also struggled with substance abuse this can be passed down to the child under their care.

A drug dependency is not as simple as someone likes drugs so they keep taking them. But rather it is a complex issue that is influenced by a number of environmental and genetic factors.

These factors need to be understood so that we can know why someone can become drug or alcohol dependent. So that we can find you the care you need.

Treatment options

There are a number of recommended treatments available in rehab centres. While the details will vary case by case the core of the treatments tends to stay the same.

To begin with, you will most likely work through a detox.

We know that detox can seem intimidating, it is famously the hardest part of the recovery process. But we also know that the fear tends to come from a lack of information and rumours running wild.

1. Detox

First of all, a detox done correctly is not a danger to your health. The idea that it is harmful comes from when it is done alone. A detox done outside of rehab without any medical assistance can be very dangerous.

That is why it is recommended it is only undertaken when in a rehab centre and fully trained staff are able to monitor your progress 24 hours a day. They are able to ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible by providing medication should the withdrawal symptoms prove too much.

2. Therapy

While a detox offers an excellent starting off point, substance abuse is often a symptom of mental health issues. Many turn to drugs or alcohol because of past trauma.

A person’s trauma can cause them to seek out a way to escape how they are feeling. Both drugs and alcohol can offer short term relief from a person’s problems. But ultimately only makes the situation worse.

Depending on the reason why you are drug or alcohol dependent you may attend one to one therapy sessions. In less severe cases you will still be required to go to group therapy. This allows you to be supported by people working through the same process as you.

It will help you develop healthy coping mechanisms that you can use once you are no longer staying at the rehab centre.

Therapy is the best solution to ensure long term recovery and to not just ignore the trauma through drugs or alcohol.

Temporarily numbing the pain doesn’t make it go away.

3. Aftercare

The idea of leaving a rehab centre before even booking in can seem silly to think of. But it’s all part of the recovery journey.

In order to achieve long term recovery, you have to be able to live outside of the rehab centre. During your stay, you will attend various workshops to teach you to look after both your physical and mental health.

You will be given a relapse prevention plan that has been made specifically for you. It includes a nutrition and exercise plan to help you repair the damage done by prolonged substance abuse.

Most importantly you will attend a local support group where you will be monitored by a trained professional. This will allow you to build a support network of those that understand your experiences.

What happens next?

By getting this far it means you’re ready to bite the bullet and find a rehab centre perfect for you.

We understand finding help can be scary. But at Rehab 4 Addiction, we want to help you. Simply call 0800 140 4690 to book a free assessment, then we will find the perfect rehab for you.

Your journey has just begun, but we know you are capable of long term recovery.

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