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Where a drug or alcohol problem exists, there are both physical and psychological causes and effects.

What the majority of people tend not to realise is that addiction is a serious disease. There is much scientific research to prove this.

It’s therefore imperative that people are offered treatment. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of options through the NHS and there can be many eligibility requirements to access help.

For many, there will be a “one size fits all” approach and people can often be expected to heal after a certain amount of time.

As anyone with addiction knows, this is an illness that lasts a lifetime.

For a person thinking about treatment, it’s useful to remember that treatment isn’t necessarily a cure but it can equip you to manage your addiction, the cravings, and to stop drinking and taking drugs in an efficient way that makes you feel good.

As time goes on addiction becomes easier and easier to manage.

The most important thing is asking yourself whether you’re willing to try to manage your addiction every day to a point where you’re happy with the results.

The alternative is not managing the addiction and letting it control you to the point where it could ultimately destroy your health. Addiction at its worse has fatal effects.

If you’re ready to begin managing your addiction, then Rehab 4 Addiction is here to support you.

Why is it so hard to stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol?

For the person without an addiction, this might be a question they ask often, especially if someone they care about is struggling with one.

Addiction is rooted in both the psychological and physical aspects of what makes a person who they are. Addiction runs deep.

Reasons people use substances

Below are some reasons as to why people may form an addiction to toxic substances.

1. To ease mental health issues

Substance misuse and mental health problems are inextricably linked. Many people living with anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, etc. will develop addiction issues.

Drugs and alcohol, when they’re first used, often make people feel relaxed, energetic, euphoric, or confident. Where mental health issues exist, these feelings are usually very welcome.

This creates a problem because the person can come to rely on the substance in order to feel these “desirable effects”. As the case may be, these effects don’t last.

People develop tolerances and require more and more of the substance to experience any effect. Rarely will a person experience the sought-after effect that they felt when they first started using the alcohol or drugs, but by this point physical and physiological repercussions have developed an addiction occurs.

2. Because it’s hard to see another alternative

For a person who has either grown up around substance misuse or has had a problem for many years then it can be extremely difficult to imagine a life without the substance. Many don’t know what else to do and the effect of the substance on their thoughts can skew perception so they can’t visualise a different type of life.

The physical effects

Drugs and alcohol stop the body from working as it should. The brain chemicals and hormones that help to maintain mood come out of sync.

All the bodily organs stop functioning how they’re supposed to because they become focused on ridding the body of toxic substances.

With all of these systems affected and with prolonged regular substance use, physical dependencies can develop. This is where the body starts to need the substance in order to function “normally”.

This is seen in a basic way through a person who drinks coffee every day all day, if they choose not to drink coffee one day it’s likely they’ll experience mood swings, loss of concentration, irritability and increased fatigue.

It’s understandable, then, that stronger more toxic substances, like alcohol, come with greater risks and are harder to quit using.

What rehab treatments are there in Wainfleet All Saints?

There are many options available for people seeking rehabilitation treatment in the Wainfleet All Saints area. You might think you have to go to another area to access a private clinic, but this isn’t the case.

It’s really up to you whether you access treatment close to home or go further afield.

There are positive and negative points to both and it’s worth having a chat with Rehab 4 Addiction to find out more about this in relation to your own addiction.

Physical treatments

For people who are living with physical dependencies, a stay at rehab is essential in order to detox. Depending on what the substance is, a detox usually lasts between seven to ten days.

Trying to quit alcohol or heroin where there’s a physical dependency can be dangerous.

Going to rehab ensures you’re safe at all times. A team of clinical staff are on hand to manage and treat the physical symptoms that occur. Medications can be prescribed to ease these too.

Psychological addictions also come with very uncomfortable effects and should the doctor deem it necessary can prescribe medications in this area as well.

What about the mental aspect of addiction?

There are psychological treatments provided each day when a person stays at rehab. They set a person up to maintain a sober lifestyle by addressing the triggers which make people lean on a substance.

Techniques are revealed that help a person to control and manage their thoughts and emotions.

Group sessions are also extremely helpful in addiction treatments. They provide a space to meet with peers who are going through the same experience.

This is an environment that is nurturing, encouraging, and can provide a consistent activity to support abstinence into the future.

How do I get into rehab?

When you’ve decided you want to go to rehab, you then have to find the most appropriate one to treat your addiction.

This can become another stressful issue to navigate which isn’t particularly helpful when people are struggling enough with cravings and triggers.

To make this process easier and to secure a place at a rehab clinic, contact Rehab 4 Addiction.

Our team can explain all your options and then support you through to admission.

Call us today on  0800 140 4690.


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