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The decision to check yourself into rehab is never an easy one.

It can be an uneasy time in your life that will ultimately lead you to a better quality of life. But in the short term, it requires strength, resolve and sacrifice.

The journey towards long term recovery is never easy. But it is the right path to choose for yourself and your loved ones.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we have years of experience where we work with those seeking treatment to find a rehab centre that best suits their needs.

We do this through our free initial assessment designed to help our fully trained staff to understand your needs and refer you to a rehab centre accordingly.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we understand that not every rehab centre will have the facilities to help every person seeking treatment. Every person is a unique case that requires individual care and they need fast and easily accessed support.

You may at this time, be wondering why should you use our services?

After all, we are lucky enough to live in a country where to government provides us with free healthcare. You could always rely on the free services provided by the NHS rather than going for the private option.

While the NHS provided treatment is a viable option it is not easily accessed.

Now more than ever the countries mental health services are massively underfunded with more and more cuts being done every year.

The resources currently available are stretched thin so the mental health nurses are sadly not able to offer the same personalised care that is available in a private rehab centre.

This care will also be at the end of a very long waitlist. It’s not uncommon for a person to wait weeks even months for their treatment which when they are offered it will likely find that it is not provided locally.

With the services, we provide you can be matched with a hands-on rehab centre within the Ware area in no time.

With no waitlists and a speedy response time in order to begin your treatment all you have to do is give us a call at: 0800 140 4690

What to expect in rehab?

At this point, you may still be experiencing a number of anxieties surrounding the rehabilitation process.

This is perfectly normal.

Unfortunately, due to tv and movies, many don’t know what it’s actually like inside a rehab centre and tend to assume the worst thanks to the fictional media.

First of all, let’s put some common misconceptions to bed.

All the rehab centre we recommend are clean, safe and staffed by caring professionals that only want to aid in your treatment.

The centres are designed to help you work towards long term recovery and have facilities dedicated to every stage of the process.

The detox is famously the worst treatment you will receive.

Many believe that you will be locked away to work through painful withdrawals alone, well this is simply not true.

The detox is certainly not easy and should never be attempted alone as the withdrawal symptoms can easily prove too much for your body to handle.

Because of this, you will never be left alone to work through your detox alone. During the process, you will be monitored 24 hours a day by fully trained medical professionals.

They are able to administer medications to ease the symptoms and make the process as easy as possible.

Along with aiding your recovery the core purpose of any rehab centre is to keep you safe. At the end of the day, they are a place of healing and will do everything possible to help you.

Rehab centres are not just for your physical health.

Many turn to substance abuse due to a deeper mental health problem that is often caused by a variety of reasons such as:

  • Past trauma
  • Domestic abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • A dramatic change in circumstances such as homelessness or job loss

As a result, regular therapy sessions are a normal part of the treatment available at every rehab centre.

Most commonly you will be expected to attend group therapy sessions where you and others at the centre will be able to work through your problems together with the supervision of a therapist.

In some cases, you may be referred to private one on one therapy where it is just you and your therapist working to improve your mental health so that you can understand why you are drug or alcohol dependent in the first place.

Your treatment also doesn’t end just because you have left the rehab centre.

Many wrongly believe that once you have completed your course of treatment the rest is up to you. This simply is not true.

Following your stay at the rehab centre, you will be offered aftercare services. These services are designed to both track your progress and to continue to offer support when you are no longer constantly monitored.

One of the best pieces of aftercare offered is that of the relapse prevention plan.

This plan is something developed during your stay at the rehab centre and is designed to help you to continue your treatment.

The plan includes things such as:

  • Tools to avoid triggers for cravings
  • A referral to a support group within the Ware area so that your progress can be monitored and you can be supported by others working towards long term recovery.
  • Follow up therapy sessions so that you can continue to work on improving your mental health and replace your coping mechanisms with healthy alternatives.
  • A nutrition plan to help you prepare well-balanced meals and get regular exercise so you can begin to reverse the negative side effects of prolonged substance abuse.

What now?

Now that your worries are hopefully put to rest and you know more about what will happen in rehab, it is time to begin preparations for your stay.

The journey starts when you give us a call, we will handle all the preparations so you can focus on your treatments and work towards long term recovery.

Good luck and please call us:

0800 140 4690


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