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Addiction comes with a whole host of difficulties that ripple throughout a person’s life. Whether you’re more concerned about the physical, psychological, or social impacts of addiction, there are treatments for you.

Rehab 4 Addiction supports people throughout the UK into the most appropriate treatment centres for their needs.

Treatment services: private clinics and outpatient services

Throughout the UK there are inpatient and outpatient services that treat people with addictions. Both types of services come with benefits. It really depends on a person’s individual needs as to what will be most suitable.

Inpatient services are private clinics. This is what most people refer to as “rehab”. A person will go for a residential stay at a private clinic for a number of days. Usually anywhere between seven and twenty-eight days. 

This approach to treatment is immersive. It is also intense in that therapies take place throughout the day. It’s a great way to give a person a total break from the substance they’re addicted to. It’s also the most effective way to begin a life of abstinence.

Outpatient treatments take place while the person remains living at home. The clinic will have a schedule of treatment activities for people to attend as and when they want to. One-to-ones can also be scheduled where necessary. 

Outpatient services are accessed free through government-funded centres or through private clinics. There is usually more availability and shorter waiting lists for various treatments through private clinics.

Can I be treated for addiction if I have a mental health problem?

Addiction and mental health problems are interconnected for the majority of people experiencing addiction. Often a person will have depression, anxiety, trauma and turn to drink or drugs in order to manage the extremities of their emotions and to get through life. 

From the other point of view, a person might develop an addiction and suddenly realise that they’re feeling depressed and anxious.

This can be linked to worrying about getting the next drink or high, or how the brain chemistry and hormones are affected when substances upset the system.

At a private clinic, practitioners recognise how dual diagnosis (the presence of both addiction and mental health) needs to be treated. One can’t be treated while ignoring the other. For long-term recovery to take place, both conditions must be addressed.

The team of staff at private clinics are highly experienced and trained in working in both fields. With their expertise, people can be treated in both areas effectively.

What treatments are available for addiction in Waverley?

There are a variety of treatments available in Waverley. For a person to become sober, the whole of the person and their needs have to be treated.

Treatments include work in the psychological, physical, and social areas.

Psychological treatments involve therapies that address how a person became addicted. This focuses on the causes and what makes the substance abuse continue.

Within treatment, therapists guide patients through practical solutions to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. This is essential in order for a person to truly recover.

There are also social aspects that are covered through the group approach to treatment. 12 Step groups and SMART groups, as well as alternative therapies (such as art or music), are excellent ways for people to connect to others in similar situations. This can be a great space for learning and sharing.

As well as these two parts of treatment, a person will need to detox. 

What is the safest way to detox?

The best way to undergo a detox is by staying at a clinic. The detox phase of treatment is often the most distressing for a person, especially if the person has a physical dependency.

Withdrawal can be painful and at its worst be dangerous, and even fatal.

Many try to detox at home but find it impossible to manage the withdrawal period due to the symptoms. At a clinic, there are medical staff available to ensure that detox is safe.

Medications are usually prescribed so that a person comes off the problem substance in a tapered and safely managed way. 

Depending on the substance a detox usually lasts between seven and ten days. For those addicted to alprazolam, this can take longer.

If a person is staying at a private clinic for a length of time, the detox period occurs at the beginning of the stay.

When should you go to rehab?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is an extremely hard disease to live with. Sadly, with the nature of the condition, the longer it exists the more damage it does to a person through all aspects of their life.

Physically, alcohol and drugs take a toll on the body. The brain, organs, and bodily systems are altered and damaged. This changes how a person functions. 

Psychologically, a person’s mental health deteriorates. This makes mood swings, mental health problems, and personality changes occur.

Financially, supporting a habit usually creates a debt or financial difficulties and this can feel overwhelming. In this instance, it’s critical to point out that when support through drug and alcohol services is accessed, people can receive help towards finding solutions in this area.

Socially, an addiction damages relationships with friends and families due to the behaviours that often come with the problem.

The sooner the person enters a rehabilitation programme the better. If a person puts everything into change and creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves, a life of healing is possible. 

How do I find out more about rehab options in Waverley?

There are a variety of options for you in Waverley. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which will be the most suitable for your needs.

Not only do your goals need to be considered, but your current responsibilities and lifestyle must also be thought about too. A stay in a clinic might suit some but for others, outpatient might be more appropriate.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction for more information, we’ll run you through a pre-assessment to distinguish the most suitable programme. With your consent, we can then manage the entire referral process for you.

Contact us today to begin your journey of recovery. Call us on 0800 140 4690, or send us a message on our online form.

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