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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Wealden

In the event of a serious addiction, finding the strength to seek help can be the hardest step.

Oftentimes, those struggling with this chronic illness are afraid to experience life without said substance, even if intervention from loved ones had been staged.

Whether this reluctance is a result of the stigma of shame surrounding addiction, or simply denial, seeking help is never easy as it means admitting there’s a problem.

Luckily, narratives of shame surrounding substance use disorder are changing. An atmosphere of acceptance informed by scientific research surrounding addiction has given more people the motivation to find help.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we recognize and applaud the motivation to receive treatment. More than this, we know how urgent it is that individuals battling addiction receive care.

If you’re ready to seek professional aid for yourself or a loved one, our team of specialists is here to guide you through the process. We liaise with leading rehab centres across the nation, in our mission to make world-class treatment accessible for each budget.

Whether you’re based in Crowborough, Hailsham, Heathfield, or Polegate, we’ll find a drug and alcohol rehab in Wealden to suit you.

Busting the myths surrounding rehab care

Comprising residential care around 30 days or more, the longer-term nature of rehab often gives it a storyline focus in movies or TV shows. As a result, this form of addiction treatment has been sensationalised and has resulted in a number of damaging myths.

Of these, the myth that often stops people from considering rehab is that residential care is for the rich and famous. Because celebrities are often the focus of tabloids, their rehab stories are well documented, along with their stays in expensive centres.

In reality, residential treatment is highly affordable, and there are options for each budget. Thanks to payment schemes and subsidization, the lifelong benefits of rehab care are accessible to all.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ve selected a group of leading private clinics complete with financially viable price tags- giving you one less thing to worry about on your journey to recovery.

Another common myth portrays rehab clinics as detention centres, wherein treatment consists of a brutal “cold turkey” approach. Fortunately, this demonisation of rehab often used to serve as a movie plotline couldn’t be further from the truth.

From the moment you arrive at one of our treatment providers, you’ll have the guarantee of a comfortable environment in which to start your recovery.

From a safe, medicated detox, to personalised therapy and counselling, our clients are never expected to go “cold turkey”. Instead, you’ll work through a treatment plan at your own pace within hotel-esque accommodation designed to promote healing.

Finding a centre that’s right for you

With numerous options, It’s often easy to feel overwhelmed in the search for an appropriate rehab centre. In order to ease this stress, at Rehab 4 Addiction we’ve fine-tuned our referral process- making it easily navigable while retaining full personalisation.

Upon reaching out, our team of medical professionals will arrange a phone consultation with you. This will include a brief health assessment, allowing us to get a full picture of your substance use, mental wellbeing, and any pre-existing conditions.

In conjunction, we’ll ask you about any preferences you might have so that our rehab recommendation suits your unique needs. Questions revolve around preferred location, price range, and any interests or hobbies you wish to reignite.

It might be that you’d prefer to stay close to your home environment, or that you want a complete change of location. In terms of treatment, some centres specialize in alcohol rehabilitation, while others focus on those battling an opiate, or amphetamine addiction.

Whatever your circumstances, our team understands that individual care is intrinsic to lifelong recovery. With our wealth of experience, we’ll help you to find the most appropriate drug and alcohol rehab in Wealden.

The initial detox process

For many, the idea of rehab seems daunting and is often due to a fear of the unknown. Finding out what to expect from each stage of your short term residency reduces anxiety immensely, and at Rehab 4 Addiction, we provide full transparency and guidance.

While each treatment plan is tailored to the individual, the initial detox process is similar for everyone and is a crucial treatment component. Detoxification begins when you arrive and lasts for several days, depending on the substance being reduced and the severity of the addiction.

By a process of gradual reduction, the toxins present in alcohol or drugs are removed from the body in a safe environment.

During this time, you’ll be monitored by a consultant psychiatrist and a team of medical staff. Available 24/7, they’ll ensure you remain comfortable and may prescribe medication

What can I gain from a personalised treatment plan?

However important, the detox phase is only a small part of a much larger treatment plan, all of which will be personalised to your needs. Unlike many outpatient programmes, on-site rehab care means that patients are worked with closely.

As a result, addiction specialists can build a programme of targeted therapy and individualised workshops.

From a personalised treatment plan within one of our rehab centres, you can expect to gain a range of important tools to use in your recovery.

Finding the cause of an addiction

While substance use disorder is influenced by biology and even genetics, there are other factors at play. Through individual psychotherapy, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and manage the root cause

Commonly, an undiagnosed mental health disorder can lead to an addiction, through the desire to self medicate. If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, therapy such as CBT can lead to a much needed dual diagnosis and treatment.

Other factors that can be addressed through counselling include any past trauma, grief, or even stress as a result of a career choice.

By working alongside a trained psychiatrist on a regular basis, you’ll gain new insight into triggers, and how to overcome them.

Life skills for moving forward

As well as exposure to therapy, a bespoke treatment plan allows you to focus on the life you want to lead post-rehab.

This can be anything from the reignition of past hobbies, the curation of new ones, or a focus on healthy eating and exercise.

Whichever life changes you wish to make alongside the benefits of therapy, there’ll be a holistic workshop to partake in. Holistic treatment focuses on the individual as a whole and has shown to be hugely successful alongside other addiction treatments.

A tailored aftercare package

Substance use disorder is a long term disease and, while recovery is possible, returning to normality can be a challenging step in the process.

To help ease the transition, we offer a 12-month aftercare programme for both clients and their families, at no extra cost.

All the support you received in rehab will be available outside too, including regular checkups, and group therapy sessions in the Wealden locale.

Don’t hesitate to reach out

If you’re feeling either the direct or indirect effects of a substance use disorder, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our team is ready to help begin your recovery journey by finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Wealden. Phone us at any time on 0800 140 4690.

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