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Getting Help From Our Rehab In Wembley Services

Alcohol and drug addiction are increasingly becoming a widespread issue in society. It can eventually place an intolerable burden on both the family and the local community. Fortunately, more and more facilities are opened to help them recover safely and effectively. This is why we are dedicated to helping you find treatment through our rehab in Wembley services.

Compared to at-home options, this new approach has many great benefits. These include better medical care, well-equipped clinics, all-day supervision, and aftercare services. That’s why you are not the only one to change your life with rehab. Read on to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Wembley before you make a decision.

Is Rehab For Me?

If you are a heavy drinker or a person who has been abusing drugs for a long time, then rehab might be the best option to return to a normal life.

In other words, alcohol and drug rehabs are suitable for those who are experiencing many physical, mental, and social issues due to excessive consumption of these substances. Some common signs that indicate you need to go to rehab are:

  • Drinking or using drugs too frequently, so much so it becomes the main focus of your day
  • Reduced quality of life, and reduced motivation and passion for the things you used to love
  • Many mental and physical issues
  • Problems with family, friends, work or colleagues due to your intake
  • Unable to stop using drugs or drinking, despite trying several times
  • Hiding your behaviours from family and friends
  • Lying about how much you’re consuming
  • Stealing, fraud, or embezzlement to get money to buy the substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it

How Can We Help?

All of our facilities and centers offer the highest standard of services for heroin addiction which include:


  1. Prescribed Medical Detoxification
  2. Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
  3. Proven Counselling Treatments
  4. Holistic Therapies
  5. 12 Step Recovery Model
  6. One-to-One & Therapy
  7. Motivational Interviewing

  1. Trauma therapy
  2. Psychiatric assessments
  3. Dual diagnosis care
  4. Aftercare & Ongoing Therapies
  5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  6. CQC Registered
  7. 24-Hour Care

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we pride ourselves on the quality and depth of advice we provide to those seeking recovery from heroin addiction. Our admissions team offers a referral service for people seeking treatment for heroin addiction, drug addiction, behavioural addiction, and eating disorders.
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What Happens During Rehab In Wembley?

Below is a typical plan for drug and alcohol rehab in Wembley:

1. Admissions

After contacting us, you will have an appointment with our representative to discuss the treatment options and related information. Once you have agreed with everything and made your decision, you can start rehab in one of our facilities.

2. Assessment

During this procedure, our therapist and representative will try to get an overview about your basic information, including social and family life, past treatments, reported symptoms, alcohol and drug use, as well as medical history. Based on the provided details, we can suggest a proper treatment plan and estimate the duration of your rehab.

3. Detox

In this step, you will get proper medical support to withdraw from alcohol or drug safely. Depending on whether you select an outpatient or inpatient residential program, there will be some differences. In an inpatient setting, our physicians and doctors will monitor your symptoms to prescribe proper medications, which can relieve withdrawal symptoms and prevent dangerous complications.

4. Rehab

This is a challenging period of alcohol or drug rehab. You need to overcome strong desires and cravings after detox. Fortunately, we offer many therapy and counselling sessions, which teach you some coping skills to stay sober and clean.

5. Recovery

Once you have overcome all mental challenges and fully recovered from addiction, discharge is now possible. In most cases, the whole process takes around 1 to 3 months. You can get aftercare services to reduce the risk of relapses in the future.

How Much Does Rehab In Wembley Cost?

The cost of alcohol or drug rehab in Wembley can vary a lot, depending on your current conditions and selected treatment options. In general, if your symptoms are more serious and you want to best care services in an inpatient setting, then you should expect higher expenses.

If you have a tight budget, do not worry. We offer many affordable options to meet the needs of various groups. It is important to know that the total cost can be minimized when you have health insurance.

What Happens Next?

To receive further information and your rehab options, you’re best off calling our admissions team who are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns. Our staff will help you come to a decision as to which treatment is right for you, based on the information provided to them.

Your details will then be passed on to our medical staff who will assess your needs and determine which programme is suitable. A treatment plan will then be created and you will be invited to view our facilities. Once you’ve chosen somewhere you like, all you have to do is enrol, pack your bags, and let us welcome you with open arms.

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