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For many pride and the fear of judgement keep people from seeking help or telling a loved one that they are struggling with an addiction.

As such, either they allow their addiction to continue, or they attempt to recover alone without the guidance of a professional or the support of someone they trust.

This can be very dangerous for a number of reasons. The first step to getting better from addiction is withdrawing from the thing you are dependent on.

If this thing is drugs or alcohol, the symptoms of withdrawal can be incredibly detrimental to both your physical and mental health.

For some, they attempt this process, find that the symptoms are too painful, and end up re-entering their addiction because it’s easier than having to deal with withdrawal.

Others have a much harder time of it though. Some people who are struggling with severe addiction may encounter symptoms such as seizures etc.

These can lead to harmful physical effects that can cause you to end up in a hospital or worse.

Some might be able to get past the first week or so of withdrawal, but can easily be pulled back into their addiction again, putting all of that hard work to waste.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to have a support group that can spot the warning signs before you fall into a relapse.

Why Rehab?

Recovery requires professional support and a safe space for you to healthily work through your mental health. A rehabilitation centre offers you all of this and more.

It also offers you the chance to understand more about your body, why addiction happens and attend classes that teach you to prevent relapses.

Experts have proven that it’s the number one route to long-lasting recovery. Not only does it help you to get through the first few steps of recovery, and the first few weeks/months which prove to be the hardest, it also offers you tools that last a lifetime.

Rehabilitation offers coping strategies, healthy routines, and they provide you with support groups and aftercare services that you can use for as long as you would like to.

However, it’s important that our future patients understand that none of this will work or have any impact on them if you aren’t ready to accept the help that we want to provide to you.

Your mindset must be focused on healing, and you must be open to the treatments we want you to work through. More and more people within the UK are dying due to addiction, we want to curb that number. But we can’t help anyone that doesn’t want to help themselves.

The Steps of Recovery in Rehab

Unfortunately, the first step to recovery in rehab is detox. Although this will be an unpleasant experience for some, especially for those with more severe addictions, it won’t be as bad as it usually seems when you do it alone.

This is because you’ll be in a safe space where you’ll be closely monitored and offered medication to help offset the symptoms of withdrawal.

This step is important because we need to rid your body of the toxins that you’re addicted to. We’ll need to re-wire your brain so that these substances no longer incite the release of dopamine when you think of, or take them.

The next step is rehabilitation. This is where we’ll work on your mental health and begin teaching you the tools necessary to prevent relapses.

We’ll do this through different methods of therapy including talking therapy, group therapy, holistic therapy, and physical therapy.

We’ll also provide you with sessions that will teach you about addiction and relapse prevention.

We also remind all of our patients that whilst there’s an average amount of time most people stay in one of our centres, there isn’t a set amount of time.

Most people stay for only 28 days, but this can be altered for anyone. You can stay for a month, a few months, or only a few weeks. This all depends on our specialists who will review your progress and decide if you need more or less time.

However, it’s important to note that you aren’t a ‘failure’ if you need to stay on for longer. Healing looks different for everyone which is proven in the different treatments we provide for our patients within the rehabilitation step.

It just means you need more support, which our team are more than happy to offer to you.

Why Rehab 4 Addiction

We’ve established that rehabilitation is the best route to go down when seeking to recover, but how do you find the best one for you? That’s when we come in.

When you’re coping with an addiction you’re already dealing with so much on your mind, discovering a treatment centre that will offer you the best help possible in West Lindsey will not be easy.

Our referral service is there to take the stress and confusion out of your healing journey.

We’ll get to know you through a series of assessments that will help us to better understand your mental health and your addiction.

After this, we’ll curate a treatment that’s tailored to you as well as recommend a centre that will suit you best. There isn’t a one shoe fits all cure for addiction.

As human’s, we are all so unique in our lived encounters and within our personalities.

This is why it’s important that the treatment process is customized to your experiences and your mental health so best to help you work towards a brighter future.

We understand finding help can be scary. But at Rehab 4 Addiction, we want to help you. Simply call 0800 140 4690 to book a free assessment, then we will find the perfect rehab for you.

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