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Acknowledging and accepting a drug or alcohol addiction can be very overwhelming.

Realising that something isn’t right and that you need to change is the first step you have already taken on a road to recovery. Accepting that you have a problem and looking for help is ultimately the best way to reaching a better lifestyle and mindset.

This feeling can be overwhelming, but it is common. There are so many rehab programmes and recovery routes available that the task of finding the right help can often feel daunting but this why Rehab 4 Addiction in Wickford is here for you.

At our drug & alcohol rehab in Wickford, we work on getting you on the right path, specific to your needs with the assurance that you won’t relapse in the future.

We’ll tailor a plan to your preferences so you can feel in safe hands and be reassured you’re on the right path. Because without truly understanding the severity of your drug or alcohol problem, making a decision alone can be scary and oftentimes unproductive.

Many people try to go ‘cold turkey’ alone but lack the expertise to overcome the psychological side of drug or alcohol addiction. Full recovery is not just detox.

Detoxifying your body is simply part of the process. Alleviating the drug from your system is the first step toward recovery but it is not light at the end of the tunnel.

Getting to Know Your Addiction

At Rehab 4 Addiction in Wickford, we aim to expel your addiction root and stem. In that sense, we work side-by-side with you to understand the reasons for your affliction, the situations or circumstances that may have led you there, and the environments in which enables you to carry on.

Understanding your triggers and the environments that perpetuate your habits is one of the topics discussed during our counselling sessions. We’ll get to the deep-rooted problem.

We’ll chat about why you feel the need to keep taking or abusing substances, and where that stemmed from. We’ll discuss triggering behaviours and work on a way to avoid situations you may come into contact with the substance or people who may enable you to keep taking.

We’ll get to know you as a person, who it is you spend time with, what your family life is like and how it may have changed since or during your descent.

We’ll work on ways you can repair or rebuild bonds with partners of family members which may have deteriorated since your decline. Understanding these networks and behaviours is one of the best ways to ensure a full and strong long-term recovery.

Finding the Right Help

Just like with addiction, recovery is different for everyone. Once you understand the addiction fully, your route to recovery will become clearer.

Some people find that drug or alcohol misuse has led them to become a recluse or withdraw from social situations and thus prefer one-to-one CBT or alternative therapies.

However, working together in a group therapy support session can also be an outlet.

Sharing and listening to other people’s journeys to freedom can be a catalyst for change. It can aid you in your own recovery through motivation and friendship, because talking to people with similar problems can oftentimes help you to understand your own struggles that bit clearer.

At our drug & alcohol rehab in Wickford, we aim to offer as many talking therapies as possible, to ensure anyone suffering from substance abuse, misuse or addiction can reach a better mindset without the worry of opening up in spaces they’re not ready.

However, we do advise that talking is the best way to reach a successful recovery.

Talking Through Your Addiction

Talking therapies have proven for decades to release people from their inner struggles through analysing their behaviours and thought processes.

Working alongside our highly trained professionals to reach an understanding of your affliction and the attachment your mind has with your body can help you to detach from those feelings and reach a better mindset overall.

We advise all of our patients to undergo CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in order to detach the mind’s connection to the drug but also to work through the struggles that may have led you there in the first place.

It is common for people with drug or alcohol addictions to already suffer from anxiety or depression from the weight of their own lives.

Whether that be stress from work, unbalanced family life or social insecurities, we can work together to solve your inner problems in order to pull out the need for addiction.

We can do this in a range of ways, as mentioned earlier. But most effectively, joining a group session has proven to create a sense of community, build lasting connections and unpin any shared struggles that occur when suffering from addiction.

Alternative Therapies at Rehab 4 Addiction

Alongside detoxification and talking therapies, our drug & alcohol rehab in Wickford can also work on social and mental issues that may have materialised due to your addiction.

We can offer mindfulness courses where you will learn to live more openly and astute to your surroundings and the people you surround yourself with.

Meditation can also offer clarity to those who suffer from long-term stress, alongside yoga classes to reduce stress and increase bodily and mental awareness.

Rehab 4 Addiction in Wickford can also work with those who are not ready to open up.

Art therapy and music therapy are fairly modern examples of expressing feelings in a non-verbal way and can help you to understand your addiction in a different format.

For those struggling to create bonds, take on responsibility or repair damaged relationships due to the physical side effects of addiction, equine therapy is also available.

Working alongside a horse handler, getting to know the nurturing animal can be a way to alleviate these side effects and help you reach an understanding of how your behaviours affect those around you.

From talking in a secure environment to working outside in nature, we have a plethora of options available to help you reach a better mindset and alleviate the darkness of your addiction. And it’s all just a phone call away.

Have Your Confidential Consultation Today

If you feel ready to make that change, we are just on the other side of the phone. Our caring and friendly staff are here for you around the clock to talk about how we can get you on a pathway to success.

All you need to do is give us five minutes of your time, we’ll need to discuss the severity of your addiction, the support network around you and your preferences when it comes to therapy.

Why not give us a call today on 0800 140 4690 and we’ll get you where you want to be in no time.

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