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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Yeadon

It’s really easy to find yourself feeling as though you’re trapped in addiction. There are many factors that cause people to use alcohol and drugs and often these reasons don’t just disappear.

For those who successfully recover there are various things that contribute to making this happen. As people begin participating in an open and committed way to treatments, their characters develop.

Recovery is a very special space for self-development. Many learn to become completely honest with themselves and others.

With the exploration of new activities to bring life positivity and meaning, personal interests and hobbies are developed.

Through self-learning, people who were addicted to substances learn to build self-confidence and resilience.

These two final traits are hugely influential on a person remaining abstinent into the future. Through accessing excellent high standard rehabilitation programmes, it’s possible to quit drinking and taking drugs and to begin healing.

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of finding out about or entering rehab to regain control of your behaviours, then a chat with Rehab 4 Addiction will provide you with the guidance and advice you’re seeking.

Rehab 4 Addiction has been supporting individuals to access rehab clinics for years and is connected to clinics in the Yeadon area as well as throughout the UK.

We know how to make the best-personalised recommendations so you get the treatment you need.

How does Rehab 4 Addiction provide personalised top-quality referrals?

We have specialist knowledge of private clinics

The clinics we refer to have a recovery rate of 98%. Residents who have stayed a length of time leave sober. The quality of treatment and care is the highest in the UK.

The professionals are experienced and exercise best practices at all times.

Through the ongoing collaborative work between Rehab 4 Addiction and private clinics, we keep up to date on what’s on offer in terms of treatments for your needs. We know which clinics specialise in specific areas.

There are many residents who will enter rehab with more than one issue.

As well as substance addiction, many also have behavioural addictions (i.e. gambling or shopping), eating disorders, and various mental health issues. Its important residents are treated for both issues at the same time.

Recovery is much more likely when all aspects of a person’s health are considered and addressed.

We find out what your specific treatment needs are

In order to match you to the most appropriate treatment service, Rehab 4 Addiction holds a pre-assessment over the phone.

This is where we lead you through a series of questions that enables us to understand various aspects of you and your life.

It’s important for us to understand the following:

  • What your substance habits are.
  • What your feelings towards using substances are.
  • What your treatment goals are.
  • Whether you have any money to pay towards a selection of treatments.
  • Whether you have mental health issues.
  • Whether you have behavioural addictions (i.e. gambling, shopping, exercise, porn use).
  • What your life responsibilities are and how much time you have to invest in rehab.

The more open you are, the better matched you will be to a suitable clinic.

There are clinics all over the country. Some people will stay local to Yeadon which offers many benefits including the easy continuation into the clinic’s outpatient services, while others might prefer to go to a rehab in another part of the country.

This can be discussed when you contact us.

What rehab programmes are on offer in Yeadon?

On admission to rehab, patients have a psychiatric assessment. This is for the staff to further understand what has driven you to the point of addiction and what is exacerbating the problem and making it continue.

When the team is able to understand this at a deeper level, they’re better able to prescribe an individualised programme of treatments for your needs.

It’s standard for people to go through a detox period at the start of a residential stay. This will look different for each person. Some people will require strong medications and longer detoxes than others in order to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Psychotherapies and alternative therapies will also be prescribed according to your requirements are. These are important to take part in as this is what long-term healing is built on.

A mind is a powerful place and once in control of it, people can change their lives in a powerfully healing way.

How do people remain abstinent after leaving rehab?

Leaving rehab can be a time of concern for those contemplating a stay. However, with a good aftercare plan in place and with all the skills and techniques learned during treatment, leaving rehab can be a smooth and successful transition.

While at rehab, residents will work with the staff to devise a plan for them to stick to after.

This will include identifying helpful actions and steps to take which will make a sober lifestyle easier to implement and achieve.

It’s often recommended that post-rehab, people keep going to 12 Step groups as these are effective environments to support long term change. Some will stay in contact with outpatient services and access ongoing counselling.

Participating in activities that support relaxation and healthy mind states are encouraged. Many will take up new hobbies such as swimming, yoga, or mindfulness. Arty groups are very helpful too.

There will also be support around how to make lifestyle changes in relation to your relationships with others, your education and your career.

Tell me more; I want to go to rehab

To find out more about rehab options in the Yeadon area, contact the Rehab 4 Addiction team.

You can ask absolutely any question. (There are no stupid questions!) Our team will then guide you through your options and explain how various treatments work.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of going to rehab, this is only natural.

We’re also very happy to handle a referral for you meaning that we can liaise with the clinic on your behalf and make arrangements for your stay.

Call us today on  0800 140 4690.


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